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Year 3 - Home Learning

Hello everyone. This is Mr Wynne just checking in before the Summer. Unfortunately we didn’t get the time to meet due to the lockdown so here are a few pieces of information about what is in store for next year. We will be helped by Mrs Pennington and Miss Hughes as we embark on our learning journey. We plan to study the Romans and Sound initially, alongside the usual Maths and English. The book which we will begin reading is Krindlekrax written by Philip Ridley. I know that with everyone trying their best that we will have an enjoyable year. Bye for now.

Thoughts for the day. Friday 10th July

Letter from Mr Dent to Year 3

Muisc letter - Sept 20 Y4 Violins

Zoom Meeting: Thanks to 13 who joined in today's last meeting and well done to Ivy for winning the quiz. Take care!
Remember that books can be collected from the office this week, please call ahead to let them know you are on your way.

Final Week Pictures

This week's pictures: 29 June

Harry's Writing

Week Commencing 22 June Pictures - see what we've been up to.

Pictures - Week commencing 15 June

Thank you to Mrs Rowe for pointing out I had given some work that I had already given, SORRY!

Lego Challenge, build a model each day during June - send in any pictures of what you make.

Mr D enjoying his walks, it's amazing what you come across.

Esme made an amazing discovery.

Still image for this video

Birthday Boy - no one expects a visit to A&E for their birthday!

Sunday 17th May

Yet another week has passed in lock down and I do hope you are all keeping well. The weather continues to be kind to us so at least we can enjoy some outdoor time.

In normal circumstances I would be very excited today, as I would have been getting ready to go on residential with Year 6 but, like many other enjoyable things in the summer term, that is not happening.

I very much enjoy our weekly Zoom meetings, it is not as good as being in class with you all but at least I can see some smiley, bubbly young faces. Hopefully, a few more will join in this week. Remember, you need to email in and ask for the code and I will send them out ahead of the meeting. Please don't email just as the meeting is starting as I am busy at that point letting people in. I know we had once person who missed out on last week's meeting as I didn't get their email until after the meeting.

Take care and, please, do remember to send in any pictures / videos of what you have been doing so I can add them to the website.

Take care,

Mr D.

Class Zoom Meeting - Thursday 7th May @ 1.30pm

This week we will be having a short quiz on animals, which Esme has put together. 

If anyone has done any bunting for VE Day, put it on display and we also said that cuddly toys should be on show.

During this week's meeting i will mute everyone at times and invite individuals to speak so we can all hear them. If you have something to say, this will be your chance.

If anyone has anything else that they would like to do in future weeks, let me know and they can take the lead.

Meeting ID: 921-1357-8832

Password:  8VNWv2

Garden Visitor - look closely, can you see who visited my garden today?

This week's pictures

Thank you to everyone who took part in today's zoom meeting. See you all again at the same time next week.

Happy Birthday Colonel Tom!

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Year 3 Zoom Meeting - TODAY @ 1.30pm

Meeting ID: 921-1357-8832

Password: 8VNWv2

Please try to join in and hopefully it will work.

Mr D

Magnet Game

Still image for this video

Year 3 have been really busy today - check out the photos too!

I am so proud of the work, and skills, you have shared. 

Keep up the good work!

Mr D

Egg-Cellent Challenge

Still image for this video

Oscar's Plants Powerpoint

Can anyone beat this?

Still image for this video

Friday 24th April: I can hardly believe that another week has passed by and that the weather has continued to be so kind to us. It has certainly helped me in being able to go out for a walk each day in the sunshine.

It has been great to have contact with so many of you: from those who I have seen in school, to those who have emailed in work or questions and to Haadi, who I bumped into in the queue at Sainsburys. But there are still some who have not yet been in touch, so please, in the coming week, do try to email in to let me know that you are well and what you have been up to.


Mr D

Summer Term Week 1 - 20th April

This week I have uploaded a few short comprehensions and also a document with ideas for writing, which includes what you can hear as well as see. In Maths there are questions on finding fractions and, of course, if you want to practise your times tables please get in touch and I will give you your login details for TimeTables Rock Stars / Numbots. In RE there is a task on Energy, which is our new topic. In science there is a PowerPoint and some worksheets around parts of a plant.

Please do check out BBC Bitesize which has its new lessons on from today.

As always, please do try to read everyday and also make sure you take some exercise. Please do send in photos of what you are up to and I will add these to the website.

Take care.

Mr D

The View from my Window / In my Garden

Who's the winner?

Still image for this video

Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots

A number of parents have asked about using Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots so I have created accounts for everyone. I will email the usernames and passwords to those parents whose contact details I have and hopefully others will ask for them over the coming week.

To log in go to and click on the login button, click on pupils button and enter the school postcode DN45EP. You will then need  your username and password.

Friday 17th April

Thank you to those who have sent in work since yesterday. I have added more pictures to the View from My House / In My Garden Section.

We heard yesterday that it is going to be another 3 weeks, at least, until we can come back together and it is important that we all do what is needed to come through this challenging time. I appreciate that this is not easy but we must all do as we are told.

Take care and be safe.

Mr D

Art Work - some of the work carried out by those attending school.

Easter Holiday Homework


I hope that you are bearing up to these challenging times that we are going through.


This week, as it is a holiday, something a little different.


If you have any unfinished work please feel free to continue with it and, of course, make sure that you read every day.


 This week’s main task is one which will require you to either take a few photographs, or draw a picture or two. I would like you to take a photograph or draw a picture with one of the following two titles.

The view from my window.

Outside in the garden.

These should, as the titles suggest, be what you can see out of a window or something in your garden. You can draw (paint / collage etc) a picture or take a photograph and I would ask you to submit your work, as a photograph, so we can share what we can see on our webpage.  Remember the email address is


I have included a couple of examples which may help.

Bella has written this beautiful poem, i felt it important to share it with everyone.

We're all in isolation.


We're all in isolation,

It's happening all across the nation.

We can't go outside, only in our gardens or to walk the dog.

The NHS are saving lives.

The shop workers, that's my dad, providing food essentials.

We're all in isolation,

It's happening all across the nation.

We stay two metres apart, from all outside our home.

The teachers providing work, for us to do with our parents - oh but they don't know what to do!

Oh so many people risking their lives to help others.

We're all in isolation,

It's happening all across the nation.

All this is happening,

spinning my mind,

out of routine,

feeling scared,

when are we going back to normal?

We stay at home all day to protect our NHS

So you do your bit by staying home,

we'll hopefully be out by May.

Until then...

We're all in isolation,

It's happening all across the nation.



Easter Celebrations

Today is Good Friday, where we commemorate Jesus' crucifixion. Try to take a little time today to say thank you to him for the greatest sacrifice possible. At this very strange time we have lots of people making sacrifices - remember to thank them too!

Week 3 - 6th April

I hope that everyone is keeping well and managing to do some of their school work, as well as enjoying some time with their families.

Reading - three short comprehensions: Amazing Facts about the Human Body, Emma's Puppy Problem & Great Galapagos

Maths - Adding & Subtracting Fractions & Tenths activity sheet

Science - Marvellous Magnets Powerpoint & Magnetic Game Activity Sheet

RE - This week is Holy Week, when we celebrate our Lord's Death & Resurrection, in school we would celebrate each aspect of this. I have attached a prayer and a design your own 'Stations of The Cross' that you may like to look at. There is also a PowerPoint presentation with lots of Holy Week activities.


Technology, any further attempts at the tower challenge would be welcome, I will set a new challenge next week.

Tower Challenge Entries - Well done S, H, C , J & I

These websites may be useful for supporting your child’s learning during the ongoing crisis. 


 Year 3 & 4 spellings can be practised at  


Free games are available at 

Times tables can be practised at 


Artists may want to have a go at the spirited arts and poetry competition and there are activities linked to Easter at 


There are some activities on mountains and mountain ranges at 

Keeping Fit 

Joe Swash is doing a daily exercise class at 9am  on his YouTube channel. 


TTS have produced a key stage 2 activity booklet with a range of tasks, it can be found at 

BBC bite size has many activities for KS 2 children covering the whole curriculum. BBC Bite size


Week 2 - 30 March

RE - some prayers and a sheet on Spiritual Communion which the diocese has sent out.

English - Reading: How Thumor Got His Hammer & Premium Property For Sale

              Writing: Poetry

Maths - Colour and Label Fractions

Science - Magnetic Poles PowerPoint , Activity Sheet and Word search


Technology Challenge - how tall a tower can you build with just 10 sheets of A4 paper and some sellotape? Take a picture and email it in. No cheating by adding an extra sheet of paper or two! The children who were in school this week managed 118cm, can you beat that?


Please also remember to read everyday and make time to get some fresh air. 

Week 1 - 23 March:

Quick Read Guides (the reading should take a minute, answering the questions should take 5 - 10 minutes)

Quick reads: Howard Carters Diary, Friendly Felines

Up levelling Sentences - this is a large document, do a page or two each week.

Book Review - write a review on either The Magician's Nephew or The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Maths - Stained Glass Fractions

Science - Magnetic Objects


Please make sure that you read every day and also that you get some fresh air.

Dear Children and Parents, 

Welcome to Year 3s Coronavirus Webpage.  

First of all, over the coming weeks ahead, please remember to be patient with one another, we are in a very unique moment in history and must all try a little harder to get along with each other. 

I will be updating the class page with work each week, and the children can complete the it either in the book which they were given yesterday, these are available at the office for anyone who was absent, or using ICT. 

If you have any queries you can contact me on which I will be monitoring daily. 

Many of the worksheets have the answers with them, please don't just copy them.


Mr D.