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Year 6 - Home Learning

Dear Year 6 children,

As we reach our final day together, on behalf of myself, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Wilson, we wish you all a fond farewell and all the very best as you commence your Secondary school education in September.

We are very proud of you all and we know that you will continue to work hard and achieve great success in your studies and future careers. You are a credit to your parents and most certainly to St. Peter's School. It has been our pleasure over the course of the year to have gotten to know you as individuals and to watch you mature into young adults. You will be missed by all the staff at school.

Have a wonderful Summer holidays. 

Look forward with confidence and excitement and enjoy your Secondary school education. It is a special time of your life and one that you will look back on in future years with fond memories.

All our love and best wishes to you all from

Mrs Phelan, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Wilson


A Buddy thank you to all Year 6 pupils.

Mrs Allen and the Reception children would like to shout out a huge thank you to all of our fantastic Year 6 Buddies. 

Everyone of you have been truly amazing since you first met your Buddy in September.  You have shown our Reception children how to be kind to each other, how to share games and stories and how wonderful it is to be unique.  We all wish you the very best of luck in the next chapter of your journey... 

Buddy Video.MOV

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Year 6 Parent Update - 6th July 2020


Year 6 pupils will be taking part in a liturgy on Friday afternoon with Father Darren as part of their final week celebrations. The liturgy will take place outside on Friday at 11 am for both A and B bubbles and social distancing will be strictly observed. After the liturgy the children will be able to enjoy a cake, crisps and drink together.


We have been asked by a number of parents whether children are allowed to bring their shirts in to sign. We are going to allow them to bring one shirt in on Friday only and they can take it outside so that everyone can sign if they want to from their class, this can take place after the liturgy. 


We have ordered pizza for all the Year 6 children currently in school for Thursday lunchtime. 


Please remember that all the children's work from this year can be collected from the hall Tues - Thurs. Mrs Phelan and Mrs Fisher have also got a little gift for each child which can be collected at this time.

Return to School - Parent Letter 12.05.20

Information Sheet & Safety Measures - Return to School


Dear Year 6 children,

I hope that you are all very well and that you have had a lovely week despite the rainy weather. It has been a week for lots of indoor activities.

As you know by now we are returning to school on Monday so this is the last time that I will be communicating to you via this web page.

I look forward to seeing those of you who are returning. I know that it will seem strange returning to class after three months away and that some of you may be feeling a little nervous about returning after such a long period but I am sure that we will soon feel like we have never been away. We certainly have a great deal of catching up to do talking about what we have been up to over the last three months!

I will see my group at 8.45am on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend.

love from 

Mrs Phelan







Email address


Dear Year 6 children,

I hope you are all keeping very well. It is hard to believe that we are now entering our twelfth week of lock down. It does now seem a long time ago that we were in class learning together. We still do not have a return to school date. I suppose most of you are now turning your thoughts to beginning your secondary school education. When we return to school we will certainly have lots to discuss regarding how you are all feeling about your transition to your new schools.

We all send Amelia-Jayne our 'Happy Birthday' wishes for her 11th birthday. We hope you had a wonderful day celebrating Amelia-Jayne.

Below are your work activities for the upcoming week of learning.

Have a lovely week every one. If you need anything just get in touch via the year 6 link.

Take care and God bless.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan



I hope that you are enjoying reading JK Rowling's new novel 'The Ickabog' and will continue to do so.

Calling all budding artists!

JK Rowling is inviting you to help illustrate The Ickabog for her.

Every day when chapters of the story are uploaded, she will be making suggestions for what you might like to draw or paint to illustrate the story as it goes along.

You should let your imaginations run wild!


Another recommended book for you enjoy

'Rain before Rainbows' has been released as an e book. It is a beautiful, uplifting and moving story about finding optimism in the darkest of places. The illustrations are brilliant too.


On Friday 5th June this year's Summer Reading Challenge 2020 was launched. This year the theme is 'Let's Get Silly' and will be a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter.

To find out more and to register for the challenge go to;      or




Our final unit of work for Year 6 maths is Calculations and involves using all the key areas of learning covered from Years 3 to 6. We are therefore going to be looking at solving mathematical 'Problems of the day'.

Please note the ORANGE problems are for KS1 pupils so miss them out. The BLUE problems are for KS2. I have included the answers for marking purposes.


We continue with our science topic on LIGHT. This week we are learning about REFRACTION  and seeing things in colour.


Linking in beautifully with our science work on light, our topic work this half term would have been PHOTOGRAPHY.

It would have been a very practical project involving taking lots of photographs. 



Our new topic in RE is called Healing and asks the question,'Who needs Healing?'

We are beginning by looking at how Jesus was concerned for and cared for the sick and needy. He never turned anyone away even when he was tired and weary.

In your children's Bible look through the books of the New Testament and try to find as many stories as you can that relate to Jesus helping or healing a sick or troubled person.


Dear Year 6 children,

I hope that you are all keeping very well and that you have all had a lovely half term break. We were certainly very lucky to have had such beautiful weather. I am sure that you will have made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed lots of outdoor activities with your family.

As you will all know from the news, Year 6 pupils across England are beginning to return to school from Monday 1st June but in Doncaster a decision has still not been made as to when we will be returning. We will just have to wait patiently until a decision has been made by the Doncaster Local Education Authority regarding our return to school.

In the meantime I have put your home learning for the upcoming week below. Try to keep to a good daily routine and complete some of your work. I am very interested to know how many of you managed to write your own miniature book.

I notice that we don't have any class birthdays this week.

If you have any queries regarding your work or anything that is on your mind just get in touch via the Year 6 link above.

Have a good week everyone.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan


As some of you may have seen on the news recently, JK Rowling has written a new book and she is releasing it in instalments. Go on the link to read the first part of her book.

Another highly recommended site for you to explore is the Primary Shakespeare Company. You can read and explore the story of The Tempest. 
   ( TEMPEST ONLINE 2020 )


How many of these books have you read?



I have included some assessments for the two units covered in Summer 1 term, Properties of shape and statistics.



Our new science unit this half term is LIGHT. The topic explores the way that light behaves, including light sources, reflection and shadows.

Our first learning objective is to recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines and to use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye. We see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes.


Yesterday we celebrated Pentecost Sunday when the Holy Spirit was sent from heaven to the disciples.

Read the story 'Wind and Fire' in your children's Bible (Acts 1-2)

Natalie enjoyed her half term break planting flowers, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers.

Come harvest time it’s all round to Natalie’s for tea!


Dear Year 6 children,

I hope you have all had a lovely week enjoying the beautiful sunshine and keeping busy and entertained.

We send out our birthday wishes to Simran and Amelia-May. 'HAPPY ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY'. Have a fantastic birthday both of you.

As it is half term week we are setting no home learning activities. Use any of your spare time to complete any activities from previous week's home learning and enjoy your time reading your favourite books and continuing with your hobbies.

I have attached a transition document that is designed to help Year 6 pupils with their transition to Year 7. You may enjoy looking at it and doing some of the activities.

Have a lovely half term week everybody.

Love from

Mrs Phelan


Matthew has been very busy and has produced several miniature books. He put his sewing skills to excellent use by sewing the spines of his books.

His beautiful butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis and have been released so look out for them in your garden!

Connie's blackbird has been busy laying more eggs!

Did you know they can lay eggs up to four times a year?


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Natalie has been putting her engineering skills to the test using her Gravitrax game.


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George proudly shows off his own VE Day decorations.
Below he has shared with us one of his balanced argument reports. Where do you stand?


Dear Year 6 children,

I hope you have had a good week, keeping busy and occupying your minds with a variety of activities and, hopefully, developing new skills and hobbies that you will continue long after this current time.

I am sure that you will all know about the Government's announcement that Year 6 pupils throughout England may possibly be returning to school from the 1st June and I am aware of the pupils who, at this moment in time, intend to return to class. I know that it will be difficult for all of us to return to school after ten weeks of lock down but I am looking forward to seeing every one again . We will have so much to talk about relating to what we have all been up to and share our experiences. In the meantime do not worry about anything and try to occupy your time in meaningful and enjoyable  activities.

On behalf of myself and all of the Year 6 children we wish a very 'Happy Birthday' to Sienna and Amelia-May who celebrated their 11th birthdays this week. We all hope you both had a lovely birthday.

I hope that you have all tried to do some of your work tasks each week. I appreciate that it is not easy working from home especially as we enter our ninth week of it!

I would really like all of you to have read 'The Book of Hope'over the last two weeks.

I am setting a lovely writing task for you to do over the next couple of weeks that would be brilliant for us to share when we return to class.Try your best to have a go at it as I think you will really enjoy completing it.

Have another great week every body. I hear that the weather is going to be lovely.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan


'The British Library ask nation's children to write miniature books in lock down.'

Two hundred years ago, the Bronte children stitched together brown paper sugar packets, strips of wallpaper and old writing paper to create postage stamp-sized books for their toy soldiers to read.

During the lock down, authors such as Axel Scheffler and Jacqueline Wilson have produced their own micro books and are asking all children to follow the Brontes' lead and write their own tiny tales.

The links below give you examples and clear instructions on how to make your own version of a miniature book. I think you will really enjoy this writing task.

Reading Comprehension work relating to writing task


We are continuing with our Statistics unit of maths and this includes revision from Year 5 of reading and interpreting timetables.

 Finding the mean ( average ) from a range of data.

 Finding the circumference, diameter and radius of a circle.



We are continuing our science unit by looking at lifestyle and exercise. 


Our current RE topic  Pentecost 'Witnesses' looks at Stephen and how he was chosen to spread the word of God. After the coming of the Holy Spirit, the number of those who became Christians grew so the early Church needed to be organised. One of the important works of those early Christians was to care for the poor as Jesus had done. The apostles were busy preaching and teaching so they needed help.

Stephen was one of the people chosen to help in the distribution of food so that the apostles could continue to spread the word of God.The people chosen had to be filled with the Holy Spirit to undertake this work. Stephen was the first Deacon, deacons are called to serve and witness to the Word of God. The word'deacon' is taken from the Greek word meaning 'service'.

Eventually Stephen was arrested and sentenced to death for witnessing to the Good News of Jesus. Stephen was the first Christian martyr. A martyr is a person who holds to a belief so strongly that he/she is willing to die for it. Such was the Faith that Stephen had in Jesus.

In your Children's Bible read the story of Stephen. (Acts 6:6-7:6)


In the story of Stephen it reads, ' a young man called Saul watched. He was taking care of their cloaks'.

In your Bible read the story of Saul ( Acts 9:1-31 )

Mathew’s caterpillars have gone through their life cycle and have emerged as beautiful butterflies.
Holly has turned from engineer to scientist! She should have used Mentos and Cola for her erupting volcano model!
Leah is enjoying her hobby of photography and has captured these lovely images in her garden.

Holly has been putting some of the skills she learnt in the recent STEM workshops to excellent use building her model motor vehicles.She enjoyed attending the workshops with her Grandad and as we can see from her photos, I think she has a future career in engineering!

Leah is enjoying reading The Book of Hope and she has written a lovely acrostic poem on the theme of Hope.


Dear Year 6 children,

I hope that you are all keeping well and happy as we enter into our eighth week of lockdown.

It has been another lovely week of sunshine for everybody. I enjoyed my birthday on Wednesday sitting in the garden soaking up the sunshine and partaking in a birthday drink.

I enjoyed watching the VE Day celebrations on the television. Freddy sent me some lovely photographs of his VE Day celebrations with his family.

At the moment ( Sunday) I am having major problems with my laptop so I cannot download your work for the upcoming week at the moment. I have written work tasks below that I can but you will have to be patient and as soon as I sort the issue out with my laptop I will download the rest of your work for the week.

Hopefully it will be available by Monday evening.

A huge thank you to those children who have kept in touch throughout our absence from school and for the lovely examples of work and photographs that you have sent to me. I really hope that you are all enjoying reading ‘The Book of Hope’. Mrs Young was really, really impressed by the work of George, Alex Hopson and Matthew and she wanted me to pass on her comments to these boys. Very well done to you three and your work will feature proudly in our St. Peter’s Book of Hope anthology. I am very much looking forward to seeing what stories and poems of Hope the rest of the year 6 children have produced.
I would really love to hear from those children in Year 6 who haven’t got in touch yet just to let me know how you are and what you are up to. I look forward to it.

Enjoy the upcoming week everyone. We should have been doing our SATs this week!

Take care and remain positive and resilient.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan



I really would like everybody to continue to read and complete ‘The Book of Hope’.

Complete the book review available to download from last week’s work list.

Continue to read widely your own book choices.



To complete last week’s writing task of ‘to write your own story or poem based around the theme of Hope.’

We are continuing with our work on writing a balanced argument from Week beginning 27/4/20

where you were asked to write a balanced argument around the title ‘Are zoos ethical?’

I would like you to write a second balanced argument from one of the following choices:

1) Should mobile phones be allowed in Secondary School?

2) Should children have to wear a school uniform?
3) Should home work be banned?

4) Should children under the age of thirteen be allowed to be involved in online gaming?

Use the sheets provided in week 27/4/20 to help with the lay out of your work.



We are beginning our new unit of maths - Statistics.

This involves using, interpreting and constructing line graphs, pie charts, timetables and finding the mean (average) of a set of data. 



We are continuing our unit of science by focusing on diet, exercise, drugs and life style.

SPAG and reading comprehension



The Ascension of Jesus

Before Jesus returned to his Father he promised his disciples to send them the Holy Spirit to enable them to continue to spread the Easter message and to be his witness.

Use the critique phrases on these two images of Jesus' Ascension into heaven.

I really like the way...  My eye is drawn to...    My favourite part is...


For my birthday last week I received a charm bracelet with the theme of love and therefore many of my charms are in the shape of a heart. I would like you to use the heart template to invent your own heart design that may feature on a charm that could be added to the bracelet. You can keep it black and white or add colour.

Freddy and his family enjoyed their VE Day celebrations on Friday.

Natalie has enjoyed planting her bean crop. It looks like we have our own Percy Thrower!

(ask your grandparents!)

Not many of us can say we read in our garden hot tub!

George has been working hard and he has shared some of his home learning tasks with us.

Enjoy his lovely 2020 Prayer of Hope.

Alex is enjoying  reading 'The Book of Hope' and has written a fabulous poem based on hope and his feelings during these strange times. 
Matthew has been very busy building a pond in his garden and looking after his new caterpillars. He is a budding Sir David Attenborough! 

Matthew has been working really  hard on his home learning tasks. He has really enjoyed reading'The Book of Hopes'  and  he has already produced a lovely poem for our St.Peter's Book of Hope anthology.

His balanced report really makes me rethink how I feel about zoos.

Freddy remains very enthusiastic about his home learning as we enter week 7 of lock down.
How wonderful to see Alex enjoying his reading. He asked for the ‘Survivors’ book as one of his birthday presents as he was enjoying listening to the stories that we had read in class and he wanted to read the rest of the book himself.


Dear Year 6 children,

I hope that you are all very well and that you have had a lovely week. Again I cannot believe that we have been away from school for six weeks now. I think the time flies by so quickly!

We have had some good news this week as Amelia-May has a new baby brother. This is wonderful news! Her new brother is very lucky as he will have a lovely,kind and caring big sister to watch over him as he grows up.

We also send our huge 'Happy Birthday' wishes out to Zach Walsh and Milosz who both celebrated their 11th birthday this week. I was lucky enough to spend Milosz's birthday with him in school on Friday. Mrs Jones presented Milosz with a lovely birthday cake and we all had a lovely day in school making and sewing some wonderful glove puppets.

I hope you are all still keeping busy and active and managing to attempt some of your home learning activities. When we eventually return to class I will be very interested to hear if any of you have taken up a new hobby or developed a new skill while you have been in lock down. For example, I know that Freddy has been learning video editing skills.

I have attached some new home learning tasks for you. I want you to particularly focus on the reading and writing task this week please. I am always available to answer an questions you may have via our web page.

Keep trying your very best to remain positive and kind.

Take care and God bless.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan




Reading Task

It was lovely to see Mrs Young in school on Friday and she made me aware of a beautiful, uplifting and inspiring book called 'The Book of Hope'. It is a book of words and pictures to comfort,inspire and entertain children in lock down, edited by Katherine Rundell and with contributions from over one hundred children's authors and illustrators.

I have greatly enjoyed reading the book and I found it very entertaining and moving. I am certain that you will all enjoy and benefit from reading this wonderful book also.

It is available for you to read on the link below.

I would like you to spend time each day reading the stories and poems within the book.

If you can, discuss them with your family. What do the stories and poems mean to you?

Do you have a particular favourite story or poem?

I particularly enjoyed the section of the book entitled' Hope in Unexpected Places'.

I loved the poem 'Hope' by Anthony Horowitz about a town called Hope.

After reading the book yourself, do you have a favourite section of the book or indeed a favourite story or poem within a section?

I would like you to write a review of the book and give it a star rating of your own.


Writing Task

Mrs Young has come up with the brilliant idea of producing and compiling a St. Peter's version of 'The Book of Hope' in which every pupil in St. Peter's school write their own story or poem on the theme of HOPE.

I would like each of you in year 6 to have a go at writing either a story or a poem or indeed both, based around the theme of HOPE that could be included in a St. Peter's Book of Hope anthology.

It would indeed be an item that could go in a time capsule informing future generations of the unforgettable year 2020. I know that the British Museum is also looking for pieces of work to be included in their archives about the year 2020. Perhaps our version could be included in their vaults!

I hope you take time to read the book this week.



As we would have come to the end of our maths unit on the properties of shape, I have include an assessment based on your recent new learning. I will include the answers in order that you can check and mark your work.

Our new unit of maths is Problem Solving, using and combining the four rules of number to solve mathematical problems relating to all areas of maths.


Jesus appeared to his disciples on a number of occasions after the Resurrection. He greeted them, shared food with them and then he sent them out to continue the message of the Good News.

Read the scripture below from Luke 24: 44-49 and Matthew 28: 16-20.

Luke tells how, after his Resurrection, Jesus reassures his disciples that they will not be alone.

In Matthew, Jesus is not only reassuring the disciples but telling them of their future mission.

May is a special month in the Catholic liturgical year because it is known as the month of Mary. I was born in May and so my first name is Mary, Mary Teresa Phelan.
Sienna has shared her brilliant reports for us to enjoy.
Connie is keeping busy with her garden bird watch. She is giving Spring Watch  a run for their money! It's great viewing Connie, brilliant camera work!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Freddy is enjoying his reading and making the most of the lovely weather reading in his tent!
Natalie is a ‘ Super Reader!’ She has read and enjoyed so many books these last few weeks. She has shared her favourite reads with me and she is a fantastic role model to us all.


Dear year 6 children, 

I hope you and your families are all keeping very well. I cannot believe that we have just come to the end of our fifth week of not being in school. I think the time has gone by very quickly and every day seems to zoom past so fast, yet, it seems an age ago that we were all learning together in class. Luckily the weather has been on our side and we have all managed to get outside into our gardens or partake in  our daily exercise routines.

It has been lovely to hear from several children this week and for them to share with me what they have been up to and send me pictures of their home learning activities.

We all send Seth our birthday wishes as he celebrated his 11th birthday this week. 'Happy Birthday Seth' from myself and  all of Year 6. We all hope you had a lovely birthday.

I hope you are all managing to attempt some of your weekly home learning tasks and trying to keep up a good daily routine of work and play.

Below are  this weeks new learning tasks. I know it is very difficult to complete work without being in the classroom and having the usual teacher input into your learning but we will just have to try our best and do what we can during this period. Attempting some work will keep you in a good work routine for when you start your secondary school.

Again, if you need any clarification regarding your work or indeed you want to speak to me about anything at all then just get in touch via the year 6 email link above.

Take care and God bless to all of you.

Love from

Mrs Phelan


We are now in week 2 and the final week of our maths unit 'Properties of shapes.'

Hopefully you revised the properties of all 2-D and 3-D shapes from previous years and practised measuring and drawing angles with a protractor. If you still need more practise with this then keep working on it as using a protractor accurately is a key skill you will need for secondary school.


In our writing this half term we would have been learning about writing a balanced argument.

After looking at and completing the work below, I would like you to write a balanced argument with the heading 'Are zoos ethical?'

When we are back in class we will have debate sessions around topical issues whereby we will present our balanced arguments.


I was delighted to hear that one pupil has already begun to read our new class reciprocal reading text of Pax. I hope every body is using this time to read lots! When we do return to class I will be asking you about what you have been reading lately and which reads you would recommend to us. It would be brilliant if you could send me a picture of you reading your current 'good read.'

What about a picture of you reading somewhere 'unusual' or 'different' within your home and garden?

You should be continuing to learn the Year 5/6 key words spelling list.

Below are some SPAG exercises for you to do.


 If you have a copy of a children's Bible, read the stories of 'Breakfast by the lake' and 'Doubting Thomas.'

Use the critique phrases we use in class to assess the Doubting Thomas art work.

My eye is drawn to...

I really like the way...

My favourite part is...


So far in our new science unit we have looked at the heart and the circulatory system. Our key objectives within this unit are;

  • To identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood.

Our next objective is;

  • To describe ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals,

         including humans.

 This means learning about the digestive system in humans and animals.

 Read all of the labelling activities below and complete at least two of the labelling activities, one of the human digestive system and one on the animal digestive system ( the comparing digestive systems activity.)

Research yourself into the digestive systems of some animals. Draw a labelled diagram of the digestive system of a chosen animal.

Matthew has completed this wonderful report from one of this week's home learning tasks.
Parents might find these online links below useful for home learning opportunities.
Parents may find this document useful.
Leah has decorated her bedroom wall with her wonderful abstract art work.
Look at the super work Emily has shared with us.

More examples of super home learning and activities from year 6 families.

18th April 2020

Dear Year 6 children,

I hope you are all very well and have had an enjoyable Easter week. We have been so lucky to have had such beautiful weather to get into our gardens and get some sun and fresh air.

It has been lovely to hear from some pupils this week and to hear what they have been doing whilst at home. I have seen pictures of some super home learning activities.

We all send a big 'Happy Birthday' message to Alex Hopson who celebrated his 11th birthday on Friday. I hope you had a brilliant day with your family Alex.

We have all been told that schools remain  closed for the next three weeks so I am listing some new activities for you to do this coming week. I know that you and your family will have established a good daily routine by now.

Those of you who have not yet got in touch I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any queries about anything just email me.

Have a good week everybody.

Take care 

Love from 

Mrs Phelan



We are beginning a new Summer block of work. Our first unit is geometry - Properties of shape.

Revise the names and properties of all 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Revise how to measure angles using a protractor.  Revise how to draw angles using a protractor.



Below is the White Rose unit of work for the Year 6  Properties of shape unit.


I am really looking forward to reading our new class text when we return to school learning. Our Summer term reciprocal reading text is a book called Pax by Sara Pennypacker. It is a lovely story about the unbreakable bond between a boy and his fox.

In preparation for beginning our new text I would like you to research and produce a non-chronological report about foxes. Include pictures and diagrams in your work.

Complete the fox comprehension activity linked below.

Science links

Bringing in a science link, can you include some food chains involving a fox? Could you make a food web that would include a fox?

Geography links

The story of Pax is set in North America.

Locate North America on a map of the world.

Find out all you can about North America. Produce a mini project about North America. I have included some work sheets to include in your project. Draw the flag of the United stated and research its history. Compare the vocabulary of North America to their English version for example a sidewalk in American vocabulary is a pavement to us in the UK.



Read the Bible story On the Emmaus Road.

Retell the story as a story board or as a play script.

Look at the wonderful work our children have been doing.

12th April 2020

Dear Year 6 children,

A very Happy Easter to you all on this lovely Spring day.

I hope you and all your families are keeping very well and that you are enjoying your time together, keeping busy and exploring new interests.

It has only been three weeks but it seems such a long time since we were learning together in class. Hopefully we will be together again soon enjoying our learning once more. 

It has been lovely to hear from some children in Year 6 these past three weeks. They have been telling me about the things they have been up to at home and sharing with me pictures of their fantastic home learning. They have been doing a wide variety of tasks including art and craft activities, science experiments, nature watching, baking and sport skills. It is lovely to see their commitment and continuing enthusiasm towards their home learning.

I would love to hear from the rest of you. I would like to know that you are all well and I would be very interested to hear what you have all been up to these last three weeks.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

I have been enjoying working with children in school these last three weeks. We have been able to spend quality time doing lots of wonderful art and craft activities and they have produced some really beautiful work. I look forward to us doing lots of lovely art activities once we return to school.

I know it is your official Easter holiday this coming week so I will only add a couple of activities below that you may enjoy.

Once again, I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Easter holidays.

Take care and keep in touch.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan


4th April 2020

Dear Year 6 children,

Hello to you all. I hope that you and your families are very well during this difficult time.

I trust you are keeping active and busy and using your time wisely and productively. I am  looking forward to you all sharing your home learning with me, particularly any art and creative projects that you have been undertaking, once we return to school. I wonder if any of you managed to do any creative activities based around the theme of Spring garden habitats?

I look forward to finding out.

It is great that the weather is becoming warmer and the evenings are brighter and longer.

I am going into my garden at every opportunity. I hear that some pupils have been busy planting seeds and helping out in their own gardens.

It is important to appreciate the beauty of nature. I am doing  a garden bird survey to record how many different birds come into my garden each day. Now, due to the reduced traffic noise and indeed noise in general, it is amazing how much of nature you can actually hear especially bees and bird song particularly before dusk. Be still and listen. What do you hear?

I hope you will all enjoy the Spring weather safely.

Take care.

Love from

Mrs Phelan

Home learning ideas 6/4/20


Our new science unit is learning about the heart and the circulatory system. You have already

been given a task in your home learning folders to design a leaflet about how we can live a healthy lifestyle. Could you do some research on the heart and design a poster informing the reader how to look after their heart and keep it healthy.


As we are now in Holy Week, watch the clip on the home page from Father Darren and listen to his words.  Follow and take part in the Stations of the Cross with Father Darren.

Draw your own pictures to represent each Station of the Cross and write an appropriate prayer or intention to go with each Station.


 To read widely and record any recommended reads.

Continue to learn the Year 5/6 key words from the list in your home learning folder.

You might enjoy these English activities below;


You are now in the last week of our White Rose maths units on area, perimeter and ratio.

You may also enjoy the following maths activities on the pages below;

Mathew has shared his recent work. He is obviously enjoying his home learning.

Another thought provoking prayer to share with you by Jasmine.

Matthew has written a beautiful prayer that he would like to share with you all at this difficult time for us.

March 30th

Dear Year 6 children,

I hope you are all keeping well. It seems a long time since we were together in class yet it has only been just over a week. I miss our learning especially our daily reading lessons. I hope you are using your time to enjoy lots of reading. I look forward to sharing your recommended reads once we return to school.

Could I ask that you complete the reading survey.The link page is listed on the home Coronavirus news page.

I have spent a lot of time last week in my garden. The weather was lovely and I enjoyed looking at the signs of new life that are appearing. I was amazed at the number of beautiful bees and butterflies I saw. It seems to be very early in the year to see so many of them but I suppose this could be due to climate changes. I could see signs of birds building their nests from the bits of grasses and nest building materials that they had dropped on the ground.

As part of your home learning tasks why don't you begin a Spring garden watch survey and record the different species of birds, animals, insects and mini beasts that you see in your outside spaces.

Go into your garden and sketch the variety of leaves, buds and Spring flowers that you can see. Try to identify them. 'Press'examples of them.

Sketch the garden birds, animals, insects and mini beasts that you see. Produce fact files about each species.

Produce art work around them for example, paint them or produce a collage. Could you even sew a collage based around the habitat of a Spring garden?

Prepare a mini project entitled 'The Garden Habitat'. Include lots of drawings and interesting information and facts about the plants and creatures found there, including some 'Did you know?' facts. Could you include some garden food chains and food webs?

Write some poems about the plants and creatures of a Spring garden.

I hope you are enjoying your home learning tasks. If you have any questions then just email to the Year 6 page and I will answer them.

I look forward to talking to you all again soon. Take care.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan

Week commencing 30/3/20


To continue to learn the year 5/6 key spellings.


To continue to read widely and to complete your book review for recommended reads.


To continue with the White Rose maths units of area and perimeter and ratio.


Contemplate on your Lenten journey so far. Have you managed to keep the Lenten promises  you made? Could you write a prayer for the NHS staff ?


To continue with producing your healthy living leaflet task.

These are some sites you may wish to explore to assist in your home learning.