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Year 5 - Home Learning

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Hello again Year 5. 

Well, we have reached the end of the school year, and this will be your last message from us.  We are all taking a well deserved break, so after today we will not be accessing the class e-mail.

Thank you for everything.  You are an amazing class and despite the difficulties and challenges we have faced, we look back on the year with so many happy memories of our time together.  We have loved teaching you enormously. You have also shown such enthusiasm and engagement with your learning, both in school and at home. A big thank you to parents who have always provided encouragement and support – it has been greatly appreciated. We have also been really touched by your kind, thoughtful end of year messages, cards and gifts.  Once again these have been very much valued and appreciated.

Thank you also to those children who were able to participate in the class Zoom session on Tuesday.  It was so lovely to see you all virtually and share our memories of the year. If you have not already done so, please try to collect your books from the hall by 2.30pm on Friday.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer with your families.  We hope it is filled with sunshine, fun, laughter and friendship. Take time to rest, read and do the things that make you happy! A very special mention to those members of our class who will be celebrating their 10th birthdays over the summer: - Tristan, Luumuno, Ebube, Ava and Josh.  We hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating and we will be thinking of you.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all when you return to school in September and go into Year 6.  At least you are just next door! Below is a lovely message from Mrs Phelan welcoming you to your new class. 

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

With love and best wishes to you all,

Mrs Young, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Sunderland xxx


Dear Year 5 children,

I just wanted to let you how much I am looking forward to seeing you and teaching you all in September. We have got some really exciting and interesting topics to cover and many wonderful books to read and enjoy together. 

I look forward to hearing all about your news and what you have been up to since March. I know from talking to Mrs Young that you have been completing some beautiful home learning activities. It will be great to see how your work has progressed since I taught you in Year 3.

I wish you all a lovely Summer holidays. 

I look forward to seeing your lovely, smiling faces in September.

Take care and God bless.

Love from 

Mrs Phelan



Year 5 Home Learning - a video review

Still image for this video



In addition to the home learning below, I would be most grateful if children could complete the attached questionnaire with adult support.  It will allow us to gain the opinions of the children about their experiences in Year 5 and help us to reflect on and adapt our planning for next year.  If adults wish to make any additional comments, they are most welcome.

The questionnaire can be downloaded, typed up and emailed back to us.  Alternatively, print it off, write your comments and send us a picture of it.  Another option is to return it to school when you collect exercise books next week.


Many thanks for your co-operation.

Mrs Young


Year 5 End of Year Questionnaire



Hello again Year 5.  We hope you and your families are all continuing to keep safe and well.

This week, Mrs Johnson and I have continued to enjoy working with the KS2 key worker children, and Mrs Sunderland is enjoying working with one of the Y6 groups.

Underneath this message is your home learning for next week. There is not as much as usual as this is the last week of term.  What a strange school year this has been! Under normal circumstances, we would have been enjoying our final week together with lots of fun end of term activities.  We all feel incredibly sad that we were not able to spend the full year with you. 

So that we can have a final ‘goodbye’ we will be having a Year 5 meeting via Zoom on Tuesday 7th July at 2pm.  The Year 5 children who are in school that day will be able to sit with me or Mrs Johnson. Mrs Butler in the school office has e-mailed your adults the meeting ID and password.  If you have not received this, please contact the school office or contact us via the Year 5 e-mail and we will forward it on to you.  There are a few ‘rules’ associated with using Zoom, as follows:

  • The login details must not be forwarded to anyone not in our class under any circumstances.
  • An adult must be present in the room with you during the session.
  • During the meeting, I will control the microphone, so that you cannot all talk at once.

If adults have any queries about the Zoom session, please let me know.


Y5 exercise books will be available to collect from school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week.  Please call the school office as you are approaching school, so that staff can place the books in the collection box located at the top of the ramp outside the hall doors.  Any books not collected by the end of next week will be disposed of. Any large items of home learning (eg Viking shields) will be kept by me and will be available for collection when you return to school in September.


Your end of year reports will be e-mailed shortly, and they were a pleasure to write!  You are all wonderful and we have been so impressed with your continued engagement with your home learning.  We look forward to seeing you in September!


Finally, I apologise that Times Tables Rockstars is no longer available.  We had a free subscription/trial for the school closure period, which has now ended.  I know many of you found this a really useful resource, so hopefully it will start back up again in September, ready for the new academic year.


Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the week ahead.  Let's hope the sunshine returns!

With love and best wishes to you all,

Mrs Young, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Sunderland xxx



Year 5 Home Learning week commencing 6.7.20

Elena has written a very informative biography on Charles Darwin.

Year 5 Home Learning week commencing 6.7.20


Please continue with White Rose home learning.  Week 7, week commencing 8th June




Please continue with the work from last week on researching a famous naturalist.

Why not try some of these Science experiments at home?


Year 5 Home Learning week commencing 29.6.20

Year 5 Home Learning week commencing 29.6.20

English: Reading - The story of Icarus

Year 5 Home Learning week commencing 22.6.20

Year 5 Home Learning week commencing 22.6.20

English - writing


Please follow the instructions on this week's home learning sheet.

Y5 Home Learning week commencing 15.6.20

Erin has written an excellent story about Donny Dog as part of last week's Doncaster Stories writing challenge.

Elena has written a beautiful prayer as part of this week's RE home learning.  It thanks and praises God for the wonders of creation.



Year 5 Home Learning week commencing 15.6.20

English - writing

Doncaster Libraries Summer Reading Challenge

Doncaster Libraries recently launched their Summer Reading Challenge 2020. This year they are celebrating funny books, happiness and laughter - just what the world needs right now!


This week’s Maths home learning covers areas of rectangles and fractions.

Everything you need is online on the websites below and there are 5 lessons, one for each day. Each lesson includes an explanatory video. 

Please note that White Rose Hub no longer provide the activity sheets and as a school, we do not have the premium subscription required. However, supporting resources can be accessed via BBC Bitesize. Click on the link to BBC Bitesize and then click on the Year 5 link.  I have indicated below the Maths lesson you will need to access.


It is really important that you are on

Summer Term Week 4 (w/c 11th May)

We are a little bit behind! If another week appears, close it down using the  - symbol.  The menu will appear and you can click on the correct week.

The lessons are:

  1. Area of Rectangles.  BBC Bitesize Link: 11th May
  2. Equivalent Fractions: BBC Bitesize Link: 12th May
  3. Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa: BBC Bitesize link: 13th May
  4. Comparing and ordering fractions: BBC Bitesize link: 14th May
  5. Friday challenge: BBC Bitesize Link: 15th May


Year 5 Home Learning Week commencing 8.6.20

Elena has completed this informative power point on pollution as part of her RE work.

YEAR 5 HOME LEARNING Week commencing 8.6.20



First of all, please complete the assessment on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.  It is a really useful way of recapping everything you have learned.


The rest of this week’s Maths home learning will consolidate some of the other concepts we have previously covered – multiplication, division, and perimeter.

Everything you need is online on the website below and there are 5 lessons, one for each day. Each lesson includes an explanatory video and activity sheet.


It is really important that you are on

Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

We are a little bit behind! If another week appears, close it down using the  - symbol.  The menu will appear and you can click on the correct week.

The lessons are:

  1. Multiplying 2-digit numbers
  2. Multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits
  3. Division with remainders
  4. Perimeter
  5. Friday challenge

RE - Universal Church

Year 5 Home Learning Week 11 1.6.20

Year 5 home learning week 9

As well as the weekly activities set out above, attached are a list of online resources suitable for home learning.  There are an increasing number of activities to support parents now, so this list will be continually added to.  In addition, please keep an eye on the school's Twitter feed @stpetersdon for regular updates.



Another great resource from Doncaster Stories to support home learning: