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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!


Classroom staff: Mrs Phelan


Learning support assistants: 

  • Mrs Wilson
  • Miss Hughes
  • Mr Wells
  • Mrs Sunderland
  • Mrs Fisher


Please keep checking the website for important information and updates on all the exciting learning that will be taking place this year.



If your child needs to isolate at home due to covid, you can access work for them online via:


Our topics for this term are

  • Topic - Anglo Saxons and Vikings
  • Science - The Solar System
  • Maths - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Statistics



Monday - Indoor

Wednesday - Outdoor

Swimming (begins in 6th January 2022 - March)


Please ensure PE kit is worn to school for PE days.




Reading books should be brought into school each day and a record of any home reading recorded in the reading diary. This does not need to be restricted to their school reading book and many children will now be moving off the reading scheme onto 'free reading'.  All children are encouraged to read widely and develop a love of reading. Here is a small selection of suggested, age appropriate texts.


Library books will be allocated every Tuesday. Please ensure these books are returned to school the following Tuesday for changing if required.




Spellings will be given on a Monday and should be taken home every week to practise.  Children will be tested on their spellings on a Friday morning.



Class overview

An overview of the learning which will be taking place this year can be found on the documents below.

Home Learning - Anglo Saxons and Vikings topic work

Annalise and Jenson have been very busy and creative over the half term holidays making Anglo - Saxon and Viking swords and shields with the help of their grandads.

 They are super examples and so realistic! Very well done and thank you Grandads for your help and enthusiasm in our topic work.

 Alex has also been busy over the last few days making a Viking helmet with the help from his childminder. Well done for the effort that was put into making it. It is truly amazing and again, it is so realistic!

Friday 8th October 2021 - Danelaw (Murton Park, York)


On Friday 8th October, Year 5 set out to Murton Park in York for an exciting day of living like Vikings.  The children had an amazing time and took part in many activities. They tried their hand at milling grain, gathering firewood (to the uncompromising standards of the Lord of the village) and making oil pots.  The afternoon brought fun in the form of field ploughing and guard duty.  We learned how to march, chant and pull really frightening faces to guard the village and fend off would be attackers. Sitting in the dark of the Longhouse, surrounded by smoke from the fire really brought home the experience of being a child in a Viking village.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves with many saying they would to visit again and were sure their siblings would also enjoy the day.


Murton Park in York run a variety of activities and experiences in their grounds and museums.  They cover topics suited to pre-historic times, Roman times, Viking times and the WW2 Homefront. During the summer holidays they dedicate a week at a time to fully exploring one of these topics.

This weekend (16th /17th October) they are running a Viking re-enactment weekend.

Their website has full details of what activities they have happening and when

Friday 1st October


Today saw the year 5 and year 6 children pay a visit to the theatre production of 'Too Big, Too Loud'. This was a performance organised by CAST and performed in a 'pop-up' theatre located outside the indoor market area in the town centre.  We had a lovely walk into town, and managed to avoid any rain which we were all happy about. 

The children really enjoyed the performance and we all got involved by singing the song 'Chips!'


Inuit Home Learning Task


We have received some beautiful, colourful and informative home learning on the Inuits, as part of our reciprocal reading book 'Sky Song'.  The children seem to be very interested in this topic and it shows in their work. We have received a variety of posters, booklets and information sheets, decorated with thoughtful and creative artwork. There were so many large pieces that we have had to utilise the space outside classroom to get everything on display!

Well done Year 5, this is a great effort.

Sacrament of Marriage


Father Darren came into school to talk to us about the Sacrament of Marriage. He went  through the marriage service with us and we had a bride and groom, best man and chief bridesmaid.

It was a joyful lesson!



As part of our English and topic work on the Anglo-Saxons, we produced picture books of the Anglo-Saxon myth Beowulf.


We read our books to Year 2 pupils and they thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story.


Year 5 children were excellent writing role models to the Year 2 children.