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Hello all you beautiful people,


Well I cannot believe we are on week 11, it's gone so fast in some ways but seems a life time since we have seen each other. I hope you have enjoyed having a weeks rest and enjoying all this beautiful weather we have been having. We have been blessed! 

Love Mrs Hamilton & Miss Hughes 


Hello everyone,


Well the weather has been glorious, I have been out in my garden enjoying the sunshine and sharing these precious times with my family. What have been your positive highlights? I have put a link on for a poem which was written by Tom Roberts, it is an amazing poem! After you have listened to it could you create your own poem.

As it is mental health week I would like you to focus on you, how you feel and what could help you. One of the things we would have been doing this week was 'Breathing Buddies'. Get a small teddy, find some relaxing and calming music and then put the teddy on your tummy. Close your eyes, can you feel your breathing? Try it and get someone in your house to try it too.

Take care and stay safe 

Love Miss Hughes & Mrs Hamilton…

A Beautiful poem by Tom Roberts

Good  afternoon everyone


I hope you have all been enjoying the sun and managing to get out for your daily exercise. I have been enjoying some lovely walks with my family and dog Blossom. We have also looked forward to catching up with our friends on Zoom, a little different to seeing them in the flesh but lovely to see their faces. I know both myself and Mrs Hamilton are missing you all lots, the human connection of not being able to see you and talk to you is hard. On a positive we know that whenever we are all back together it will be such a great feeling. Stay safe, keep well and be good

With love

Miss Hughes & Mrs Hamilton 

Rainbow Quote

Hi all you lovely people,


I hope you are all well and safe and keeping yourselves busy. Myself and Mrs Hamilton have been keeping ourselves busy with our dogs Fergie and Blossom with long walks and discovering new walks. We have been sharing our walks and exchanging tales over the phone.


How are you all feeling? We know there will be many feelings that you will be feeling, remember it's ok to not feel ok and that each one of us will deal with these in different ways.

Please use the activities I have put on these will help you to deal with these emotions. How did the weather diaries go? If you have any pictures it would be lovely to share them on the school website.

Missing you love

Mrs Hamilton & Miss Hughes 

Hi all you lovely children and parents,


Myself and Mrs Hamilton hope you are all well and safe. We know it is an anxious time for you all and not having contact with your school friends and family is hard.  We wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all and miss you a lot. To help you, and mums and dads too you could keep a diary of your feelings using the weather to describe these emotions we are feeling. For example the sunshine: Your smile   lights up your face the way the sun lights our day. Smiles, too can come from behind clouds or after emotional storms. The smile signals that all is well, pressure is equalizied and the coast is clear to be out and open and have fun. We look forward to seeing these.



Mrs Hamilton and Miss Hughes

Please visit the Thrive website to find out more information about the Thrive approach. You can also find videos and activity ideas on here.