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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2019/20

  • PE will take place on either Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday as it will depend upon each half-term. Please make sure your children have their PE kits on these days.
  • Spellings will be given on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday.
  • Homework will be given on a Friday and will be expected to be handed in on the following Friday.
  • Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we recommend children reading and changing them once a week.
  • Ongoing maths homework throughout the year will be to learn their 2, 5 and 10 times table as this is the expectation by the end of year 2. We will also test these regularly in classes throughout the year.



Thank you for your cooperation.

Our day at The Deep

As part of our topic work about Oceans Year 2 had a trip out to The Deep in Hull. We explored all the exhibits and were involved in a workshop about our oceans. We saw many creatures in their habitats and what their purpose was. After lunch we took part in a workshop, where we were told a story about a whale swimming the oceans and looking for food and coming across poor animals stuck in our rubbish that has been washed into the ocean polluting it. Some of the children helped the animals by taking the rubbish off them and others helped by recycling the rubbish such as plastic and other materials, placing them in the correct recycling bin. Afterwards the children did some activities, looking at shrimps and drawing them; others did tally charts of recyclable rubbish that could be found on the beach and the others placed the oceans in the correct places on the world map. We all had a very enjoyable day.

Diversity Week


Over the course of Diversity week, Year 2 focused on the religious festival of Saraswati Puja, which is part of the Hindu religion. This particular festival was happening during our Diversity week, so we thought it was fitting to focus on this. Throughout the week the children looked at what happened during this festival and why it is important to Hindu's. We then wrote out the mantra and designed and made our own kites, as kite flying is a tradition of this festival.

Remembrance Poetry

Over the past 2 weeks as part of our Literacy work, Year 2 have been writing poetry, in particular, remembrance poetry. The children came up with their own ideas so we could create a class poem for remembrance. Beforehand we identified different rhyming words that we could use, then they were given a strip of paper to write down their ideas. The children were given the lines starting with 'Poppy, poppy', then generated their own line afterwards, using the work we have been doing in class. This is what we came up with:


Poppy, poppy what do you see?

Other poppies as red as can be,

Poppy, poppy what do you hear?

The wind whistling by as the soldiers shed a tear,

Poppy, poppy what do you feel?

The soldiers’ pain as they kneel

Poppy, poppy what do you say?

Remember, remember the 11th day.



Odd Socks Day

12th November 2019

As part of Anti-Bullying Week 2019 we discussed how we can prevent bullying in our School and what we should do if we are bullied or we see

anyone being bullied.

We wore odd socks for the day to show our ‘uniqueness’. We coloured one to put on our School Bullying display. 

Creation Story

Within out RE topic we looked at Creation Story. As part of this the children made a collage of the different parts of the creation story.

Trip to Aircraft Museum

On 16th October Year 2 visited the Aircraft museum as part of our aviation topic. We looked at aviation through the ages, right from the first aeroplane and the Wright Brothers, all the way to modern jet fighters. The children were able to see different types of aircraft such as jets and RAF helicopters and even sit in the cockpits of them. Their favourite part of the day though, was when they went in the cockpit of a Vulcan bomber and found out the different jobs that the people did.

Pizza Express

Today the 24th September, we visited Pizza Express as part of our DT curriculum. We worked hands on and rolled out the dough, placed it in the pizza pans and spread the pizza sauce onto the base. We then added the cheese and waited for our pizzas to be cooked in the oven. Once back at school we had chance to sample our creations and they were delicious.