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Welcome to Year 5!


Classroom staff

Mrs Young: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

Mrs Johnson:

Thursday, Friday. 

Learning support assistant: Mrs Sunderland


Please keep checking the website for important information and updates on all the exciting learning that will be taking place this year.



Monday - Outdoor

Thursday - Swimming (begins 13th February)

Please ensure correct kit is brought into school for PE days.



Reading books should be brought into school each day and a record of any home reading recorded in the reading diary. This does not need to be restricted to their school reading book and many children will now be moving off the reading scheme onto 'free reading'.  All children are encouraged to read widely and develop a love of reading. Here is a small selection of suggested, age appropriate texts.


Spellings will be sent home every week to practise.  Children will be tested on their spellings on a Thursday afternoon.


An overview of the learning which will be taking place this year can be found on the documents below.




These are the home learning choices for this half term.  As part of home learning, children are expected to read at home every night.  In addition, spellings will be sent home weekly to practise and to complete additional spelling investigations and activities.  Occasionally, children may be given Maths or home learning linked to other curriculum subjects, to support them further.  If you have any queries about home learning, please speak to Mrs Young or Mrs Johnson.

Sky Song artwork

Sky Song artwork 1
Sky Song artwork 2
Sky Song artwork 3
Look at the beautiful artwork we produced based on the character 'Balapan' from 'Sky Song'



Our Christmas cards look really effective!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



We really enjoyed our Autumn Term history topic on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  Doesn't our classroom look amazing with all our wonderful learning?




We worked in pairs and groups to research Viking gods and create a top trump game!



We used art to explore the story of the Visitation, when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4




In English, we used the book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' by Joe Todd-Stanton. This beautifully illustrated book contains the story of Arthur , 'the unlikeliest of heroes' and his incredible adventure to the Norse World. Throughout the story Arthur shows bravery and resilience in the face of fierce criticism and danger. The book is full of adventure, excitement, magic and fun! We enjoyed lots of drama and speaking and listening activities before writing our own version of Arthur's journal.





Fr Darren came into class to help us with our RE work on the Sacrament of Matrimony


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



In RE we learned about the Jewish festival of Passover and why it is such an important festival for Jews.  To help us, we recreated the Passover meal.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5



In English, to link with our Anglo Saxon topic, we used a beautiful picture book called 'The Princess who hid in a tree' by Jackie Holderness, to support our writing.

This book tells the incredible story of St Friedeswide, the patron saint of Oxford. Her shrine is in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, where Jackie Holderness is the Education Officer. 

We wrote our own version of the story in the form of an information leaflet for children who might visit the Cathedral and sent these to Jackie.

Shortly afterwards, we were delighted to receive a reply, and we were thrilled that our work is being shared with visitors, as intended.


 A copy of the response from Jackie Holderness and a powerpoint she provided for the children are attached below:


Dear Ms Young,

I was extremely touched to receive your letter with its encouraging words and to read the children’s beautifully illustrated and well-presented work.

Please thank your wonderful class for their truly magnificent recounts of St Frideswide’s story! Their use of language (strong verbs, powerfully evocative adjectives and creative descriptions) suggests to me that many of them may grow up to become writers themselves. In fact, I thought many of the phrases they used were a distinct improvement on my own telling of the story. Well done, all round!


I am sure St Frideswide would be delighted to think she is known of in Doncaster, especially as she had been somewhat neglected here in her own county for several years. My main reason for writing the book was to introduce her to local children but of course her story has a lot to teach us all, wherever we may live.


Please give my warmest wishes to the children and tell them I have shown their work to lots of teachers and children, all of whom have praised their creativity, artwork and handwriting!


I am holding you all in my prayers and thoughts.


With very best wishes,





Year 5 were thrilled and delighted this week to receive a beautiful, hand written letter from Abi Elphinstone, author of our current class text ‘Sky Song’.  The letter was in response to character descriptions and artwork of the Ice Queen which we sent to her.  We loved her comments that our descriptions of the Ice Queen were ‘magnificent’, that we ‘invented some brilliant atmospheric phrases’ and that our writing ‘crackled with imagination’! She also have us some top tips for being a writer.  In addition, Abi kindly sent each child in the class a signed bookmark.  We have all become huge fans of Abi Elphinstone and some of us are reading her other stories such as ‘The Dream Snatcher’ and ‘Rumblestar’.  More details can be found on


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



On Friday 27th September, Year 5 enjoyed an educational visit to Danelaw, at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming just outside York. This is a recreation of a Dark Age village, which allowed us to become fully immersed in the Viking way of life and learn more about their role as sailors, raiders, traders, settlers, farmers and craftsmen.

We were provided with period costumes and participated in a range of engaging and interactive learning experiences, which helped us to fully understand what life was like in Viking times.  These included farming, pottery, bread making and even defending the village from invading Saxons!

The adults were our slaves…and at lunchtime poor Mrs Young was punished, until she was eventually rescued!





Our class text this half term is 'Sky Song' by Abi Elphinstone.  We are really enjoying this beautiful story, which is set in an imaginary snowy kingdom at the edge of the Arctic Circle.  It is a story full of magic and adventure! As well as using the story in our reading lessons, we used it as a stimulus for some beautiful descriptive writing.  We used the language from the text to create our own images of the evil Ice Queen.  After practising sentence structure and other writing skills, we wrote our first extended piece this week - a character description of the Ice Queen.  These have been sent to the author to let her know how much we are enjoying her story and how it has inspired our creativity and learning.  Some of our beautiful work is shared below.


Lots of children are expressing an interest in reading more Abi Elphinstone stories.  Find out more about her and her work here: