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Year 2021-22

Welcome back everyone after your Summer break. I hope that you all had time to recharge those batteries and brains for the year ahead. Let's go!

The following is a brief list of things that the pupils will need to know this year.

PE outside on Monday.

Swimming on Thursday.

Library on Friday.

Spellings will be given on Friday and tested the following Friday.

Homework will be posted on Fridays. This will usually involve some form of reading, maths and on occasions a writing activity.

Also, there will be additional help posted during the week in the form of websites to visit for areas covered that pupils might want to consolidate or reassure themselves with.

2022 Residential Meeting documents - for those who were unable to attend last night's meeting.

15.10.21 Workers of the Week for great listening. Dorian and Belle

Pumpkins for Halloween: Well done Peek a Boo AKA Lauren

Captain Edward Smith Portraits

15.10.21 Homework: Key skills, Grammar and Maths to be handed in 3rd November

14.10.21 If you need any extra help or practice

Expanded noun phrases


Fronted adverbials


Division with remainders


Short division



Spellings for week ending 5.11.21
-er and -est
quicker, quickest, nicer, nicest, riper, ripest, ruder, rudest, thinner, thinnest, happier, happiest, chillier, chilliest, crazier, craziest, luckier, luckiest

8.10.21 Workers of the week for showing Respect: Ollie and Mia



Spellings to be tested Friday 15th October 2021

Suffix –ing

Spending, enjoying, leading, writing, driving, deciding, staring, hating, coming, amazing, raising, running, clapping, planning, slipping, winning, sitting

Read for 20-30 minutes each day.

We are looking at writing a newspaper report over the coming weeks so if you can read articles and look at the features used then that would be beneficial to you.

RE work. Our Be-Attitudes

5.10.21 Need extra help and practice

Subordinating conjunctions


Coordinating conjunctions

Roman Numerals help sheet and practice activity (not homework)

4.10.21 Basketball Competition.

Following a series of lessons practising various aspects of basketball including dribbling, passing and shooting we competed in a mini tournament. We split into 6 teams and played each other once. Each game was played in good spirit showing a good degree of fairness. Team members chose their own person of the tournament for their teams. They were as follows: Ollie, Luca, Dorian, Tayzer, Alisha, Anish and Kajus.


The winning team were Team 4: Adam, Anish, Jared, Akal and Ayten. Well done to you!

1.10.21 Workers of the week for resilience Sophia and Patrick.

1.10.21 Homework to be completed and handed in on 6th October

Spellings for 8th October


Adorable, adorably, applicable, considerable, considerably, changeable, forcible, dependable, comfortable, enjoyable, horrible, horribly, incredible, incredibly


Read for 20-30 minutes each day.

We are looking at writing a newspaper report over the coming weeks so if you can read articles and look at the features used then that would be beneficial to you.

1.10.21 We visited The Cast Pop up Theatre today. What a wonderful show. The pupils really enjoyed their experience.

30.9.21 Some of our completed biographies about Captain John Smith


Need extra practise?

Relative clauses

Modal verbs


Multiplication and division

24.9.21 Workers of the week: Great concentration Nathanael and Jared

24.9.21 Homework to be done for Wednesday 29th

Maths: Complete the Maths sheets.

English: Read through the word examples for different types of word and grammatical terms that we will be looking at this year.

Complete the Grammar Hammer sheet.

Read for 20-30 minutes each day if possible.

Science: Research one of the scientists, Anaximander of Miletus, Empedocles, Epicurus, Zhang Zhou, Augiustine of Hippo, Al-Jahiz, Tusi, Ibn Khaldun, Alfred Walace, Erasmus Darwin, Pierre Louis Maupertuis about their ideas on evolution. Record on your sheet.

Spellings to be tested on Friday 1st October


Independence, independent, innocence, innocent, obedience, obedient, observance, observant, substance, tolerance, tolerant


Revision for column addition.


Revision for column subtraction.


Revision for factors, multiples and prime numbers.


Revision of passive verbs verbs.

Workers of the week 17.9.21: Good readers Lauren and Ben

17.9.21 Homework to be handed in Wednesday 22nd September

A reminder to find 10 facts about the Captain of the Titanic.


Read for 20-30 minutes per day.


Adverbs revision


Spellings to be tested on Friday 24th September

Expectant, hesitant, hesitancy, decent, decency, frequent, frequency, confident, confidence, assistance, assistant

16.9.21 Maths Practice on negative numbers

15.9.21 Some shared planning for a Charles Darwin Biography.

15.9.21 Homework

Find out at least 10 facts about the Captain of the Titanic, Captain Edward John Smith to support our biography writing in English. To be handed in on 22nd September.

14.9.21 Maths support and practice: Rounding


14.9.21 English support and practice: Verbs

Workers of the week 10.9.21: For making a good start Aiden and Akal

Homework 10.9.21

To be done for Monday

Find and record 10 interesting facts about Charles Darwin. 

Read for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Spellings to be tested on Friday 17th September


Spelling Rule 38 - Endings which sound like /ʃəl/ (e.g. social, crucial... etc.)


official, special, artificial, partial, confidential, essential, beneficial, commercial, crucial, social, initial, potential

Homework 8.9.21 

Use BBC Bitesize


Have a go at pronouns


Review place value

Spellings to be tested on Friday 10th September
Spelling Rule 37 - Endings which sound like /???s/ spelt –cious or –tious

ambitious, cautious, conscious, delicious, fictitious, infectious, malicious, nutritious, precious, superstitious, surreptitious, suspicious, unconscious, vicious 

Timetable and subjects to be covered this year are included on the following documents.

Wednesday 30th June 


Today we were treated to a lovely rendition of 'Wacky Races' and 'James Bond' by the year 6 guitar group.

The children played very well and it was clear they had been practising hard. 

Well done and thank you to Joshua, Luumuno, Lucas, Ebube, Tiffany and Ariaana.

Active Fusion Activities


Active Fusion were in school today putting year 6 through their paces around a multi-activity P.E. course.  There were stations to test throwing and jumping ability and to track the students running pace. 

Working in small teams, year 6 navigated their way around each of the five stations and along the way gained points which were eventually added up to give a final team score for each activity. 

Lots of fun was had by everyone and some of us found we had new skills!

Thanks to Active Fusion for such a great session and well done everyone.


14th - 18th June 2021

Thursday 17th June - Sports Week Day 4


Today all of Year 6 took part in their class sports day events.

We completed 9 events in total, including sprint, relay, furthest throw, target throw and skipping. The children encouraged each other and demonstrated fantastic team work. Fun was had by all.

  • In joint first place with 19 points each were Fountain (blue) and Roche (green).
  • In second place with 18 points were Kirkstall (yellow). 
  • In third place with 14 points were Whitby (red).


Well done to all of Year 6!

Wednesday 16th June - Sports Week Day 3


Today's sporting events saw year 6 taking to the pool for some fun activities.  Everyone was happy to be able to cool off from the heat of the day ... but it wasn't all just floating about!

A small assessment was the first order of the day and saw all our year 6 pupils enter the water at the deep end, tread water, float on their back and then swim the full length of the pool before exiting poolside.  This was a major achievement for some of our swimmers who were experiencing the deep end of the pool for the first time.  Congratulations and a huge well done to all!!

All that hard work was rewarded by a game of mini polo and smiles all round. 

Tuesday 15th June - Sports Week Day 2


Today saw more sporting action in the form of a rounders tournament. 

Following a huge amount of running, jumping up and down, cheering and hitting we had finally had some winners.  The margin was tight though and some excellent fielding meant the final score was 2 rounders to 1. 

Well done and massive congratulations to all.  

Monday 14th June - Sports Week Day 1


Today we enjoyed a European class football competition.  Our house teams represented four different European countries as listed below:


Whitby (Red Team) were representing Denmark

Kirkstall (Yellow Team) were representing Ukraine

Roche (Green Team) were representing Portugal

Fountains (Blue Team) were representing France


After each team had played each other once, we ended up having a final between France and Portugal.  Portugal became our overall winners on this occassion after snatching a victory with a 1-0 scoreline. Congratulations to both Portugal, for their winning performance, and to France for being our well deserved runners up. 


We had a play off between the remaining teams for 3rd and 4th positions.  This game ended dramatically with a 0 - 0 draw, forcing a nail biting penalty shoot out.  Following the first round of penalty shoot outs, the scoreline remained a 0 - 0 tie.  After stepping up for a second round of penalties, we finally had a victor as Ukraine managed to score 4 of their penalties against Denmark's 2.  Ukraine therefore took 3rd place and Denmark took 4th place. 


Again, all our Year 6 pupils showed great strength of character, sportsmanship, support of one another and skill.  Congratulations and well done to all!


To celebrate the Euro's 2021, we had a Eurpoean penalty shoot out.  Each pairing of Year 6 children were given a European team to represent.  Each pairing took 4 penalties each and the competition followed a 'knock out' process until we were left with our final game. 


Our WINNERS were Poland (Leo and Lucas) and our runner up position was taken by Portugal (William and Joshua). 

Congratulations to all the teams, great play and sportsmanship were displayed throughout.

50 Years Celebrations


On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May, the whole school celebrated 50 years at the Sandy Lane site.  

Thursday saw everyone enjoying a 'street party' on the school field in our bubbles. We enjoyed food, games and lots of 70's music. 

On Friday the school was transported back to the 70's with a dress up day!

It was groovy man!!!!

This term year 6 have been discovering all about athletics during their PE lessons with coach Cameron from KIXX.  This has been excellent as we have been able to explore the way in which the human body moves during the different activities.

This half term we are looking at 'Figure and the Human Form'.

Our science topics are covering the skeletal, muscular and circulatory systems, paying particular attention to the heart. We are also discovering how the choices we make affect how our bodies work.

Our display will soon be covered in beautiful pieces of artwork, which the children will produce, based on movement of the body. 

Our current Reciprocal Reading text is 'Journey to the River Sea' by Iva Ibbotson.  Our children have produced some wonderful written and art work based on this text and are thoroughly enjoying the story so far. 

Congratulations and well done to all our year 6 pupils who entered the Easter Egg Competition run by The Friends of St Peters. We had some really wonderful, creative and original entries which clearly show a lot of thought and care went into making them.  Evie and her 'Daily Briefing' entry was the lucky winner from the year 6 entries so a special well done goes to her!
Congratulations this week go to Joshua and Nicoll who are awarded the Headteacher's Award for demonstrating excellent sportsmanship. Well done to you both, keep up the good work and keep being wonderful role models.

Sequence of Learning (Weeks 1 - 4 of lock-down)


Home learning for Spring 1 Half Term


Maths - Fractions


This unit will cover the following:

  • Fractions on a number line
  • Compare and order (denominator)
  • Compare and order (numerator)
  • Add and subtract fractions (1)
  • Activity Add and subtract fractions activity (denominators are not multiples)
  • Add and subtract fractions (2)
  • Recap Add mixed numbers
  • Add fractions
  • Recap Subtract mixed numbers
  • Subtract fractions
  • Mixed addition and subtraction
  • Multiply fractions by integers
  • Multiply fractions by fractions
  • Divide fractions by integers (1)
  • Divide fractions by integers (2)
  • Four rules with fractions
  • Fraction of an amount
  • Fraction of an amount - find the whole


Reciprocal Reading

Reading and comprehension activities based on class text - PAX by Sara Pennypacker.

There will be no requirement to purchase this text as each chapter will be uploaded onto the year 6 teams page as required. 



Narrative writing based on the text FLOOD by Alvaro F. Villa



Community Unit:       Key Question - Are books enriching?

Our main focus is The Bible - Using Bible References



Topic - Living things and their habitats

This terms focus is on the classification of plants and animals.  


Topic Work

This term's topic work is a geography based topic in which we are looking at Natural Disasters.  Our key question is 'Does adversity make us stronger?' Each fortnight (approximately) we will focus on a different natural disaster.



This session will be used to consider and develop self esteem and motivation within the group. 


Creative Session

Art work based around our Topic work - Natural Disasters.




Intended timetable for Spring 1 Half Term - Home Learning

Please note, a Maths and English/Topic work book are available to collect from school and written work should either be done directly into these books or stuck in if work is completed prior to you collecting your books. When work is set via Teams, there will be an option to continue to use these books or submit work directly onto the Teams page.



Year 6 Home Learning for Wednesday 6th January 2021


Session 1 - Reciprocal Reading 


  • Task 1 - Prediction. Look at the cover for the book Pax (document attached) and predict what you think this book will be about. Write a few lines for your prediction.
  • Task 2 - Draw a thought bubble for what you think the fox might be thinking.
  • Task 3 - Read the blurb from the back of the book



Session 1 - Maths


Task 1 - Watch the video - Fractions on a Number (copy link below into your web browser to access the video) 

Task 2 - Complete the worksheet for the video (attached)

Task 3 - Complete the Fluency worksheet (attached)

Task 4 - Complete the Problem Solving worksheet (attached)

Session 2 - English 


Task 1 - Study the cover of the book 'Flood' by Alvero F.Villa (attached) and predict what the story will be about. Write down your prediction. 

Task 2 - Describe what you can see on the front cover, remembering to use lots of descriptive phrases and pay attention to colours and feelings. 

Task 3 - Read the blurb at the back of the book (attached). Does the blurb relate accurately to your prediction?

Session 3 - Science


Task 1 - Watch the attached Powerpoint on Living Things (attached)

Task 2 - Complete the sorting activity worksheet 


Home learning Thursday 7th January

Session 0ne Reciprocal reading

Task 1

Read chapter 1 of Pax. Re -read the chapter if you wish before answering the questions attached.

Task 2 

Answer the questions relating to chapter 1.

Session 1 Maths

Task 1

Watch the video Compare and order (denominator)

 (copy link above into your web browser to access the video)

Task 2

Complete the work attached after watching the video.

Task 3

Complete the fluency work.

Task 4

Complete the problem solving sheet.


Session 2 English

Read the lesson instructions attached.

Session 3

Topic - Natural Disasters

LO - To identify world biomes and world climate zones

Task 1 

On the map of the world attached, label the continents, oceans and seas, equator and the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

Task 2

Study the world biomes and climate zones information sheet, identifying the different biomes and climate zones on the world map. Colour the world climate zones on your world map and draw the corresponding key on your map.

Task 3

Complete the climate types worksheets 1 and 2 using the world biomes and climate zones information sheet.

Task 4

Research and produce fact files on each of the following world climate zones;

  • Desert climate
  • Tropical climate
  • Polar climate

Add pictures to your fact files.


Friday 8th January Home Learning

Reciprocal reading session 1

Yesterday we read chapter one of Pax and as with War Horse, the story is being told from the perspective of the fox.

Task 1

I would like you to complete the comprehension activity attached about the fox.

Task 2

Research and produce a fact file or a non-chronological of your own design about the fox. Include interesting facts/ Did you know? Draw and include pictures. I have attached some decorated paper  if you wish to use it.

Maths session 1

Task 1

Watch the video Compare and order (numerator)

 (copy link above into your web browser to access the video)

Task 2

Complete the work attached after watching the video.

Task 3

Complete the fluency work.

Task 4

Complete the problem solving sheet.


Session 2 English

LO - To write a narrative text for the picture book Flood.

Yesterday you began writing the  story for the first page of the picture book Flood.

You are being asked to become an author and imagine if the picture book were a story book, what would the text be underneath each page of the book? Do are using the pictures to imagine what the text would say. You could even imagine reading the book to your buddy!

I have attached the colour sheets that we use in class because hopefully, you will be writing lots of lovely descriptive phrases and including the colours that you can see in the beautiful illustrations in the book.

I am also attaching examples of the writing that the children  have produced in class from page one of the book so you can see some WAGOLLs.

Today's writing task is to continue writing your narrative story using picture 2 from the book.


Session 3


We are focussing on keeping positive and glass half full people!


Autumn Term - December 2020

Following our work this term on World War 1, and after reading the book War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, Year 6 have produced some wonderful 'letters home from the trenches'.  Their imaginations have really come into play during this writing task, and their understanding and passion for the subject matter have really shone through, culminating in some very emotional and poignant letters.

Our congratulations, on the final week of term, go to Beshoy and Summer for being awarded the Headteacher's award for progress made this term.  Beshoy was awarded this for his contributions during maths discussions in class and Summer was awarded her certificate for progress made in her English Assessments.

Well done to both of you!


Scarlett and Nicoll are this weeks worthy winners of the Headteacher's Award for collaboration.  These girls show excellent collaboration in the classroom with their work partners.  

Well done girls, keep up the excellent work. you are being great role models to the rest of year 6 and indeed the rest of the school.

Our congratulations this week go to Erin and William on receiving the Headteacher's award for their wonderful art skills.  William completed a beautiful piece of artwork for the World War 1 topic work that year 6 have been undertaking this term. Erin consistently shows beautiful and creative ways of presenting her work in class. 

Well done to both of you, keep up the great work!

Our congratulations this week go to Youanna and Joshua on being awarded the Headteacher's award for their great reading skills.  It is clear from their reading in class that they enjoying reading and are growing in confidence daily. 

Well done to both of you! keep being great reading role models to the rest of the school.

World War One and War Horse Home Learning


Our current topic in year 6 is World War One and War Horse. Once again our wonderful pupils have been busy producing some really interesting and creative pieces of home learning.  The wall display is looking fantastic, adorned with our talented children's work, and we are delighted to be able to share them with you all.


Well done year 6, keep up the excellent work and keep those imaginative pieces coming in.

This weeks Headteacher's Award was given to Joel and Tristan for being excellent friends.  Well done boys, its wonderful to see you sharing this quality with your peers and being great role models within school.

Keep up the good work and congratulations to you both.

Our congratulations this week go to Annabelle and Ariaana for showing fabulous improvement in their writing skills and receiving the Headteachers Award for this.  Having taught them in year 3, I can really see how much they have grown and developed this skill and it is wonderful to see!

Keep up the good work girls.

Our congratulations this week go to Elena and Ava on being awarded the Headteachers Award for their knowledge and contribution to RE. 

Well done girls, you are wonderful role models for our school community!

The Headteachers Award this week goes to two year 6 pupils who are excellent role models both in their work in the classroom and in general to others.  

Congratulations and well done to Tiffany and Reece, keep up the great work!

Religious Education


Our RE topic is about the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Father Darren came in to tell us all about his role of being a Catholic Priest. We discovered what made him want to become a Priest, where he did his training, how he felt on his Ordination Day and what a typical day in his life would be like.

We found it all very interesting!

Congratulations this week go to Evie and Leo who have received the Headteacher's Award for resilience.  Leo has demonstrated excellent resilience in maths and Evie has demonstrated excellent resilience in all her work.

Well done to you both, what fantastic role models you are to others in the school.


Congratulations this week go to Ebube and Ola who have both been awarded the Headteacher's Award for their great mathematics skills.

Well done girls, keep up the excellent work!

Congratulations to Ariaana and Luumuno who this week have wont the Headteacher's Award for being excellent communicators.  

Well done to both of you, keep up the great work!



Our Topic work this term covers the Titanic which the children have really been enjoying. We have all been learning lots of information about life on board the Titanic, her passengers and the eventual disaster of her sinking.


As part of this topic the year 6 pupils have been creating some wonderfully interesting, artistic and imaginative home learning to illustrate what they have learnt. It is very clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into making these pieces and the children are very proud of what they have produced.


We are delighted to be able to share this work with you so you can see how inspired they have been during this topic work.  Well done everybody, these are great examples of the creativity and capabilities of our year 6 pupils.

Very well done to James and Lucas on being awarded the Headteachers Award this week for their good manners.  They are always polite to both their peers and members of staff within school. Congratulations boys!

21st September 2020




Please note the virtual parents evening will be carried out using the Zoom app. Look out for an email from your child's class teacher in the coming days containing details of how to log in to take part.


Thank you

Very well done to our two beautiful Emilys who have been awarded this week’s Headteacher’s Award for being such caring and considerate pupils. They are a credit to Year 6 and wonderful role models to the rest of the school.

16th September 2020




Please see a letter to parents below inviting you to attend a virtual parents evening on Tuesday 29th September 2020.


Thank you



The Headteacher award for this week has been given to two pupils who have settled back into the school routine really well.


Welcome to Year 6 2020-2021

  • Spelling lists will be given to the children on a Monday to take home and learn. Books need to be returned to class on a Friday for a spelling test.
  • Reading books will be changed when requested by the pupil. We would expect the reading book to be changed on a regular basis as reading for pleasure is greatly encouraged to enhance and support the child's learning.
  • PE will take place outdoor only for the time being due to the Covid 19 restrictions in place. The children will have PE on Tuesday and Friday and will therefore require an outdoor PE kit consisting of trainers and a suitable tracksuit for outdoor Winter weather conditions.
  • We are very excited to begin a new History based topic this term entitled, 'Do our choices really matter? Journeys, Conflict and Equality: Britain 1901-1918'.

       Within this topic we will be studying three areas of history;

  • The Titanic
  •  The First War
  • The Suffragettes

      Within this topic and as part of our Reciprocal Reading class text, we will be reading            'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo. The texts we will be using in English include 'The            Titanic Detective Agency' and 'Voices from the Past. Survivors of the Titanic.'

  • Topic based home learning activities will be set each half term. Pupils have the half term to complete one of the topic based home learning tasks.
  • Maths homework will be given on a weekly basis. Pupils will receive the homework on a Wednesday and will be given until the following Wednesday to complete it.
  • The learning of times tables is an ongoing home learning task.


14th May Year 6 Transition Information

Return to School - Parent Letter 12.05.20

Information Sheet & Safety Measures - Return to School






Welcome to Year 6, 2019

19.09.2019                     Buddies          


We enjoyed meeting our Buddies for the first time. We played together in their playground and chatted about the things they liked to do. It was a great afternoon!


20.09.2019   Dexter and Winter's Detective Agency


We were invited by CAST, Doncaster, to watch the production of Dexter and Winter's Detective Agency by Nathan Bryon.  The play was part of Roundabout (Thursday 19th - Sunday 22nd September), a four day pop-up festival of music, new writing, comedy and more!

23.09.2019                        We Can Grow


As part of 'We Can Grow', Year 6 planted Pak Choi. We can't wait to see it grow and taste it!

Friday 27 Septembe 2019

UCI 2019 Road World Championships


Year 6 and Year 4 were invited to watch the start of the Junior Women's Race which started at the Doncaster Dome.

It was an early start, having to meet up at the Dome at 7.00 am, but it was well worth it.  We had a front row view of the start of the Race as well as seeing all the riders beforehand when they were registering.





Darwin's Delights


We enjoyed a brilliant day at Austerfield Study Centre learning all about evolution and adaptation.




We particularly loved holding the exotic animals and looking at how they have adapted to their habitat.

The Sacrament of Holy Orders


Thursday 6 November 2019

Fr. Darren talked to us about his Ordination and how he became a priest.  We enjoyed hearing all about his ‘journey’ to the priesthood.  The priesthood is one of the three holy orders of the Catholic Church, comprising ordained priests or presbyters. The other two orders are the bishops and the deacons.


Our Remembrance Assembly

Monday 11 November 2019

        We Will Remember Them


13 November 2019



James Sunderland came into School to talk to us about Judaism, particularly the festivals of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.



We all tried the food for the celebration of Rosh Hashanah 'Sweet New Year'

We tried on the Kippur (Skull Cap).  

In the Jewish faith the head has to be covered for prayer.

We learnt about the Shofar, the ram's horn.  It was surprisingly light.



As part of our topic on Natural Disasters and as part of our English work, we have written our own stories based on the picture book Flood by Alvaro F Villa.


We shared our finished stories with our Reception class buddies.  They loved discussing the pictures and listening to the Year 6 pupil's stories.





9th March 2020


Diversity Week


We enjoyed a Diverse World workshop with Richard.

We focused on extreme habitats around the world and the diversity within these habitats.

The pupils enjoyed lots of drama activities.

11th March 2020


Crucial Crew


Wednesday 11th March saw us visit Crucial Crew in Rotherham for a day of learning all about how to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  Members of South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire Brigade, St Johns Ambulance Service, Yorkshire Transport and the Magistrates Service were all there to guide us and give us their expert knowledge on various safety issues.