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Year 1 - Home Learning

Hello Year 1 smiley I can't believe we are only at the end of the 2nd week of isolation, it seems like so long ago we were in class together. Both myself and Mrs Thickett are really missing your smiling faces, but we hope that you and your families are all well, and that you're keeping yourselves safe at home. It is my birthday on Monday (6th), and I know I would much rather be at school with all of you (having fun and sharing cake). But for now I will have to settle for working hard at home, and receiving your lovely messages via email. 


I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me an email, it is lovely to hear from you and to see what home learning you have been doing. Well done for all your hard work, I am very proud of all the effort you have put in so far smiley keep it up! 


There are still some people who have not emailed me to gain access to Numbots. If you would like this then please email me as I have login's for all children in Year 1, and I feel it is an engaging and purposeful maths activity for you to do. I have signed up for a free trial during this period of school closure. 


I have updated the new learning for Week 3, and I hope you enjoy all the activities that I have set for you. If you have any photographs of you engaging in your home learning, or if you have a fantastic piece of work that you would like to show, then please send it to me via email and I will put it on here for everyone to see. 


Have fun, and remember to enjoy spending time with your loved ones whilst you are safe at home. 


Take care,

Miss Brogan smiley

Week 3 - Week commencing 6th April - Home Learning Tasks


**Please do not worry about printing off your activities. You can either copy them into your home learning book, or just write down the answers if this is easier for you. **


smileyPhonics - Please continue to rehearse your phase 3 and 5 sounds using the phonics powerpoint slides. Then, enjoy the phonics games on the website below. Try to play a variety of games as they all practise different skills and provide different challenges.

Log onto phonics play using

Username: march20  Password: home 


laughReading- Please choose a book from the Oxford Owl FREE eBooks list (see link on Week 2 if required). Please choose 1 (or more) of the activities below.

1. Read a book of your choice and create a story board. Make sure the events in the story are in the correct order, use the book to check.

2. Read a book of your choice and create a new character for the story. Add adjectives around the edge of your character to describe them. 

3. Read a book of your choice and create a character spoon, or character potato. (just like we did on world book day with our Aliens Love Underpants story!)


yesWriting- Listen to the story of 'The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs' using this link  I know that you know this story as we were working on it before school closed. Write a letter to the wolf, thinking about these questions. How is he? Has he been behaving? What has he been up to? Has he made any friends? Has he been thinking about what he did to the pigs? 


heartMaths- Please follow the link below and follow Week 3 - Making doubles activities. There is a video and activity for each day. 


enlightenedRE- Visit the Whole School RE page and complete a daily reflection following each station of the cross. Light a candle and have some quiet time with your family at home. If you wish, draw a daily picture or reflection in your home learning book to show what you have done. 


blushMusic- Complete the Traditional Tales BBC Music Lessons following this link. 

Can you take a video and send me a clip via email? I would love to see how you are getting on! 


 laughScience- Our new science topic is animals. Please use this link to learn explore animals in more detail Use the word document below for your tasks. Have fun! 



Week 2 - Week commencing 30th March - Home Learning Tasks


laughPhonics - Please continue to rehearse your phase 3 and 5 sounds using the phonics powerpoint slides. Please choose 1 (or more) of the phonic activities below.





yesReading- Please sign up to Oxford Owl FREE eBooks using this link Please choose 1 (or more) of the activities below.

1. Read a book of your choice and complete a book review. 

2. Read a book of your choice and create a new character for the story. Write your own version of the story, including your new character. 

3. Read a book of your choice and create puppets from the story. Retell the story using the puppets. Don't forget to send me a photo via email, I would love to see what you have been doing! 


enlightenedMaths- Please follow this link to find the next maths topic on length and height. Complete the activities under each subheading, there are 6 in total.


smileyRE- Write a prayer for the NHS staff who are working hard to keep our communities safe during this difficult time. Decorate your prayer and put it in your window for people to see.

Please also check out our new Lent resources below (under the RE subheading), and use these for your own family reflections.


heartHistory/ Art - We have been learning about The Great Fire of London. Recap your learning using this game Create a piece of art work to show your understanding about the impact of The Great Fire. Here are some websites to help you.


angel Geography- Create a poster or a factfile about the UK. When you are doing this, think about these questions. 

  • What countries are part of the UK? 
  • What are the capital cities of these countries?
  • What seas surround the UK?
  • What famous landmarks can be found in the UK?
  • Where have you been in the UK? 


Here are some websites that may be helpful for this work.




Week 1 - Week commencing 23rd March - Home Learning Tasks


smileyPhonics - Please rehearse your phase 3 and 5 sounds using the phonics powerpoint slides. Complete the mixed grapheme activities. 


yesReading- Please complete the reading comprehension activity (provided in your home learning book). 


laughMaths- Please complete the Spring Term Maths booklet (provided in your home learning book). 


heartRE- Reflect on your Lenten journey so far. Have you stuck to your Lenten promise? Draw all the things you have done this Lent to be the best you can be.


enlightenedScience- Use the BBC Bitesize link below to find out what plants need to grow. Create an information poster to show your understanding. 


coolPE- Please enjoy a daily PE session with Joe Wicks. Follow the link to find out more.


Please take the time to explore some of the online activities and games below. Choose an independent activity of your choice and record your learning in your home learning book.




Please continue to practise and learn all phase 3 and phase 5 phonic sounds.


Please read the reading books provided. Here are some ideas you could do in your home learning book after you have read your book.


Watch one of the animations on the literacy shed website below and create your own story based on this. Don’t forget your capital letters, finger spaces, and full stops.



I have signed up for a temporary login for all children during this time of school closures. If you would like to access this, please email me for your login details. Unfortunately, due to GDPR I cannot publish these online. 

Please follow then enter DN4 5EP followed by your personal login details. Enjoy! 


Please enjoy these maths games to recap our previous learning.


Please enjoy these resources for your own reflections with your family.


Please enjoy these websites to deepen your 'topic' knowledge. There is no set objective for these websites, as they are additional to the weekly tasks, but feel free to engage in your own choice of learning. Please record any independent learning in your 'home learning book' so that I can see what you have been learning about.













Please choose an activity from our topic menu and work with somebody at home to create a project piece of work. Have fun!


If you feel that the above activities are too challenging for your child, then please feel free to try these as they are differentiated and require more speaking and listening skills rather than written work.

If you need to contact me, my email is

I will get back to you as quickly as possible. I will check this email at least once every day.


Best wishes,

Miss Brogan