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Year 3

Monday 16th March - Spellings

disappoint,  disagree,  disobey,  misbehave, mislead,

misspell,  inactive,  incorrect,  autobiography,  autograph


Mrs Hamilton's Group: air, fair, hair, pair, chair, stairs, lair


Times Tables: 3 and 8 times tables

Monday 9th March spellings

forget,  forgetting,  forgotten,  begin,  beginning,  beginner,

prefer,  preferred, gardening, gardener


Mrs Hamilton's Group: ear, dear, fear, hear, gear, near, tear, year


Times Tables: last week's test did not take place so we will do it this week, 4 and 8 times tables.

James and The Giant Peach

I had hoped to upload a section of video but unfortunately the file was too large. The girls really brought the story to life!

Spellings for 2nd March 

build,  decide,  experiment,  heard,  length,

opposite,  probably,  straight,  accidentally, business


Mrs Hamilton's group: oil, boil, coin, join, soil, poison, tinfoil, coil


Please also practise your 4 and 8 times tables.

Spellings for Monday 24th February


weight,  breathe,  continue,  experience,  guide,

learn,  often,  pressure,  special,  women


Mrs Hamilton's Group: now,  down,  owl,  cow,  towel,  town,  how,  power


Please also practise you 4 and 5 times tables.

Tasting Stone Soup

Still image for this video

Making Stone Soup

Investigating Soil

Stone Soup

In RE today we have been looking at the story, 'Stone Soup,' and the children would like to have a go at making their own soup. Therefore, on Thursday if as many children as possible could bring in one vegetable we will have a go at making our soup,


I have attached the story as a separate document so you can have a read of it. 

It really is a great example of sharing.

Stone Soup Story

Mountain Art Work

Spellings for Monday 10th February

sentence,  various,  breath,  consider,  exercise,

guard,  knowledge,  occasionally,  potatoes,  separate


Mrs Hamilton's Group: fur, burn, burp, curl, hurt, surf, turnip, turn


Also practice your 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.

Diversity Week

Spellings for 3rd February

possession,  remember,  through,  bicycle,  complete,

enough, group,  island, notice, possible


Mrs Hamilton's Group: fork, sort, born, cornet, for, worn


Please also practise your 5 and 10 times tables.

Spellings 27th January

natural,  position,  reign,  thought, believe,

circle,  eighth,  grammar,  interest,  naughty


Mrs Hamilton's Group: farmyard, market, park, hard, bark, car, jar, bar


Please also practise your 2, 4 and 8 times tables.

Long Term Homework - Spring

Spellings for 20th January

important,  minute,  popular,  regular,  although,  

arrive,  certain,  earth,  fruit,  increase


times tables: 2, 5 & 10

Spellings for Monday 13th January

February,  imagine,  mention,  perhaps,  question,  

therefore,  appear,  century,  early,  forward.


Mrs Hamilton's Group: too, zoo, boot, zoom, cool, food, moon, hoof


Please also practise your 2 and 5 times tables.

Spellings - Monday 6th January


difficult,  favourite,  history,  medicine,  peculiar, 

quarter, suppose,  answer,  centre, disappear


Also practise your 5 and 10 times tables.

Egyptian Display

Christmas Party

 Monday 9th December

As this week is assessment week and we will be doing a number of tests in class we will not be having a spelling or tables test. These will resume in the new year.

Investigating Light

Spellings for 2nd December

calendar,  different,  famous,  height,  material,

particular,  purpose,  strength,  address, caught


Mrs Hamilton's Group: high, light, might, night, right, fight, tonight, tight


Please also practise your 8 times tables.

Spellings for 25th November


accidentally,  business,  describe,  extreme,  heart,

library,  ordinary,  promise,  strange,  actually


Mrs Hamilton's Group: feel,  weep,  feet,  jeep, seem,  week,  deep,  meet


Please also practise your 4 times tables.

Spellings for 18 November

strange,   strength,   suppose,   therefore,  though,

thought,   through,   various,   weight,   woman


Mrs Hamilton's Group: wait, hail,  pain,  aim,  sail,  main,  tail,  rain


Please also practise the 3 times tables.

Spellings for 11th November

purpose,   quarter,   question,   regular,   reign,

remember,   sentence,   separate,   special,   straight


Mrs Hamilton's Group:    ring,  rang,  hang,  song,  wing,  king,  long,  sing,  bring,  rung



Spellings 4th November 2019

peculiar,   perhaps,   popular,   position,   possess,

possible,   potatoes,   pressure,   probably,   promise


Mrs Hamilton's Group:  them,  then,  this,  that,  moth,  bath,  path



Spellings Monday 21st October

mention,   minute,   natural,   naughty,   notice,

occasion,   often,   opposite,   ordinary,   particular


Mrs Hamilton's Group:

ship,   shop,   shed,   shell,

shock,   cash,   bash,   rush


Please also practise your 3 and 4 times tables.


NOTE: This week's tests will take place on Thursday

Year 3 Museum Visit

Year 3 visited Doncaster Museum as part of their topic on Ancient Egypt. They impressed the guides, Ashleigh and Sam, with their prior knowledge and learned a great deal more through their workshop entitled,'What no mummy?'

As always, the behaviour shown by the children throughout the day was excellent and I would like to say I am proud of the class I am for their efforts/

The class would like to thank Mrs Hamilton and Mr Eyre for joining them on the trip.

Library Day

We have a session in the library each Friday so children can swap their books if they have finished them or have a little time to enjoy books quietly.

Spellings 14th October


important,   increase,   interest,  island,   knowledge,

learn,   length,   library,   material,   medicine


Mrs Hamilton's Group

check,   much,   chill,   chicken,

such,   chin,   rich,   chop



Also practise your 8 times tables.

Doncaster Museum Visit

Please remember we are on a visit on Monday and you will need a packed lunch and appropriate clothing to walk there and back.


Rehearsal for Year 3 Assembly on Wednesday 9th October at 9.10am

Spellings 7th October


fruit,   grammar,   group,   guard,   guide,

heard,   heart,   height,   history,   imagine


Mrs Hamilton's Group

yap,  yes,  yet,  yell,  yum


Please also practise your 4 times tables.

Spellings 30th September

eight,   enough,   exercise,   experience,   experiment,

extreme,  famous,  favourite,  February, forward


​​​​​​​Please also practise your 3 times tables. 

Spellings for 23rd September

complete,  consider,  continue,  decide,  describe,

different,  difficult,  disappear,  early,  earth


Please also practise your 8x tables.

The Year 3 Mummy makes an appearance.

Long Term Homework - Autumn

Spellings for Monday 16th September

accidentally,   actually,  breathe,  busy, calendar, 

caught,  centre,  century,  certain,  circle  


Please also practise your 3 times table.

Spellings for Monday 9th September


accident,   actual,   address,   answer,   appear,

arrive,   believe,   bicycle,   breath,   build


Please also learn your 4 times tables.

Welcome to Year 3  2019/2020

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two days with Year 3 and am sure we will have a super year ahead of us. Please check the website regularly for updates on what we have been doing and also for reminders about homework and so on.


The welcome letter which was sent home today is attached.






We collected our medals from Nicky at the Lovell building site.


We are very proud of our artistic achievements!


6.6.19 We are so proud of our artwork that we produced for Lovell's housing estate. We chose the theme of water birds actually seen at Lakeside because the new houses are overlooking the lake. Fingers crossed we will now win the National Competition!

5.6.19 Our EAL pupils from years 3 to 6 are taking part in a four week drama workshop with Sara from CAST. In week one we did activities involving physical drama, speaking drama and oral presentations.

Years 1,2 and 3 visited CAST and enjoyed the production of Puss in Boots by the Northern Ballet. The pupils loved listening to the live orchestra and of course the graceful ballet and the story telling of Puss in Boots through dance.

20.5.19 To support our summer term project on sculpture, we enjoyed a fantasic day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We spent the day working with an artist and created our own group sculptures.

Today 15th May 2019, Year 3 were joined by the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, Katie, Tom and Richard from Green Energy to take part in a litter picking exercise as part of our Topic work. As you can see we picked up lots of litter from around the outskirts of our school and the local park, finding that our local bins are full too.

29.3.19 As part of our RE topic work we walked to St Peter's church and we prayed the Stations of the Cross with Father Darren. Father connected each of the the stations to modern life and our prayers were linked with this.

We are currently learning Bollywood style dance and loving it! We greatly impressed our teachers with our skills and enthusiasm

As part of our RE topic about the Eucharist, Father Darren showed us how he sets up the altar and what the symbolism is behind all the items used on the altar, during Mass.

Stop the Drop!

We did a litter pick around the school grounds. Just look at the amount of litter bags we filled from our school ground in half an hour!

Stop the Drop!

We have been working with Katie from Green Energy again. We looked at the problems of litter and we were amazed at the number of years it takes for litter to break down for examples, a nappy takes five hundred years to degrade and a plastic bottle NEVER!

6.2.19 We enjoyed an afternoon workshop with Katie from Green Energy. We did literacy work around the book 'Duffy the Sea Turtle' and we made Sea Turtles by recycling our plastic bottles.

As part of our project work this term, Year 3 took part in a workshop with Katie from 'Green Energy'. We learnt all about recycling our aluminium cans. We looked at the process of recycling aluminium cans and we made musical instruments from our drinks cans. We have used the musical shakers in our music lessons.

25.1.19 In our RE topic, we are learning about the Church's liturgical year. Father Darren came into class and spoke to us about the Church's year. He taught us about the different coloured vestments a priest wears.

24.1.19 As part of our topic on sustainability and conservation, Erica from the charity 'Water Aid' spoke to us about the work they do in underdeveloped countries in order to provide people with clean water. It made us realise how lucky we are to be able to turn on our taps and flush our toilets.

Music... Year 3 have really enjoyed their weekly music lessons with the music teacher Mre Fitzpatrick. They studied Stavinsky's Ballet music, 'The Firebird.' We have some very talented musicians in Year 3 and all the children really enjoy playing the percussion instruments.

Home Learning ...Year 3 have completed three home learning tasks throughout the Autumn term 2018. The tasks have related to our Explore history project about the Victorians. The children have produced some brilliant work that is creative and extremely interesting to read. Their research has really enhanced and enriched their understanding and knowledge of the Victorian period.

18.12.18 We have a talented group of musicians in year 3. We were treated to a rendition of the Christmas Carol 'Silent Night.' They are super guitar players! We really enjoyed singing along with them.

On Wednesday the 21st November, the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue came to talk to us about fire safety. We learnt how to stay safe and what to do if we need help.

On Monday 19th November, we enjoyed a workshop witht he author Stephen Pass. He told us all about how he got the inspiration to write his book, 'Madge the Mermaid' and all about the process involved writing and producing his book.

On Tuesday 23rd October, as part of our topic work on the Victorians and the growth of the railways, we enjoyed a day at the National Rail Museum in York.




   On Tuesday 25th September we enjoyed an evening at the theatre

Long term planning Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Year 3- Key Information


  1. Outdoor PE will take place on a Monday and indoor PE will take place on a Wednesday.
  2. Spellings will be given on a Monday and will be tested on Friday,
  3. The children will be given home learning tasks that are linked to their current projects.
  4. Reading books will be changed when they require changing. (At least once per fortnight).
  5. Ongoing maths homework throughout the year will be to learn their 3, 4 and 8 times table as this is the expectation by the end of year 3. We will also test these regularly in classes throughout the year.


Thank you for your cooperation.