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Year 6 - Home Learning

Mathew has shared his recent work. He is obviously enjoying his home learning.

Another thought provoking prayer to share with you by Jasmine.

Matthew has written a beautiful prayer that he would like to share with you all at this difficult time for us.

March 30th

Dear Year 6 children,

I hope you are all keeping well. It seems a long time since we were together in class yet it has only been just over a week. I miss our learning especially our daily reading lessons. I hope you are using your time to enjoy lots of reading. I look forward to sharing your recommended reads once we return to school.

Could I ask that you complete the reading survey.The link page is listed on the home Coronavirus news page.

I have spent a lot of time last week in my garden. The weather was lovely and I enjoyed looking at the signs of new life that are appearing. I was amazed at the number of beautiful bees and butterflies I saw. It seems to be very early in the year to see so many of them but I suppose this could be due to climate changes. I could see signs of birds building their nests from the bits of grasses and nest building materials that they had dropped on the ground.

As part of your home learning tasks why don't you begin a Spring garden watch survey and record the different species of birds, animals, insects and mini beasts that you see in your outside spaces.

Go into your garden and sketch the variety of leaves, buds and Spring flowers that you can see. Try to identify them. 'Press'examples of them.

Sketch the garden birds, animals, insects and mini beasts that you see. Produce fact files about each species.

Produce art work around them for example, paint them or produce a collage. Could you even sew a collage based around the habitat of a Spring garden?

Prepare a mini project entitled 'The Garden Habitat'. Include lots of drawings and interesting information and facts about the plants and creatures found there, including some 'Did you know?' facts. Could you include some garden food chains and food webs?

Write some poems about the plants and creatures of a Spring garden.

I hope you are enjoying your home learning tasks. If you have any questions then just email to the Year 6 page and I will answer them.

I look forward to talking to you all again soon. Take care.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan

Week commencing 30/3/20


To continue to learn the year 5/6 key spellings.


To continue to read widely and to complete your book review for recommended reads.


To continue with the White Rose maths units of area and perimeter and ratio.


Contemplate on your Lenten journey so far. Have you managed to keep the Lenten promises  you made? Could you write a prayer for the NHS staff ?


To continue with producing your healthy living leaflet task.

These are some sites you may wish to explore to assist in your home learning.