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Welcome to Year 1


Miss Brogan & Mrs Thickett

Hello Year 1!


Thank you for all your hard work with home learning last week. Thank you also to all your families at home who have been so helpful (and very patient) whilst we tried to work things out with technology, we are very grateful. Please find all home learning for this week on Microsoft Teams. If you do not have your child's individual login for Microsoft Teams, please email me at and I will find this for you. 


I will be hosting a 10 minute 'virtual check in' with all pupils via Microsoft Teams every day at 9.15am, and 1.15pm. Please log into Microsoft Teams and join this meeting, as I would like to keep strong communications with all children and families during this time. 


Love Miss Brogan



Friday 8th January 2021


yes Prayer and reflection

1) Prayer

2) Song


3) Happiness activity 

yes Phonics


Please cut out the u_e words and their matching picture into pieces. I wonder whether you could mix them up and match them again? If you do not have a printer, please use blank paper and draw them out yourself.

yes Tricky words


Please practise the tricky words below


looked     called       asked  


Can you write them onto small pieces of paper, turn them over (like a card game) and say them to an adult? I wonder whether an adult could hide them in the room so that you have to find them. Then remember, you have to read them by yourself!


I have included some tricky word cards below, but if you do not have a printer you can make some at home that look similar.

yes Maths

1) Please watch the video ‘finding a part’. We have done lots of work using part-whole models, so I know you will be able to show an adult at home how we use them.


Please use the part-whole models below if you need them. Don't worry if you don't have counters, use some other objects you have at home e.g. penny coins, pieces of pasta etc.


2) Find a part activity

yes History

Today we are continuing our learning about Guy Fawkes. Please complete 


1) Introductory quiz

2) Video – new learning

3) End of lesson quiz  


Please use the resources below to help you, and discuss them with an adult at home.

yes Interactive game

Let’s recap our phonics learning of the phonemes a_e, i_e and o_e. Please enjoy a game of DJ cows. Select the a_e, i_e and o_e game button.



Thursday 7th January 2021


Good Morning Year 1 laugh

I hope you enjoyed your first day of online learning and that you feel ready for today's new learning. Please keep in touch with me via the Year 1 email, and I will see you on Microsoft Teams at 9.15am, and 1.15pm. 


heart Prayer and reflection

1) Prayer

Dear God,

Speak to our hearts and help us to see that we are one big family. Old or young, short or tall, wherever we live, you made us all. Help us to share, however hard it seems, to make our world fair, and live out our dreams. Amen.


2) Song


3) Reflection activity 

Can you add some words or a sentence about how you care for your world? What is special in your world?
heart Phonics


 Can you spot the o_e phoneme in this postcard? Use a coloured pencil to colour over the words, or circle them if you prefer. I wonder whether you could read the words you have found?

heart Writing

Today we are going to listen to a new story. It is a traditional tale that you may have heard before. Please watch the 2 videos below and complete both activities.


Activity 1 – listen to and join in with a story 


Activity 2- mapping out the story


I have also included below some resources to help you. I wonder whether you could use and discuss them with an adult at home?

heart PSHCE / Well-being

1) Please watch the video below. We are learning all about ourselves and how we are unique.


2) Activity

You will need either a scrapbook, or some paper folded in half to make a booklet to create a scrapbook of your own. Please watch the video and follow the instructions to make a scrapbook all about you.

heart Interactive game

Let’s recap our learning in maths yesterday on subtraction. Please enjoy this subtraction game.



Wednesday 6th January 2021


smiley Prayer and reflection

1) Prayer

Dear God, you sent your Son Jesus to be with us and to shine a light in the darkness. Fill us with your love, your light and your joy. Amen.


2) Song


3) Reflection activity

smiley Phonics


Can you find the e_e words in the word search?

smiley Maths 

1) Video


2) Activity

smiley History


Below are some extra resources to help you with this lesson.

smiley Interactive game 

Please select phase 5 > e_e



Welcome back! We look forward to another busy, fun-filled term with lots of new learning and memories to be made. We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and to thank you again for all the lovely messages, Christmas cards and gifts, they are truly appreciated! Let's hope this year brings some normality for us all. 



Spring Term
Autumn Term
enlightenedWeekly rewardsenlightened

This weeks reward is for being a good readerWe have chosen Finlay and Julia as we have seen an amazing improvement in their reading skills, and their positive attitude towards reading. Well done to you both!smiley




If you wish to send photos in of your home learning, then you can email them to me at 


Many thanks,

Miss Brogan


enlightenedImportant informationenlightened



  • Outdoor PE is on a Tuesday afternoon. Please note there is no PE on a Thursday now.
  • Indoor PE is not currently taking place due to COVID-19 restrictions and limitations with the use of the school hall.



  • Spellings are on a Tuesday morning. 



  • Milk is no longer free once your child turns 5 years old. If you wish for your child to continue receiving milk within school, please follow the link provided and register your interest. All payments will be taken online. 

smileyYear 1 Diary Datessmiley

  • Friday 8th January - Year 1 Royal Party Day 


Please check here for regular updates.


smileyPhonics & Readingsmiley

Please encourage your child to read at home every day. This may be their school reading book, or a book they have chosen. Please use the top tips below to support them with their understanding and comprehension skills.


We would love you to encourage your child to play phonics games at home. These games will consolidate their learning within school, in a fun and practical way. You can find many games on Phonics Play and Topmarks, please click on the links below.

Please use the phonics mats below to work with your child. By the end of Year 1 they are required to know all these sounds, and blend them within words. They are also required to know the tricky words on each mat.

Here are a selection of recommended reads for Year 1 children. Please encourage your child to engage in reading exciting, age appropriate books.


Please enjoy reading these comics at home. They are interesting to read, and link to the phonics sounds that we have been learning at school.



Please find below a knowledge organiser and parent work book for you to use with your child. This will support them with their learning in school, and will help you to gather an understanding of how they are doing with their current maths learning. 


Current maths work is: Addition and Subtraction