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Year 3

Year 3  2021-2022

Welcome to Year3.


Mrs Allen is excited about the new adventures she will be sharing with you in Year 3. 

We have lots of exciting things planned for you and are sure that we will have a wonderful year together. 


Classroom staff:  Mrs Allen    Mrs Lewis   Mr Wells   Mrs Pennington



 Class e-mail

Any queries should be directed to Mrs Allen via the class


For urgent matters, please contact the school office.



Home reading books: Please ensure your child reads every day at home. If they come home with the same book, encourage your child to read fluently, with expression and ensure they understand what they have read by asking questions about the book. Books can be exchanged throughout the week.



PE Days: Tuesday (indoor) Wednesday (outdoor). Children are asked to bring their PE kit (navy shorts/joggers & white polo shirt) on these days. 


Spellings: Spelling homework will be issued each Friday and tested the following Friday.


Homework: Homework given out each Friday and collected the following Wednesday.


Library day:  Thursday


Curriculum Information


Summer Term Planning

Spring Term Planning

Autumn Term Planning



Should your child need to self isolate due to a positive case of Covid-19, the following educational websites are really useful to support learning from home. Please remember that children also have access to the reading resource 'Lexia'.  Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties.



Have you ever wondered what the inside of a computer looked like?

This week we have stripped away the coverings of old computer towers and had a peek inside. It was fascinating. 

Well done Romeo!

We had some fantastic entries into out Easter Egg Decorating Competition. Romeo impressed our judge with his excellent Avenger themed egg-city.

Palm Sunday Liturgy

Year 3 began our Holy Week with a beautiful and joyful celebration sharing the events of Palm Sunday. Invitations were written, hymns practiced and lines prepared. Well done Year 3!

Speaking Spanish in Y3

In Year3 we have all been learning how to speak Spanish. Each week, Mr Drury has been teaching us new words around a specific topic. We have learnt how to greet each other, our number, the basic colours, how to say the date and describe the weather. During our learning we have also explored aspects of Spanish culture; watched videos of various Spanish cities and sporting events, observed the Spanish flag and described how it's different to our flags in the British Isles.

We really enjoyed sharing this learning at our recent Open Afternoon and thought we'd share a little bit more.


Today the date is...

Still image for this video

Open Afternoon   April 1st 

On Friday afternoon, Year 3 celebrated their learning with family and friends.

We were so excited to have our parents, grandparents and other family members join us in our classroom.

The classroom was prepped ready for visitors. Our learning was displayed and our questions, answers and scripts had been discussed. 

Everyone had a wonderful experience.

Year 3 said 'we can't wait for the next one!'  

Comic Relief 2022

Year 3 had a fun day raising money for this fantastic cause.

We reflected on the fantastic work of this organisation in our learning.

Austerfield Study Centre     March 2022

Year 3 visited Austerfield on a very wet day!

We took part in two fantastic workshops: Rocks and Rivers.

In our Rocks workshop we learnt about the different types of rocks; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. 

In our Rivers workshop we learnt the names and characteristics of the main features of a river from the source high in the mountains to the mouth at the coast. 

World Book Day 2022

Year 3 celebrated World Book Day in style. We had a wonderful afternoon sharing our favourite stories, poems. 



Ash Wednesday     2022


Ukulele lessons with Mr Merrett.

Since September we have been having weekly lessons with Mr Merrett. We had planned to hold a concert within school to perform our musical skills. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do so. But we hope you enjoy our short recitals. 



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Fire on the Mountain   by Jane Kurtz.

Maths -answering the question.

Is it true or false?

The children had to explain and give / show their reasonings before they could say true or false. We saw some great mathematical jotting displaying our learning within multiplication and addition. 

Geography - researching mountain facts

As part of our Exploring Curriculum we were set the task of making a 'Question and Answer Mountain Facts Booklet'

We used fantastic information books from our school library and Doncaster Central Library as well as internet search engines. 

During our research sessions we discussed possible questions and areas for research. We discovered that our questions had to be specific and needed rehearsing and refining before we began researching.

Our completed booklet is on our classroom mountains display.   

Celebrating The Ancient Egyptians.

Year 3 have throughly enjoyed their learning surrounding the Ancient Egyptians. We have emersed ourselves in their culture and the legacy they left behind. 

Here are a few images sharing our learning. 

Mathematics.   Number: exploring Multiplication and Division.

We have been investigating the relationship between multiplication and division. 

  • Multiplication - equal groups
  • Multiplication using the symbol
  • Using arrays
  • 2 / 5 / 10 / 3    times-table
  • Make equal groups - sharing
  • Make equal groups - grouping
  • Multiply by 2 / 5 / 10 / 3 
  • Divide by 2 / 5 / 10 / 3 


Preparing for Advent

Our preparations have begun...

Baptism Assembly.

On Wednesday 24th November we presented our class assembly to the school community. We shared our learning on The Sacrament of Baptism. All our children were nervous but they preformed beautifully. We had wonderfully loud voices, fantastic acting and respectful prayers. Well done!

Maths -   Exploring column subtraction.

We have been challenged by our column subtraction learning but we have enjoyed the challenge! 

It has taken lots of practical exchanging and detailed discussion but we are at last being successful and it feel great!

Mia gave a great response to the key learning of exchanging, she said..."exchange is taking one ten and exchanging this for ten ones"  

Ancient Egyptian Learning

Adam has visited Egypt during the half term. He kindly brought in to school lots of artefacts to share with us. His holiday scrap book held some fantastic experiences. We were amazed by the photographs of the pyramids and statues. 

Adam had a surprise for everyone...we brought back a named bookmark for all his class mates made from papyrus. 

Danum Gallery, Library and Museum.

Year 3 had a fabulous visit to the recently opened museum and library. 

Our Egyptian Workshop was great fun. We explored many aspects of Egyptian life; artefacts, Gods, mummification and hieroglyphs. We learnt so many new facts.

We also explored the fantastic museum space. Galleries showing Doncaster life throughout past times and the awesome steam locomotives. We really had a memorable day.  4.10.21


Cake Sale.    24.9.21

Well done everyone! smiley We raised £150!


It was an exciting day and we all had so much fun and raised a wonderful amount of money for school.

Thank you parents for your kind donations. Year 3 all enjoyed serving cakes to Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 children. After the bake sale we used our Maths lesson to count all the money raised. Our learning objective was to count in 50's so it was perfect to count all the 50p we had collected.