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Year 6

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Year 2021-22

Due to new covid expectations I have advised that all pupils in class should bring or wear extra layers for the forseeable future as the weather is getting colder and windows and doors still need to remain open for ventilation.



The following is a brief list of things that the pupils will need to know this year.

PE outside on Wednesday.

PE outside on Thursday.

Spellings will be given on Friday and tested the following Friday.

Homework will be posted on Fridays. This will usually involve some form of reading, maths and on occasions a writing activity.

Also, there will be additional help posted during the week in the form of websites to visit for areas covered that pupils might want to consolidate or reassure themselves with.

2022 Residential Meeting documents - for those who were unable to attend last night's meeting.

Home Learning Ideas for our New Topic: Natural Disasters

For pupils isolating due to Covid and are well enough to complete some work. Week beginnning 17th January 2022

14.1.22: Workers of the week for being great in Maths are Alisha and Kajus

Our New Topics this Term will include Electricity and Natural Disasters

For additional information and knowledge gathering try some of the following




Natural Disasters

Spellings to be tested Friday 21st January

Hyphens: To join compound adjectives to avoid ambiguity

man-eating, little-used, rock-bottom, wide-eyed, pig-headed, tight-fisted, cold-hearted, stone-faced, green-eyed, short-tempered


Suffix – er

Teacher, reader, driver, farmer, Londoner, islander, villager, voyager, manager, teenager, baker

Homework to be handed in on Wednesday 19th January 2022

Workers of the Week 7.1.22 for being Great Listeners: Aidan and Luca

Researching life in the trenches in WW1

Spellings to be tested Friday 14th January


Suffixes –ing, -ed,-en

Write, written, hope, hoping, hum, humming, ride, riding, ridden, carry, carrying, carried, disgust, disgusted, train, training


Hyphens: To join a prefix ending in a vowel to a root word beginning with a vowel.

co-operate, co-ordinate, co-own, co-author, re-enter, re-educate, re-examine, re-evaluate, re-energise, re-elect

Homework to be handed in Wednesday 12th January

Homework for week beginning 3rd January 2022

Home Learning

Spring Class Timetable

Home Learning Tasks for World War 1

Some of our Home Learning Work

3.12.21 Workers of the Week: Isabella and Colby for showing patience

Homework to be handed in Wednesday 8th December 2021

Spellings for Friday 10th December 2021

Words that sound the same but are spelt differently-homophones

Beach, beech, grate, great, herd, heard, knight, night, peace, piece, right, write, steel, steal, cereal, serial,

Adjectives ending in -ent into nouns ending in -ence/ -ency

Innocent, innocence, decent, decency, excellent, excellence confident, confidence, existent, existence

Science we are covering in our topic


Animal classification

Need help?

Multiplying fractions


Fractions quiz


Imperial measurements


Inverted commas - speech marks

26.11.21: Workers of the Week: Cruz and Nathanael for nurturing and showing love to others

Spellings to be tested on 3rd December 2021


inflation, vibration, dictation, temptation, education, expectation, conservation, creation, variation, pronunciation, punctuation, communication


Adjectives ending in -ant into nouns ending in -ance/ -ancy

observant, observance, expectant, expectancy, hesitant, hesitancy, tolerant, tolerance, relevant, relevance

What are our Missions in life?

It's hard work being Scientists! Using the Linnaean System to classify living things.

Find out more about World War 1



Need help with English?

How to use bullet points


How to use brackets


Need help with Maths

How to simplify fractions


Adding and subtracting fractions




Anti-Bullying Week: Posters

22.11.21 Indoor Athletics Competition: Vertical Jump, Speed bounce, Sprint, Seated Throw and Standing Long Jump

19.11.21 Workers of the Week for being kind. Tayzer and Ayten.

19.11.21 Homework to be handed in on Wednesday 24th November

Spellings for Week ending 26th November


Correction, construction, production, variation, resurrection, creation, pollination, examination, education


Year 6 words

Homophones & Near Homophones: Nouns that end in -ce/-cy and verbs that end in -se/-sy


Advice, advise, device, devise, licence(noun), license(verb), practice(noun), practise(verb), prophecy(noun), prophesy(verb)

19.11.21 We are Trainee Taxonomists, sorting and classifying animals.

18.11.21 A selection of our Newspaper Reports about our visit to Austerfield.


English support

Hyphens and dashes




Maths support



Unit and mixed fractions


Order of operations

16.11.21 Some final Topic work about the Titanic

12.11.21 Workers of the Week: Shining Lights Anish and Oliver

Spellings to be tested on Friday 19th November

Suffix -tion

reaction, subtraction, electrocution, promotion, devotion, composition,


Year 6 specific words

aggressive, hostile, awkward, obstinate, desperate, frantic,

disastrous, calamitous, marvellous, spectacular

11.11.21 Remembrance Assembly

10.11.21 If you want help with semi colons


Commas in sentences


Square and cube numbers


Multiples and factors



8.11.21 Austerfield Trip

We travelled to Austerfield today to support our science work about adaptation and habitats.

First, we identified different habitats and sorted animals to where we thought they lived. We discussed why they were suited and how they had adapted to their habitats. 

Then we walked around the reserve, finding footprints of various animals, fur, and other signs of what creatures might live there. We turned logs to find mini beasts and looked in trees for nests. The reserve has different habitats, evergreen woods, deciduous woods, ponds, sandy areas and grassland.

Following this we went into the animal house to get hands on with some real life creatures. These included giant millipedes, toads, cockroaches, stick insects, and snakes. The pupils really enjoyed the visit and learned alot.

Thank you to all staff involved , both at the centre and at school.

8.11.21 Trip to Austerfield to support our adaptation and habitats work.

5.11.21 Workers of the Week: Deep Thinkers Jackson and Tiffany

Spellings for 12th November

Words ending in y

Most base words just add y. Example crisp - crispy

Some double the last letter and add y. Example run - runny

Some ending in e drop the and add y. Example grease - greasy


crispy, smelly, cheeky, watery, fussy, fully, furry, fatty, runny, nutty,

greasy, hazy, lazy, smoky, stony

Homework to be handed in Wednesday 10th November

3.11.21 Need help with contractions?


Apostrophes for possession?




Prime numbers?



15.10.21 Workers of the Week for great listening. Dorian and Belle

Pumpkins for Halloween: Well done Peek a Boo AKA Lauren

Captain Edward Smith Portraits

15.10.21 Homework: Key skills, Grammar and Maths to be handed in 3rd November

14.10.21 If you need any extra help or practice

Expanded noun phrases


Fronted adverbials


Division with remainders


Short division



Spellings for week ending 5.11.21
-er and -est
quicker, quickest, nicer, nicest, riper, ripest, ruder, rudest, thinner, thinnest, happier, happiest, chillier, chilliest, crazier, craziest, luckier, luckiest

8.10.21 Workers of the week for showing Respect: Ollie and Mia



Spellings to be tested Friday 15th October 2021

Suffix –ing

Spending, enjoying, leading, writing, driving, deciding, staring, hating, coming, amazing, raising, running, clapping, planning, slipping, winning, sitting

Read for 20-30 minutes each day.

We are looking at writing a newspaper report over the coming weeks so if you can read articles and look at the features used then that would be beneficial to you.

RE work. Our Be-Attitudes

5.10.21 Need extra help and practice

Subordinating conjunctions


Coordinating conjunctions

Roman Numerals help sheet and practice activity (not homework)

4.10.21 Basketball Competition.

Following a series of lessons practising various aspects of basketball including dribbling, passing and shooting we competed in a mini tournament. We split into 6 teams and played each other once. Each game was played in good spirit showing a good degree of fairness. Team members chose their own person of the tournament for their teams. They were as follows: Ollie, Luca, Dorian, Tayzer, Alisha, Anish and Kajus.


The winning team were Team 4: Adam, Anish, Jared, Akal and Ayten. Well done to you!

1.10.21 Workers of the week for resilience Sophia and Patrick.

1.10.21 Homework to be completed and handed in on 6th October

Spellings for 8th October


Adorable, adorably, applicable, considerable, considerably, changeable, forcible, dependable, comfortable, enjoyable, horrible, horribly, incredible, incredibly


Read for 20-30 minutes each day.

We are looking at writing a newspaper report over the coming weeks so if you can read articles and look at the features used then that would be beneficial to you.

1.10.21 We visited The Cast Pop up Theatre today. What a wonderful show. The pupils really enjoyed their experience.

30.9.21 Some of our completed biographies about Captain John Smith


Need extra practise?

Relative clauses

Modal verbs


Multiplication and division

24.9.21 Workers of the week: Great concentration Nathanael and Jared

24.9.21 Homework to be done for Wednesday 29th

Maths: Complete the Maths sheets.

English: Read through the word examples for different types of word and grammatical terms that we will be looking at this year.

Complete the Grammar Hammer sheet.

Read for 20-30 minutes each day if possible.

Science: Research one of the scientists, Anaximander of Miletus, Empedocles, Epicurus, Zhang Zhou, Augiustine of Hippo, Al-Jahiz, Tusi, Ibn Khaldun, Alfred Walace, Erasmus Darwin, Pierre Louis Maupertuis about their ideas on evolution. Record on your sheet.

Spellings to be tested on Friday 1st October


Independence, independent, innocence, innocent, obedience, obedient, observance, observant, substance, tolerance, tolerant


Revision for column addition.


Revision for column subtraction.


Revision for factors, multiples and prime numbers.


Revision of passive verbs verbs.

Workers of the week 17.9.21: Good readers Lauren and Ben

17.9.21 Homework to be handed in Wednesday 22nd September

A reminder to find 10 facts about the Captain of the Titanic.


Read for 20-30 minutes per day.


Adverbs revision


Spellings to be tested on Friday 24th September

Expectant, hesitant, hesitancy, decent, decency, frequent, frequency, confident, confidence, assistance, assistant

16.9.21 Maths Practice on negative numbers

15.9.21 Some shared planning for a Charles Darwin Biography.

15.9.21 Homework

Find out at least 10 facts about the Captain of the Titanic, Captain Edward John Smith to support our biography writing in English. To be handed in on 22nd September.

14.9.21 Maths support and practice: Rounding


14.9.21 English support and practice: Verbs

Workers of the week 10.9.21: For making a good start Aiden and Akal

Homework 10.9.21

To be done for Monday

Find and record 10 interesting facts about Charles Darwin. 

Read for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Spellings to be tested on Friday 17th September


Spelling Rule 38 - Endings which sound like /ʃəl/ (e.g. social, crucial... etc.)


official, special, artificial, partial, confidential, essential, beneficial, commercial, crucial, social, initial, potential

Homework 8.9.21 

Use BBC Bitesize


Have a go at pronouns


Review place value

Spellings to be tested on Friday 10th September
Spelling Rule 37 - Endings which sound like /???s/ spelt –cious or –tious

ambitious, cautious, conscious, delicious, fictitious, infectious, malicious, nutritious, precious, superstitious, surreptitious, suspicious, unconscious, vicious 

Timetable and subjects to be covered this year are included on the following documents.