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Year 4 - Home Learning

Spring Home Learning

Daily expectations during this time.

Take time to do some reading.

Practice your times tables.

Take some exercise.

Find out at least one new fact.

Share a game with someone.

Should any parent or guardian have any questions about the work that I have set, then I can be contacted  at  


I will do my best to answer any questions and reply as soon as I can.

Many thanks

Mr Wynne

Day 12

A steady day today. I received photos of your work which I have loaded onto our page. It is great to see that you are working hard. Work for next week is finalised and I have decided that I will not be setting anything for the following week, the week we should be on holiday. I will however keep the daily updates.  If anyone has a new fact then email them to me and I will try to include the most intriguing on each daily update. I hope that you are keeping safe, being sensible and behaving. Have a nice weekend.

Day 11

It has been nice to receive some photos of your work today. I have been busy loading your work tasks for next week and replying to emails. Once again, a dry day but cold, wishing for more heat like last week. Fingers crossed. Keep safe.

Day 10

A quieter day today, as I was in school with key worker pupils. Time to reflect on how empty the school is without our pupils. I do hope you are all being sensible. The work for next week will begin to be uploaded from tomorrow so please don't be tempted to start it you have enough to do for the rest of this week. Parents, if you have any pictures of your child's work that you wish to be put onto the web page then please feel free to email them to me and I will try to include them on our page. 

Day 9

I hope your are all still safe and feeling good. If you are unable to down load or print any of the work then copy what you can into your books. For comprehensions write the answers, Reciprocal Reading do as we do in class, RE can be answered in your books and you can write your Amazon journey into your book. The maths booklet is pages 1-7 only and again write any workings into your book with your answers. I do try to use activities that can be done without down printing excessive amounts. Today has again been unsettled weather wise with low temperatures and clouds threatening rain. Remember to help with little jobs in the house and to behave. I have too!

Day 8

A day of unsettled weather so fewer chances to get out into the garden today. I hope you are all feeling good and are trying to get through the tasks that I have set. Remember, don't over do the study, short bursts spread out over the week. Be sensible, keep safe and behave.

Here is a maths link to follow should you wish to. Some of the work over the next few weeks will cover this.


Also Mrs Young has asked me, to ask you the parents and pupils to complete the following questionaire:

Days 6 and 7

Well the weekend has been an gone. Again the weather way dry but the temperatures dropped and the wind was freezing. BRRR. Looks like a good forecast for the coming week. Dry at least. Work has been set to complete over the week. Please don't try to do it all at once, space it out. Be sensible and keep safe.

Day 5

Another good day on the weather front. The forecast over the next few days is colder but dry. Have a great weekend and be patient with everyone.

Day 4

We are being spoilt so far with the weather so keep making the most of it. I have heard that it is to get colder and possibly rain at the weekend. Keep checking for additions to the work. The maths task for next week is to complete pg 1-7. Keep safe and be responsible. 

Day 3

Been into school today. The sun has been shining again! I am thinking of loading next weeks work up asap due to the problems of loading things up. DO NOT ACCESS IT BEFORE NEXT WEEK PLEASE AS SOME THINGS MAY CHANGE.

Day 2

Well, it's sunny again. Make the most of it as the weather cannot be guaranteed to last! Get in the garden and exercise. I have been trying to load this message since 8 o'clock this morning so please be aware that if work is not loaded in time or messages posted then I am doing my best to keep you updated.

Day 1

Following a lovely weekend of sunny weather it is still fine today although there was a keen frost this morning. I hope that you are all in good spirits. Be sensible and keep safe.

Art: Draw your own costume for Ben's mum to make for his ballroom dancing. What theme would it have?


Spelling Frame: Spelling Rule 12 - The suffix –ous (2 of 2)


Maths: Fractions:

BBC Bitesize: Maths- key stage 2 - Fractions - How to add and subtract fractions - Unit and non-unit fractions

Do 10 questions of your own.


Maths Frame: Top Marks Maths - 7-11 - Fractions - Equality

Do 10 equivalent fractions of your own.


Science: Electricity

On You tube - type in electricity y4

Watch - Introduction to Electricity- video for kids

Watch - Electrical Circuits - Series and Parallel -For Kids

Write down what you have learnt.