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Year 6 2018/19

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Homework 1st May 2019

The children will bring home a section of a reading test, a short grammar test and extracts from arithmetic and reasoning papers to attempt over the coming week.


SATs are almost upon us and at this time it is important to keep the children's brains ticking over without putting too much pressure on them. They are ready for the SATs and this will be the last piece of homework I will send home in preparation for them.


I am also sending home the papers from before Easter which I forgot to send then.


The next homework that the children will receive will be the scripts for this year's end of term production for the children to start familiarising themselves with in preparation for auditions after half term.

Residential 2019

The children were, as expected, absolutely marvellous during our recent residential visit to Northumberland. They thoroughly enjoyed the week and took part in all of the activities well. Once again there were complimented on their behaviour wherever they went and showed the qualities we expect of our children.

Please have a look through the pictures of each day's highlights.

Spellings 4th March

conscience   frequently   profession   variety   conscious

government   programme   vegetable   controversy   guarantee

pronunciation   vehicle   convenience   harass    queue

yacht   accommodation   correspondence   hindrance recognise

Spellings - 25th February

category   existence   opportunity   symbol   committee

explanation   parliament   system   communicate   familiar  

physical   temperature   community   foreign   prejudice

thorough   competition   forty   privilege   twelfth



Spellings 4th February

available    equipped    necessary    sincerely    average

equipment    neighbour    soldier    awkward    especially

nuisance    stomach    bargain    exaggerate    occupy

sufficient    bruise    excellent    occur    suggest

Spellings 28/1/19

amateur    determined    leisure    rhythm    ancient

develop    lightning    sacrifice    apparent    dictionary

marvellous    secretary   appreciate    embarrass    mischievous 

shoulder    attached    environment    muscle    sincere

Doncaster Holocaust Memorial Service

Year 6 attended Doncaster's annual Holocaust Memorial Service this morning during which they read out a poem by a Holocaust survivor. They listed to other children and adults make their contributions and were so well behaved, despite sitting on the floor for 2 hours. There are certain times where your admiration for our children has to grow and today was one of them, heartfelt thanks to you all for taking part so well.

Picture 1
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Picture 3

Spellings 21st January 

accommodate    correspond    hindrance    recognise    accompany

criticise    individual    recommend    according    curiosity

interfere    relevant    achieve    definite    interrupt

restaurant    aggressive    desperate    language    rhyme

Spellings - Monday 14th January 2019

coefficient   ocean   mansion   tissue   issued

crucial   especially   artificial   financial   racial

officially   facial   commercial   specialisation   socially


STEM - Day 5

Day 5 saw the children designing and making electrically powered cars which they then raced against one another. They had to select the best material, wheels and fan and then construct their car, adding an electrical circuit to power it. At the end of the day Volcanic were crowned the winners.

After the final challenge the awards were given to the winners of each of the challenges and teh class thanked Stuart for leading the fabulous week.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


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STEM - Day 4

Today saw the children exploring floating and sinking and building boats for different purposes. Firstly they had a to investigate objects that would float and sink and then learn how to build a boat from paper - and yes they floated!

Then they had to build a boat from tin foil and see whose would hold the most money before sinking. This unofficial challenge was won by The Three Quiffs. 

Then came the main challenge of the day - to build the quickest paddle boat. The children had to use the few pieces of equipment they had to make a paddle boat, whose hull was no longer than 15cm, which they then had to race against other teams. After a tense few rounds  The Three Quiffs found themselves up against The Competitive Cookies who continued their earlier successes by winning yet another challenge.

After the main event the we had a secondary challenge for best boys and best girls with The Competitive Cookies being beaten into second place by Solar Express in the girls race whilst in the boys The Three Quiffs continued their success with a win over Wild Rush. 


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STEM - Day 3

An action packed day with three different challenges.

First up was the Tower of Torture where the children had to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and jelly babies. This event was won by Motor Sport Men, building on their success from yesterday.

Then there was a bridge building competition in which the children had to build a bridge to support the weight of as many ball bearings as possible. This resulted in a tie between Dabbing Donkeys and Competitive Cookies whose bridges both held 340 ball bearings.

Finally there as bridge the gap where the children had to build a zip wire to save Benjamin Ted and once again Competitive Cookies lead the way with a super time of 0.66 seconds. 


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Wednesday 9th January Homework

Stem Day 2

Today the children's work focused on renewable energy and in their challenge they had to construct a windmill from Knex. Once they had all constructed their windmills they had to make a sail that would use as much of the energy available as possible. This was tested bu seeing what weight of marbles they would each be able to raise.

Today saw a victory for the boys with the winning windmill lifting 1.453kg, this was made by Motor Sport Men.


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Spring 2019 Parents Letter

Welcome Back

It was lovely to be back at school today and to welcome Stuart Bontoft in for the week to lead our STEM activities. Today the children have taken part in the F1 challenge and really enjoyed building and racing their cars. Yet again it was one of the girls' teams, The Dabbing Donkeys, who were victorious in both the fastest starter and fastest car events.


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Well done Year 6!

Well done for taking part in your first wet outdoor PE session. Remember to bring in clothing suitable for outdoor PE throughout the year. We may get wet but we will have fun!

Spellings - Monday 19th November

category   cemetery   committee   communicate   community

competition   conscience   conscious   controversy   convenience

correspond   criticise   curiosity   definite   desperate   

Trip to The Wilberforce Museum

Year 6 visited The Wilberforce Museum to find out about the man who lead the campaign for the abolition of slavery. They were, once again, a credit to the school as they listened to Rebecca guide them through the morning. They were respectful of the artefacts that they were allowed to handle and asked great questions to deepen their understanding. 

Yet again they encountered some painful aspects of history and dealt with this in a superb way.

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Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Black History Month Projects

Thank you to those who have already brought in their topics, some of which are really impressive, and a polite request for those who have not yet brought them in to do so.


Homework will be sent home on Wednesday this week as normal.

Spellings for 5 November

referring   preferring   transferring   referred   preferred

transferred   reference   preference   transference   referee

referencing   refereeing   refereed   referenced


In recognition of the class' hard work and excellent response to yesterday's visit (as well as missing our normal homework day) I will not be setting any homework this week. PLease reminder that the children's personal topics are due in by the end of the month.

Beth Shalom

Year 6 visited Beth Shalom, The National Holocaust Centre, as part of their topic, 'Should secrets from the past be shared with the world?' They met and listened to the story of Bob Norton, a refugee of the chaos caused by the Nazis in Europe prior to World War 2. They also followed the journey of Leo, a child in the Kindertransport, on his journey from Germany to England. 

The children were superb throughout the day and were a real credit to St Peter's, I couldn't have been more proud of the way they conducted themselves. Thanks also to Mrs Fisher and Mrs Gagala for supporting us on the visit.

Diversity Week

Year 6 enjoyed a session on Chinese Calligraphy and decided that it was much easier to write numbers in the traditional English way.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Year 6 Class Liturgies

Each Friday different children have lead a liturgy in class - they have planned them in their time and delivered some very thoughtful sessions. Well done!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spellings for 15 October

adorably   applicably   considerably   tolerably   changeably 

noticeably   forcibly   legibly   dependably   comfortably

understandably   reasonably   enjoyably   reliably   possibly


Homework for Wednesday 10th October

Spellings for 8th October

adorable  applicable  considerable  tolerable  changeable

noticeable  forcible  legible  dependable  comfortable 

understandable  reasonable  enjoyable  reliable  possible

Thank You

Thank you to all those who came to parents evening last week, it was good to meet the you all. 


Sorry for not getting the spellings and homework on the website last week. Normal service has resumed!

Spellings 24/9/18

observant   expectant   hesitant   tolerant   innocent

decent   frequent   confident   assistant   obedient

independent   patient   recent   distant   instant   

Parents Evenings

Apologies for anyone who wished to meet me on Thursday 4th October but I am unable to do a parents evening due to a prior commitment. I will, however, be available after school on Friday 5th October instead. I look forward to meeting you all at the parents evenings.

Spellings 17/9/18

official   special   artificial   confidential   essential   initial   financial   provincial

circumstantial   consubstantial   millennial   celestial   pictorial   tutorial

Week 1's Homework Overview

Spellings - 10 September

vicious     precious    conscious    delicious    malicious    suspicious    ambitious    cautious

fictitious    infectious    nutritious    ferocious    judicious    fractious   incautious 

Autumn Letter 2018

Please read the attached letter, a hard copy will be sent home,

Year 6 Overview

The attached document gives an overview of the topics for the coming year.

Welcome to Year 6

I hope that you have all had a good summer holiday and are looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead in Year 6. Let's make sure that we are all ready for next Tuesday so we can hit the ground running.

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World Book Day

Year 6 enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters for the delayed World Book Day event. Even Mr D joined in the fun this year!

STEM - DAY 2: F1 Challenge

Today the children have built and raced F1 cars. The cars, powered by CO2, reached speeds of 50mph over the hall floor in the event which was won by SML. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

STEM - Day 1

STEM Ambassador, Stuart Bontoft, lead Year 6 in their first STEM challenge of the year - designing and making an electrically powered car. The children worked in groups of three with Team RIC winning the day's challenge of producing the quickest car. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to turning their attention to their F1 Challenge tomorrow.


Following on from the school disco Year 6 enjoyed a sleepover in school. They watched a DVD, took part in some drama, had a late night walk around school and listened to some stories. Some of the girls tried to talk their way through the night, and three succeeded! There was early morning  table tennis and hot chocolate and toast for breakfast.

Overall it was an excellent evening and thanks go to Mrs Groarke for ensuring everyone got some breakfast, as Mr Dent forgot last year!

Natural Disasters

We have been looking at natural disasters and these are some of the homework tasks that have been brought in so far.

Holocaust Memorial Service

Year 6 visited Doncaster Museum and took part in the Doncaster Holocaust Memorial Service. They told the gathering of their experience at Beth Shalom where they met Bernard Grumberg, a survivor of The Kindertrasnport.

The children's behaviour was exemplary and many of those that gathered commented positively about them.


Year 6 support Children in Need

Along with the rest of the school Year 6 have come to school dressed in spots to support the BBC Children in Need appeal.

Picture 1

Music for Youth Prom

St Peter's joined other schools from across South Yorkshire in making a massed ensemble which performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London. It was a very long day for the children, as well as their families and staff, but all involved had an amazing day.

"Best school trip ever!" - Isobel    "Funfair Feeling!" - Orlaith  

"Too pretty to be true." - Enaya  "Royal as Royal." - Vanessa

"Nerve racking!" - Jack 


Remembrance Assembly

Year 6 lead our assembly on Remembrance and the cross is becoming more covered with the names of our families as we say thank you to them for their courage.

Picture 1
Picture 2