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Year 5

Friday 1st April


Well, we have reached the end of a very long and challenging term. It seems ages since we returned after the Christmas holiday and immediately went into lockdown!

This last week of term has seen Year 5 fully settle back into the routines of school life, and we have had a wonderful week of learning and Easter activities.  In Maths, we continue to challenge ourselves with fractions and in English we all wrote inspirational speeches (inspired by Malala Yousafzai) on how we would change the world.  It is wonderful to see the children with so many incredible ideas on how they could make a difference. 

On Wednesday, we delivered our Holy Week Liturgy on the Garden of Gethsemane, which was beautiful.  It gave everyone a few minutes of much needed stillness, prayer and reflection. 

We have also made Easter cards and Easter baskets, which have been filled with Easter treats. 

Parents evening is on Thursday 29th April, between 1.15pm and 5pm (via Microsoft Teams)  If you require an appointment for parents evening, please e-mail us on  I will be scheduling the appointments via Microsoft Teams on the first Monday back after the Easter holiday.

Doncaster Book Awards is in its final year and is holding a launch event via YouTube on Monday 12th April at 9:30am-10:15am. It can be viewed via:  as well as through

This is a great event, aimed at encouraging wider reading among children aged 7+

One of the presenters is the TV presenter Claire Balding, who has also written some children's books.  If you would like to ask her a question, please send it to me via the class e-mail before 7th April, and I will pass it on.

Well done to our certificate winners Tiffany and Nathanael, and to Lauren who was the class winner of the decorated egg Easter competition. 

Finally, we wish you a very happy and holy Easter.  We hope it is filled with chocolate, sunshine, laughter and all the things that make you happy. Have a good rest, so that you return on the 19th April full of enthusiasm for the Summer Term.

Best wishes 

Mrs Young, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Sunderland x




Welcome to Year 5!


Classroom staff

Mrs Young: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

Mrs Johnson:

Thursday, Friday. 

Learning support assistants: Mrs Hamilton/Mrs Sunderland


Please keep checking the website for important information and updates on all the exciting learning that will be taking place this year.



Monday/Thursday - Outdoor

Swimming (begins after Easter - Wednesday)

Please ensure PE kit is worn to school for PE days.



Reading books should be brought into school each day and a record of any home reading recorded in the reading diary. This does not need to be restricted to their school reading book and many children will now be moving off the reading scheme onto 'free reading'.  All children are encouraged to read widely and develop a love of reading. Here is a small selection of suggested, age appropriate texts.


Spellings will be sent home every week to practise.  Children will be tested on their spellings on a Friday morning


An overview of the learning which will be taking place this year can be found on the documents below.





If you are absent from school due to illness/self isolating, here are some educational websites that you might wish to access (if you are feeling well enough!)


If you wish to contact a member of staff about your home learning activities, please contact us via e-mail on


Our beautiful Christmas cards

Christmas Dinner 16th December 2020

Zoom Santa 15th December

Our lovely classroom

As the end of term approaches, we thought it would be nice for you to see our beautiful classroom, which celebrates all the wonderful learning we have done this term.

RE The Visitation

In RE this week, we enjoyed using art to explore the story of the Visitation, where Mary visited her cousin, Elizabeth.

Doncaster Stories Reading Challenge Quiz

Congratulations to Year 5, who participated in the Doncaster Stories reading challenge quiz.  We did brilliantly, winning 20 new books for our school.  We also enjoyed the Tom Gates drawing session.  Well done - what amazing readers and illustrators.

Fr Darren's visit to class

Today we welcomed Fr. Darren into class, who spoke to us about the Sacrament of Marriage.

The Mayflower/Thanksgiving Doncaster Stories Zoom session

On Thursday 26th November, to coincide with Tkanksgiving Day in the USA, we enjoyed another fabulous session via Zoom with Phil Sheppard from Doncaster Stories.  Phil is also the author and illustrator of ‘Discover Mayflower: Journey to the New World’.  


The session involved a short talk about being the author and illustrator of the book and the fascinating local history involved, followed by a short illustration workshop.  Following this, Phil led the children in writing a rhyming couplet on the subject of ‘Thanksgiving’  This also linked with well being, enabling children to think about being grateful to those around them (family, friends, school workers, NHS etc).


The rhyming couplets from all of the participating schools’ will be compiled into a poem, and then published into a video.


Another fantastic engaging afternoon from the wonderful team at Doncaster Stories.



The Lost Spells

We were so proud to receive a beautiful certificate for our contribution to the video mentioned below.

The Lost Spells

As you may be aware, Year 5 have been involved with a wonderful project with Doncaster Stories.  This is a project to purchase a copy of a beautiful poetry book called 'The Lost Spells' for every primary school in Doncaster.  As part of this, our Year 5 children were involved in the production of a video, which shows the power of the poetry in this book.  They also had the opportunity to talk to the author and illustrator via a recent Zoom session. We hope you will be able to support the project in some way, however small.  Please take the time to watch the video, featuring our Year 5 children via this link, which also provides more details about this fantastic and worthwhile project.  It is also available on the Doncaster Stories Facebook page. We are so proud of Year 5 and their enthusiasm, interest and engagement with poetry as part of this. 

We enjoyed using drama techniques to explore an extract of the story 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. We used this to help us consider the intentions of the author.


During Judaism week in RE, we studied the Jewish festival of Passover (Pesach).  During Passover, Jewish people remember the story of Exodus when Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.  The name ‘Passover’ comes from the belief that the angel of death (danger) ‘passed over’ the houses of the Israelites, leaving them unharmed.  It is an important festival for Jews, and they gather with their families for a celebratory meal. 

The Seder plate is an important part of the Passover meal, and the food on the plate is symbolic of different parts of the Exodus story.

At Passover, Jews thank God for their freedom and ask him to protect those who are still enslaved throughout the world.  It is a joyful occasion, full of hope and of thankfulness to God for His protection, guidance and sustenance.


Well done Oliver and Ben, who are this week's certificate winners for their wonderful contributions in RE lessons.

Question and Answer session with Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris

On Wednesay 4th November, we were lucky enough to participate in a live session via Zoom with the creators of the hugely popular books, The Lost Words and The Lost Spells. This was organised by Doncaster Stories and included children from a number of different Doncaster primary schools.


During the live session, author Robert Macfarlane and illustrator Jackie Morris performed poems from their new book and answered questions from each participating school.  The video of Doncaster schools (which includes us!) performing ‘Jackdaw’ was premiered.


It was a fantastic opportunity and we were delighted to take part.






Home learning

Some more lovely home learning from Year 5.

Nathanael has made a Viking shield (he loved it so much, he also made an extra one for his little brother!) and created an informative powerpoint presentation on Venus.

Hugo has produced this lovely oil painting of the planets and a fabulous poem about the Moon. 

Patrick has done some excellent research on the planets and produced a very well presented information leaflet.

Jaiden and his little sister enjoyed making poppy wreaths, a poster and poppy garland for Remembrance Day

Home learning photos

More fantastic home learning from Sophia, Oliver, Jared, Isabella, Alfie and Lauren.

Home Learning photos

Over the past few days, we have received more wonderful home learning from the class.

Aidan planned, designed and created a fabulous Viking shield, and created some detailed work on constellations he observed near his house.

Dorian has also created a very impressive shield.

Adam has done some research into Viking gods and different aspects of Space.  He too has produced a striking shield. 

Lauren has created an Anglo-Saxon crossword.  Hopefully, we will have time to share this with the class.

Well done everyone!

Home learning from Alfie and Jackson

Alfie and Jackson have made some excellent Viking shields.  Well done boys!

More home learning!

This week, we have received some lovely pieces of home learning.  Luca has created a fabulous Viking shield and an information leaflet about Saturn, which contains some interesting facts. Jaiden has produced an informative presentation about the Moon, Isabella has written an excellent film review of ET, and Belle has written some facts about Mercury and Venus, which she learned from a YouTube clip.  Well done everyone!

Jaiden has produced a very informative powerpoint on the Anglo-Saxons.

Patrick has researched Anglo-Saxon gods and goddesses.


As part of National Poetry Day, Year 5 are involved with a wonderful project with Doncaster Stories.  We enjoyed exploring and reciting the poem 'Jackdaw' from a beautiful book called The Lost Spells by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris  Here is a sneak preview of our performance!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



We had a wonderful, educational visit to Danelaw on Friday 9th October. After an introductory talk, we became fully immersed in the Viking way of life.  We ploughed the field, learned about Viking homes, ground wheat to make flour, collected firewood, did pottery and practised guard duty. This came in very handy, when we had to defend our village from an Anglo-Saxon that afternoon!

All children showed enormous interest and enthusiasm, and were complimented by the staff for their fantastic conduct.  Well done Year 5 - it was a memorable day of learning!

Investigating Anglo-Saxon place names




On Monday afternoon, Year 5 participated in a virtual Roald Dahl day activity via Zoom. This was organised by Doncaster Stories, a fabulous project which is working hard to further engage children with reading. It involved a fun, interactive Roald Dahl themed quiz, drawing and poetry. Two other classes from Doncaster schools participated and we won lots of Roald Dahl books for our school! Thank you to Doncaster Stories for inviting us to take part.




We had a fantastic first day back in school yesterday and it was so lovely to see everyone. We used a beautiful book called 'Imagine a Day' to write a poem - all about the power of our wonderful imaginations. Everyone worked hard and did their very best.  There were some incredible ideas and amazing language! Here is a small selection.