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Women's European Championship



The Women's European Championship begins on Wednesday July 6th. For more information and tickets follow the following link

Commonwealth Games 



28th July - 8th August



Sports Week June 2022

It has been a very sporting week at St. Peter's this week.

Monday began with activities such as dance, cricket and orienteering.

Tuesday was sports day. The morning was spent competing in the field events of standing long jump, seated throw, bean bag throw and egg and spoon, whilst the afternoon had the track events. Lots of fun was had by all. The overall winners were Blue, Fountains.

Wednesday had dance, football rounders, athletics and traditional rounders.

Thursday included, boules, boxersize, badminton, traditional rounders, yoga, drama, and football rounders.

Friday saw a mixture of sports and activities once again. Pupils played badminton, volleyball, golf, athletics, tennis, rounders and boxersize across the various year groups.

It has been fantastic to see pupils have a go at new sports and activities and hopefully some of them might have found a new interest. You never know, we might have a future champion in our school! Let's hope so.

April 2022 After school clubs 3:15 - 4:15pm


Wednesday Year 3-5 Badminton - running to 13th July

Jenson, Nello, Amaarah, Aleena, Haadi, Trejon, Shantay, Kobim, Max, Abbie, Lucy, Tristan, Jude, Adam, TJ, Gabriel, 


Monday Year 1 & 2 Football - running to 11th July.

Filip, Faith, Charles, Forrest, Isaac, Noah, Alizah, Leo, Yusuf, Eva, Anna, Timo, Grayson, Victor, Julia, Jakub


Y3/4 Football

On 22/3/22, Year 3 and Year 4 took part in a football tournament at the Eco Power Stadium. Both the girls and boys made a great start with both teams winning 3-0. The boys went through to the semi-finals unbeaten, winning 4 and drawing 5 whilst only conceding 2 goals which was a great achievement. The girls also went through to the semi-finals without conceding a single goal! The boys were unlucky in the semi-finals, losing 2-0 to Kirk Sandall who went on to win the tournament. Congratulations to them. The girls on the other hand, won their semi-final and went into the final (still without conceding a goal). They all worked brilliantly together and all put in 110% which paid off as they won 1-0 and won the girls tournament! A superb effort from both teams and all involved should be very proud of themselves! A massive thankyou to Mr Wells, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Murphy and Mr Lewis for helping lead the teams.

Feb - Easter After School Clubs 3.15 - 4.15pm


Monday Year 3 & 4 Dodgeball


Year 3 - Abbie, Henry, Mason, Adn, Lilly-Mae, Tilly, Aleena, Milosz, Hubert & Poojith

Year 4 - Stephen, Ethan, Luca, Alice, Abdul, Abby, Jonah, Isabella, Nell, Mason, Treijon & Archie


Wednesday Year 5 & 6 Volleyball

Year 5 - Oscar, Nello, Jude, Analise, Isla, Harry, Amaarah


Year 6 Handball Competition

Following on from our unit on handball we finished with a mini tournament. 4 teams played each other once  in a league with points being awarded for wins and draws.  The contest was very close and there was plenty of skill on show.  After the event Team2 were crowned the winners.

The team consisted of the following: Dorian, Lauren, Cruz, Oliver, Mia, and Tayzer

Well done to all who participated.


The results for the Virtual Indoor Sports Hall Athletics are as follows

Results of the Y3/4 Festival were:

1 Saltersgate Juniors Y3

2 Barnburgh Primary Y3

3 Barnburgh Primary Y4

4 St Peters Y4

5 St Peters Y3


Results of the Y5/6 Competition, with the top 2 progressing to South Yorkshire finals are:

1 Carr Lodge Academy Y5/6

2 Hill Top Academy Y5/6

3 Richmond Hill Primary Academy Y5/6

4 St Peters Y5/6

5 Barnburgh Primary Y6

6 St Joseph’s and St Teresa’s Y5/6

7 Barnburgh Primary Y5

8 Rossington St Michael's Y5/6


Well done to all pupils and staff who helped in the running of the events.

Road to Wembley Final

December 2021

We took our Y5/6 football team to play in front of the crowd at Doncaster Rovers in the Road to Wembley Final. The game was closely contested and decided by one goal which unfortunately went to the other team, Shaw Wood. The pupils played really well throughout  the game but couldn't find an equalizer.  Well done to all involved and thank you to the parents and staff for their support. Also, good luck to Shaw Wood in the next round.

After School Clubs W/c 10th January 2021


Monday 3:15 - 4:15pm Dodgeball Y5 & 6

Year 5 - Jude, Amaarah, Gabriel, Isaac, Analise, Oscar & Harry

Year 6 - Ayten, Dorian, Anish, Patrick, Olivier, Ollie, Colby, Jared & Harry


Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15pm Volleyball Y3 & 4

Year 3 - Jude, Kobim, Olly, Henry, Tristan, Aleena, Abbie, Mason, Romeo, Adn, Sofia, Lucy, Adam & Milosz

Year 4 - Lulu, Joseph, Archie, Aryan, Shantay & Meadow



Thursday 3:15 - 4:15pm Multi Sports Y3 - 6

Year 3 - Jude, Olly, Aleena, Abbie, Mia, Mason, Romeo, Adn, Sofia, Matas, Lucy & Tristan

Year 4 - Isabella, Lulu, Joseph & Aryan

Year 5 - Amaarah & Harry


Y4 Football Tournament 24/11/21


In PE, Year 4 played an intra football competition. During the group stage there wasn’t much between the sides as all games finished 0-0 except the final group game where the green team won 1-0. With all teams tied on points except the green team who secured their spot in the final, the other 3 teams played each other one last time to decide a winner. The Red team progressed to the final after a 1-0 win over the yellow team who put up a good fight!

The final finished 0-0 as did the 3rd place play off so both games went to a penalty shootout. After all participants took a penalty, it was the red team who defeated the green team after some very good penalties. In the 3rd place playoffs, it was the yellow team who defeated the blue team after some fantastic saves from yellow team captain Isaac S. Well done to all who took part!


Red- Sofia E, Malachy, Stephen, Luca, Lulu (C), Meadow, Treijon

Blue- Jonah, Flynn, Ezekiel, Mason, Isabella, Alice (C), Ethan

Green- Rory (C), Nell, Joseph, Eva, Aryan, Harry, Ewan

Yellow- Shantay, Saoirse, Aoife, Archie, Abdul, Isaac T, Isaac S (C)

22.11.21 Virtual Sportshall Athletics

Year 6 completed their series of events for the virtual indoor sporthall athletics. The events were speed bounce, vertical jump, standing long jump, seated throw and shuttle run. Year 3 have completed their events also, and so will have Years 4 and 5 over the next few weeks.

South Yorkshire Tag Rugby League Finals 4.11.21


We travelled to Sheffield Hallam's  Sports Field today to play in the South Yorkshire Finals. We were put into a group of 5, so we had 4 games to play. We won 2, drew 1 and lost 1. This put us joint second on points but unfortunately we were unable to make the semi finals by 1 try. However, despite this disappointment we went into the 5th place play off which we won 3-2.

I can say that the effort and team work in every game was excellent and that they did themselves and the school proud.

Well done!


Squad: Frankie, Gabriel, Jenson, Jack, Caiden, Dorian, Ivy, Isabella, Arina and Tiffany.

After School Clubs W/c 1st November 2021


Monday 3:15 - 4:15pm Sports Hall Athletics Y4 - 6

Year 4 - Meadow, Lulu, Abby

Year 5 - Oscar, Analise, Isla, Haadi, Gabriel, Ivy, Amaarah, Jenson & Zainah

Year 6 - Ayten, Dorian


Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15pm Tennis Y3 - 6

Year 3 - Kobim, Jude, Lucy, TJ, Henry, Max, Abbie

Year 4 - Mason, Meadow, Ezekiel, Treijon, Malachy, Alice

Year 5 - Jenson, Jude, Isaac, Caiden, Gabriel, Scarlett Mc
Year 6 - Dorian, Ayten


Thursday 3:15 - 4:15pm Girls Football Y4 - 6

Year 4 - Sofia, Abby, Nell, Alice, Aoife, Sophia

Year 5 - Analise, Arina, Amaarah & Zainah

Year 6 - Lauren

Sports 2021-22

Welcome back everyone. Hopefully we will be able to run various clubs and develop physical activity across this year. We have Kixx and Active Fusion on board currently, who will deliver sessions at lunch time, in lessons and after school. Mr Wells will be delivering after school activities and Dons rugby league will also run sessions as part of the delayed Rugby League World Cup. We are always looking for new oportunities for our pupils to participate in and will try to accomodate as many pupils as possible.

Y5/6 Road to Wembley Heat 1 Winners 14.10.21

We took a team to the Keepmoat Stadium today to play in the Road to Wembley Tournament organised by Doncaster Rovers. With anticipation of doing well we were not disappointed as we came out as winners. A big well done to all who participated. Full report to follow...



Y5/6 Road to Wembley Tournament 14.10.21 by Mr Wells

We took Y5/6 boys to the Keepmoat today to take part in the Road to Wembley Cup. We had a good group stage, winning 3 and losing 2 but only by a 1 goal margin meaning we finished 2nd in our group. In our group stage we scored 12 and only conceded 3 which was a superb effort. We then progressed into the quarter finals where we played Toll Bar primary school who topped their group so offered a big threat. The boys managed to pull off a 2-0 win meaning we progressed to the semi finals where we played Holy Family primary school. We conceded early on and was struggling to find the back of the net until the last 2 minutes of the game where we scored 4 goals, moving us into the final with a 4-1 win. We played Travis St Lawrence primary school in the final who the boys had already played in the group and won 3-0 but this game was a very cagey game from both sides as both sides were feeling the pressure. We got ourselves into the game after a few minutes playing some incredible football and managed to come away with a 1-0 win to win the tournament! A brilliant effort from all involved as all boys gave their all throughout the tournament. This means we progress to play the winners of the second tournament on the keepmoat pitch in December!


Team: Ollie, Dorian, Tayzer, Caiden, Frankie, Kajus, Anish, Hugo

Goal scorers: Kajus (6), Anish(6), Frankie(5), Caiden(2), Dorian(1), Hugo(1)


Y5/6 Tag Rugby League  12.10.21

We took a mixed Y5/6 side to the Keepmoat for the Doncaster Tag Rugby League Finals for the first time today. We anticipated a tough challenge ahead of ourselves and that was what we were faced with. After our group games, we were undefeated and had won each of our 4 games by playing some great rugby and by defending as a team, scoring 10 tries and conceeding just 1. We progressed into the final where we played the winner of the other group. In a heated and physical game where we were forced to make 3 injury subs, we were beaten 5 tries to nil. Although this was disappointing, the tournament had been a great success and we will represent Doncaster in the South Yorkshire Finals as we finished runners up.  

Well done to all involved.

Squad: Frankie, Ivy, Veera, Tiffany, Dorian, Arina, Gabriel, Jenson, Jack, Isabella, Caiden

Year 4 Hockey Tournament

Today, we ended our unit of work on hockey with a class tournament. Each child was placed in a team and then the six teams played each other. There were some close games and lots of really good play. At the end of the tournament, Team D: Shantay, Nell, Flynn, Archie and Abdul were declared the champions having won all 5 of their games, scoring 8 goals in the process.

What really pleased me, was the way that every child had a go and tried their best for their team.

At the end of the tournament I asked each team to elect a star player and the winners of these awards were: Team A - Meadow, Team B - Abby, Team C - Eva, Team D - Nell, Team E - Aoife and Team F - Stephen

Sports Council Meeting 6.10.21


Mr Wynne, Veera, Oscar, Abby, Abdul, Mason, Poojith, Patrick, Ollie


Councillors were welcomed to the meeting.

Discussed after school and lunch time provision.

Initial thoughts were:

Football, hockey, dance, basketball, tennis for after half term and cricket and rounders for Summer.

Mr Wynne made pupils aware of upcoming tournaments in Tag Rugby and Football and that some after school clubs and or lunch times will link in with these competitions.

Actions: Councillors to return to classes and find out what other clubs pupils would like to be run next half term.

Meeting closed.

4.10.21 Year 6 Basketball Competition.

Following a series of lessons practising various aspects of basketball including dribbling, passing and shooting we competed in a mini tournament. We split into 6 teams and played each other once. Each game was played in good spirit showing a good degree of fairness. Team members chose their own person of the tournament for their teams. They were as follows: Ollie, Luca, Dorian, Tayzer, Alisha, Anish and Kajus.


The winning team were Team 4: Adam, Anish, Jared, Akal and Ayten. Well done to you!

Sports After School Clubs - September 2021


Monday Year 3 & 4 Football - Shin pads required

Year 3 - Kobim, James-Thomas, Rayyan, TJ, Matas, Milosz, Romeo & Henry

Year 4 - Abdul, Isabella, Archie, Jonah, Mason, Isaac S, Rory, Ethan & Treijon


Wednesday Tennis Years 3-6

Year 3 - Adam, Adn, Tristan, Maisie, Sinead & Aleena

Year 4 - Abdul, Lulu, Joseph, Stephen & Abby

Year 5 - Ivy, Analise, Arina, Zainah, Nello & Amaarah
Year 6 - Lauren, Mia & Anish


Thursday Year 5 & 6 Football - Shin pads required

Year 5 - Analise, Haadi, Caiden, Jenson, Louis & Jude

Year 6 - Aiden, Akal, Colby, Anish, Patrick & Dorian

Sports 2020-21

Fusion Series KS2 30.6.21

We took part in the Fusion Series this morning with Will from Active Fusion. We participated in a range of activities where our best scores were recorded against each other and to be compared with other schools. The activities included speed bounce, target throw, seated throw, shuttle run and standing long jump. The pupils all enjoyed the activities.

29.6.21 Yorkshire Cricket Challenge.

Our Y3 and Y4 classes took part in a challenge set by Yorkshire Cricket today.

This consisted of 4 challenges. There was the bean bag target toss, target batting for points, rebound catches in 30 seconds and target bowling at some stumps. Although some of the activities were challenging the pupils enjoyed the experience. Well done to all involved.

Year 1 - Sports Day 


Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their sports day races and activities. The results were:


smiley Egg and Spoon - (1st) Blue, (2nd) Green, (3rd) Red, (4th) Yellow

laugh Obstacle Race - (1st) Blue, (2nd) Red, (3rd) Green, (4th) Yellow

smiley Target Throw - (1st) Green, (2nd) Yellow, (3rd) Blue, (4th) Red

laugh Beanbag Distance Throw - (1st) Blue, (2nd) Yellow, (3rd) Red, (4th) Green

smiley Relay Race - (1st) Green, (2nd) Yellow, (3rd) Blue, (4th) Red

laugh Sprint - (1st) Green, (2nd) Blue, (3rd) Red, (4th) Yellow

Year 6 - Thursday 17th June - Sports Week Day 4


Today all of Year 6 took part in their class sports day events.

We completed 9 events in total, including sprint, relay, furthest throw, target throw and skipping. The children encouraged each other and demonstrated fantastic team work. Fun was had by all.

  • In joint first place with 19 points each were Fountain (blue) and Roche (green).
  • In second place with 18 points were Kirkstall (yellow). 
  • In third place with 14 points were Whitby (red).


Well done to all of Year 6!

Year 6 - Wednesday 16th June - Sports Week Day 3


Today’s sporting events saw year 6 taking to the pool for some fun activities.  Everyone was happy to be able to cool off from the heat of the day ... but it wasn't all just floating about!

A small assessment was the first order of the day and saw all our year 6 pupils enter the water at the deep end, tread water, float on their back and then swim the full length of the pool before exiting poolside.  This was a major achievement for some of our swimmers who were experiencing the deep end of the pool for the first time.  Congratulations and a huge well done to all!!

All that hard work was rewarded by a game of mini polo and smiles all round. 

Y4 Sports Day  16.6.21

We decided to do our Sports Day today as the weather forecast is not great over the next few days.

Following trials last week the final participants were decided for each team.


Below are the results of the races


Sprint: 1st Gabriel, 2nd Frankie, 3rd Issak

Egg and Spoon: 1st Arina, 2nd Frankie, 3rd Veera

Top and Tail: 1st Jenson, 2nd Isaac, 3rd Oscar

Though the Hoop: 1st Isaac, 2nd Ivy, 3rd Jude

Ball Carry: 1st Harry, 2nd Analise, 3rd Jude

Skipping: 1stJenson and Oscar, 2nd Jude, 3rd Analise

Target Throw: 1st Isla, 2nd Jack, 3rd Arina

Relay: 1st Yellow, 2nd Red, 3rd Blue


Team positions:

1st Green     2nd Yellow     3rd Blue     4th Red


A big well done to all pupils for their efforts and sports person ship.


Y4 Euro Penalty Shoot Out 16.6.21

The shoot out provided us with lots of shocks as some of the favourites left the competition in the early rounds. This left it open for some surprises to the Final. The semis were played between Netherlands (Frankie and Amaarah) and Belgium (Molly and Louis) with Belgium winning 2-1. The second semi final went to sudden death with Spain (Gabriel and Scarlett H-E) against Scotland (Isaak and Ivy). Spain progressed 4-3 after 7 penalties each.

So the final was between Belgium and Spain. Belgium scored both of their penalties putting pressure on Spain who missed their final shot and so BELGIUM (Louis and Molly) were the WINNERS.


Well done to all participants.



Penalty Shoot Out and Sports Day

Y4 Tri golf and bowls 14.6.21



To celebrate the Euro's 2021, we had a Eurpoean penalty shoot out.  Each pairing of Year 6 children were given a European team to represent.  Each pairing took 4 penalties each and the competition followed a 'knock out' process until we were left with our final game. 


Our WINNERS were Poland (Leo and Lucas) and our runner up position was taken by Portugal (William and Joshua). 

Congratulations to all the teams, great play and sports person ship were displayed throughout.

Year 6 - Monday 14th June 


Today we enjoyed a European class football competition.  Our house teams represented four different European countries as listed below:


  • Whitby (Red Team) were representing Denmark
  • Kirkstall (Yellow Team) were representing Ukraine
  • Roche (Green Team) were representing Portugal
  • Fountains (Blue Team) were representing France


After each team had played each other once, we ended up having a final between France and Portugal.  Portugal became our overall winners on this occassion after snatching a victory with a 1-0 scoreline. Congratulations to both Portugal, for their winning performance, and to France for being our well deserved runners up. 


We had a play off between the remaining teams for 3rd and 4th positions.  This game ended dramatically with a 0 - 0 draw, forcing a nail biting penalty shoot out.  Following the first round of penalty shoot outs, the scoreline remained a 0 - 0 tie.  After stepping up for a second round of penalties, we finally had a victor as Ukraine managed to score 4 of their penalties against Denmark's 2.  Ukraine therefore took 3rd place and Denmark took 4th place. 


Again, all our Year 6 pupils showed great strength of character, sports person ship, support of one another and skill.  Congratulations and well done to all!

Year 6 - Tuesday 15th June - Sports Week Day 2


Today saw more sporting action in the form of a rounders tournament. 

Following a huge amount of running, jumping up and down, cheering and hitting we had finally had some winners.  The margin was tight though and some excellent fielding meant the final score was 2 rounders to 1. 

Well done and massive congratulations to all.  

Year 4 Cricket Competition 10th and 11th June

We concluded our cricket unit with a competition. 4 teams payed each other once. Following the games 3 teams had won 2 and lost 1 so we went to runs scored.

Team 4 came out on top by 9 runs. Team members were: Nello, Bella, Esme, Caiden, Louis, Analise, Eliza and Gabriel.

Throughout the games there was some great bowling, batting and some fantastic catches.

Well done to all pupils.

School Games Poster winners: Y3 Ewan, Y4 Veera, Y5 Lauren and Y6 Summer and Ava. Overall winner chosen by Sports Council Veera. Well done to all those who entered.

Design a School Games Poster

Sports Council Meeting 21.5.21

Bowls Championship 21.5.21

Despite the weather not being kind today we still managed a bowls tournament inside for PE. It was a new experience for most but they adapted well. The knockout competitions were won by Esme and then by Harry and Frankie. Learning how to judge the pace of the bowl was tricky at first but by the end the quality of the bowling was very good with balls being left close to the Jack. Well done to you all.

Y4 Tennis Competition 7.5.21

What a great run of sessions we have had. The weather has not affected any and so improvement has been fantastic. We have built up our hand, eye co-ordination and physical stamina through activities like ball balance, ball bounce, movement shuffle and sprint, target shot and tactics to name a few. The competition was run around a series of courts where pupils rotated to play 7 different pupils. There were some fantastic rallies and choice of shots by many pupils. The use of forehand and backhand shots were shown by many pupils. There were a number of games that were won by 1 or 2 points. 

The final results are as follows:

Joint first: Jack and Frankie

Joint second: Isaak, Amaarah and Caiden

Well done to all pupils.

Sports Council Representatives

Abdul, Saoirse, Frankie, Lewis, Tayzer, Hugo, Summer and Ava

Y4 Tag Rugby Competition. 1.4.21

Following our unit of work on Tag rugby we finished with a competition. The pupils were able to transfer the skills learned in these sessions to compete at a high level. The games were fast flowing with faints, dodging and great tagging alongside some great tries. Team 4 of Zainah, Isaac, Oscar, Amaarah, Bella and Molly were the winners. Well done to everyone.

Personal Challenge Y3: 19th and 26th March

Well done to all of the Y3 who participated in a personal challenge set by Mr Wells and Mr Dent over a 2 week period. The activities that they worked hard at were star jumps, speed bounce, clap catch, sprint, long jump, burpees and ball bounce. The children really enjoyed the activities and the fact that they were trying to beat their best efforts from the previous weeks. Well done to all of you.

Personal challenge results

Spring PE Timetable 2021



















Y5 (if no swimming)

















Y5 Swimming























Club Doncaster Foundation are working in partnership with the EFL Trust to deliver a national initiative called the Joy of Moving Winter Games.


The Joy of Moving Winter Games is of a pack of fun activities designed to suit the current lockdown restrictions. 


The games and activities are designed to inspire active lifestyles in children, aiming to teach them how to enjoy moving through play and to help them develop positive habits for adulthood. All games and activities are appropriate for children in Key Stage 1 and 2.

New Year New Challenges.

It is my first real update this year. Having planned many exciting opportunities for the Autumn Term we have regrettably been unable to deliver many of them due to the restrictions placed on us by Government Guidance.

On a positive note our relationship with Active Fusion has meant that we have used their expertise during outdoor sessions whilst keeping to the guidelines. Pupils and staff alike are really enjoying their input.

We are enrolled to be part of the Rugby League World Cup which is scheduled to take place later this year. Fingers crossed that it is.

Also, competition within classes continues with end of unit tournaments being held. More news on this to follow. 

Personal Sports Challenge 17.12.20

We took part in a personal sports challenge today. It consisted of a sprint, speed bounce, javelin throw, standing jump and shot putt. Each pupils score was recorded and totalled up. This gave us the chance to beat our personal best next term and to find out who recorded to best scores in class this time.



1st Frankie 1176.2 pts, 2nd Jude 1175.6 pts, 3rd Gabriel 1053.7 pts


1st Ivy 976.8 pts, 2nd Veera 959.9 pts, 3rd Esme 939 pts


The end of our Basketball sessions in Y4 culminated in a 6 team competition. Throughout the games it was pleasing to see the improved dribbling, catching and shooting skills shown by all pupils. Veera and Isla were great at catching, Jack was a great allrounder, Isaac dribbled well and both Frankie and Isaak produced some fantastic shots. The competition was close with the winner coming after taking goal difference into consideration. The winners were Team 1. Isla, Veera, Gabriel, Scarlett Mc, and Frankie. Well done to you all.

Y3 Intra School Tournament


On Friday 23/10/20, Y3 took part in an Intra school football Tournament. This football tournament took place during our last PE session of the half term. This tournament was designed so that the children could use their skills which they have learned in PE in game situations.

In the 1st game, the Green team got off to a flyer beating the Red team 6-1 with everyone in the team scoring. Yellow team also got off to a good start beating the Blue team 1-0. In the 2nd game, the Green team were held to a 2-2 draw against the Yellow team. The Red team held out a 1-0 win against the Blue team. In the 3rd and final game of the group stage, the Green team beat the Blue team 3-0 meaning that the Blue team were unable to reach the final. The Yellow team only needed a draw to claim their spot in the final against the Green team but were beaten by the Red team, which meant the Red team had booked their place in the final!

After an end to end final and some great saves and defending, the Green Team prevailed as the winners of the football tournament, beating the Red team 2-1. Congratulations to the green team. Commiserations to the Red team who put in a great effort in the final and were unlucky to not win.

In the 3rd place game, the Yellow team came up against the Blue team who were looking for their first win but were unfortunate to not get it as the Yellow team won 1-0 through a penalty.


Green- Abby (c), Treijon, Isaac T, Sophia B, Aryan, Alice

Red- Archie (c), Jonah, Stephen, Isabella, Meadow

Yellow- Ewan (c), Eva, Lulu, Luca, Flynn, Malachy

Blue- Nell (c), Ezekiel, Abdul, Joseph, Saoirse, Ethan


Player of the Tournament- Malachy

Malachy was awarded Player of the Tournament for his sportsmanship and also for his great teamwork throughout the whole tournament. Well Done and keep it up!

Top Scorer- Abby

Abby was rewarded Top Scorer of the Tournament, scoring 3 goals in 4 games. Well done, a great effort!

Playtime Rewards Year 3

Autumn 1


Throughout this half term, Year 3 have been taking part in an ongoing football competition which has took place during their breaks and dinner times. The children were competing with each other to try and win awards. These awards were; Top scorer, Most Assists and Most Star Players. The Star Player awards were decided after each break by Mr Wells and Mr Dent.


The Top Scorer of Year 3 this year was Abdul, scoring 48 goals! Congratulations! He was closely followed by Treijon, who finished on 44 goals. A great effort! He will be looking to win the Top Scorer next half term I am sure!

The Player with the Most Assists in Year 3 was Harry, Assisting 10 goals! Congratulations! He was followed by Archie, who assisted 6 goals. Well Done!

The Player with the most Star Player Awards was Ezekiel, who was awarded 6 Star Players. Congratulations! He was closely followed by Ethan, who was awarded 4 Star Players for his goalkeeping. Great Work!

At the end of half term, all children involved in the football competition were given the chance to vote for their Player of the Term. After a close vote, Harry prevailed as Player of the Term. Congratulations and Well deserved!

Mr Wells and Mr Dent also voted for who they thought was the best player this half term and after a tough vote, they decided that Abdul was the Teachers Player of the Term for his great goal scoring ability and also for his great sportsmanship throughout the half term. Congratulations!

I am now looking forward to seeing who comes out on top this half term. Best of luck to all!

23.10.20 Y4 Hockey Competition


Year 4 Hockey Competition.

Following weeks of PE and learning different hockey skills we finished with a competition of four teams who played each other twice. As the games progressed the skill level increased as did the game play and positioning of players. The competition was eventually won by the RED team who managed to adjust to the intensity of the competition quickest. They scored the most goals and conceded the fewest. Well done to Frankie, Harry, Nello, Alex, Isaak and Gabriel.

Also, a mention must be given to Annalise for her tenacity in the tackle, Arina's close ball skills, Jenson's array of passing, Isaac B's positioning, Louis's fair play attitude and Jack's dribbles.

October 2020


Please see the attached newsletter from Active Fusion who work closely with our school to provide a range of PE activities.


Thank you




September 2020


School Games Certificate


St Peter's has been recognised for their ongoing commitment and achievement in the School Games Programme during the Autumn & Spring Terms 2019/20



SCHOOL GAMES WEBSITE Please visit  regularly to check the sporting events that have taken place in our school. (use St Peter's Catholic Primary School DN4 5EP in the 'Your School' box) Some children have written blogs about their event too!

Sports 2019-20

After School Clubs – Feb 2020 -Mar 2020


Monday 3:30-4:30 – Tag Rugby 20 places

Y5: Lucas,

Y4: Oliver W, Olivier L, Dorian, Colby, Sam, Anish

Y3: Jude, Jenson, Oscar, Isaak, Gabriel, Harry


Tuesday 3:30-4:30 – Street Dance - Continuing & New Member 20 places

Y6: Connie, Georgie,

Y5: Emily, Aleena, Ariaana, Erin, Youanna

Y4: Lauren, Sophia, Oscar

Y3: Jude, Arina, Jenson, Gabriel, Isla, Analise, Aniello, Amaarah, Bella, Leo, Sophie, Zainah


Thursday 3:30-4:15 – Football 20 places - starting Thurs 5th March

Y4: Cruz, Patrick L, Oliver W, Olivier L, Dorian, Colby, Hugo, Sam, Anish

Y3: Leo, Haadi, Jude, Jenson, Oscar, Isaak, Gabriel, Harry, Arina, Jack





Hockey Competition Y4

Our hockey unit in PE came to an end this week. We have had a great run of weather and it held out until the end. After developing our stick skills of passing, moving, shooting, dribbling, attack and defense we embarked on our own competition. We were divided into six teams and played five games each. The standard of play was very good with some stand out performers, Anish, Oscar, Kajus, Dorian, Belle and Tayzer. The competition came down to the last game, with Team 6 winning, so leveled on points with Team 2. However, by goal difference Team 6 were crowned the winners.

Well done Team 6

Kajus, Oscar, Cruz and Dorian.

Sports Council Meeting


In attendance: Y3: Frankie and Isaak, Y4: Dorian and S, Y5: Josh and Arianna, Y6: Alex H and Georgie.

Pupils were welcomed to the meeting.

Explanation of how the Playground Leaders and Referees were going to work. There is a timetable of where and which pupils will be carrying out the tasks in Y5 and Y6 classrooms, on the art room window and in Mr Ward’s window.

PGL are to play alongside pupils, look after the equipment and to then develop small games such as follow the leader and relay games.

Referees are to be as fair as possible and to be issued with red and yellow cards. Any problems with the referees should be reported to Mr Wells or Mr Wynne.

Both PGL and referees must be respected and listened to. If pupils don’t play fairly then they will not be allowed to join in with the activity.

Mr Wynne asked pupils to ask class mates if there were any sports that they would like to try out in Sports week with the aim of bringing people in to give taster sessions or to use the equipment in school. We have table tennis, golf, bowls and curling as well as the usual sports that could be tried. There are already some competitive elements booked in with Active Fusion with the focus on running, throwing and jumping through the Fusion Series.

Next meeting scheduled for after half term.

Meeting closed.

Road to Wembley

On Friday 24th January the Year 5/6 boys got the opportunity to take in part in a competition at the Keepmoat Stadium. It was a big competition with 44 teams there. The boys played well as a team went throughout to the knockout stages, winning 3 and losing 1 in the league. In the last 16 we played Mount Carmel and put in a great performance, which was commented on by those organising the competition. It was a very close game, but a lovely freekick by Alex made the difference and we won 1-0. Then it was onto the quarter finals, where unfortunately we lost 3-1 against Howden, who will go onto compete in the final at the Keepmoat Stadium on the 8th February. 

Well done to all those who took part!

Squad- Lucas, William, Freddy, Josh, Alex, George, Zach

​​​​​​South Yorkshire U11 Girls Football.

We travelled to Sheffield United Football Academy to play in the S. Yorkshire finals on the 28th January. We played 4 games in our league, drawing 3 and losing 1. Unfortunately we were unable to progress through to the next stages. It was a tough group, with scoring being difficult between the teams. In some of the games it was the case that we could not find a goal despite dominating and creating chances. As they say 'it was just one of those days.' The football we played  was outstanding at times and I could not have asked for any more effort. They were a credit to the school. A big thank you to staff and parents who at very short notice enabled us to participate.

Squad: Natalie, Ola, Arianna, Elena, Holly, Ava, Abbie and Nicoll 

South Yorkshire U11 Girls Football

National In2Hockey Schools Championships - South Yorkshire Round

Under 11 Girls: Year 5 – Alena, Arianna, Ava and Ola

Year 6 – Abbie, Georgie, Holly, Leah and Natalie


Following their success in the Doncaster round of the National In2Hockey Schools Championships, nine of our Year 5 and 6 Girls went to Hill House School on a very cold and windy, Friday 24th January 2020, to take part in the South Yorkshire round. Unfortunately, the event had been timetabled such that our girls had to watch three matches before they could get on the pitch, however, this did allow for some tactical observation of the opposing teams!


When our girls finally did make it onto the pitch they were faced against Thornhill Primary school. An early and somewhat lucky goal from Thornhill Primary saw them take an early lead but our girls did not let this put them off and they kept battling on. Most of the play was in our half of the pitch with our girls challenging plenty. However, another goal from Thornhill saw the 14minute match end with a 2 – 0 loss to us.


Due to an empty pitch on the boy’s side, and the overall play running behind schedule, our girls were asked if they could play their second game immediately after the first game had finished. They grabbed a quick drink and were back on the pitch with a fighting attitude on board. This time our girls faced Hill House White Stars. Again our girls battled hard and Hill House White Stars could only manage to score two goals against us. Unfortunately, the ball simply would not go in the back of the goal for us and the game ended with another 2 – 0 victory to Hill House White Stars.


Exhausted and slightly deflated, our girls headed off the pitch to get a well-earned drink and rest, however, due to their current positioning within the table at that point, they were called straight back on to play the third place playoff round. For the third time our girls put on a valiant performance, but tiredness got the better of them and a well-rested opposition side was able to get the better of us. The game ended 3 – 0 to Mount St Mary’s.


The score-lines on the day did not reflect the attitude, ability or play of our girls. They were even praised by Hill House coaching staff for their calmness on the ball and passing skills, looking up for the best past rather than just hitting the ball.


Could I thank Mrs Fisher for the report and to all members  of staff who helped with the organisation and running of the event. It is much appreciated.

Mr Wynne


After School Clubs (Jan 2020) Spring 1


Monday Boxercise 3:30-4:30

YR6: Holly, Natalie, Mariam, Alex H, George, Zach W

YR5: James M, William, Lucas

YR4: Akal, Oliver W, Patrick, Cruz, Dorian, Olivier L, Anish, Lauren


Tuesday Street Dance 3:30-4:30

Y6: Connie, Georgie

YR5: Emily, Aleena, Ariaana, William

YR4: Olivier L, Lauren, Sophia H, Oscar

YR3: Jenson, Arina, Jude, Isla, Annalise, Aniello, Gabriel, Amaarah


Thursday Football 3:30-4:15

YR6: Holly, Natalie, Alex H, George, Zach W, Abbie, Freddy

YR5: Ava, Aleena, Elena, Ariaana, Ola, William, Leo, Lucas

YR4: Dorian, Patrick, Anish, Hugo, Oliver, Tayzer, Colby




Doncaster Girls Y5/6 Football


A huge well done to our Y5/6 girls football team who once again proved themselves to be the top girls football team in Doncaster. Having worked hard to top their group with 2 wins and 2 draws they progressed into the semi finals. There, they faced Bentley who had won each of their games. St. Peter's were too strong and ran out comfortable 2-0 winners.

That took us into the final to play Woodlands. Again, we were the dominant team, creating lots of chances but unfortunately we could not find the breakthrough. The game went to extra time, ended 0-0 and then to penalties. After 3 penalties each and 1-1, it went to sudden death. With everyone having taken one it was left to Natalie to score the winner with a cool penalty into the top corner. They now progress to the South Yorkshire Finals.

Thank you to parents for support and to the staff that helped organise and supervise on the day. 

Squad: Natalie, Ola, Nicoll, Arianna, Elena, Holly, Ava and Abbie.



After School Clubs - November 2019


Monday 3:30-4:30 INDOOR ATHLETICS - Jonny Harvey - FULL

Y6: Alex H, Natalie, Holly, Zach W, Leah, George, Jacob N

Y5: Nicoll, Ola

Y4: Olivier L, Dorian, Oliver W, Anish

Y3: Amaarah, Aniello, Jenson, Caiden, Gabriel, Jude, Oscar H, Leo, Isaac H, Jack M


Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Cheerleading - Continuing & new members -Miss Ellie- Cre8ive Dance

Y6: Connie, Georgie, Amelia-Jayne

Y5: Emily, Arianna, Ola, Elena, Aleena, Nicoll, Anjali

Y4: Lauren, Sophia

Y3: Ivy, Bella, Amaarah, Isla, Analise, Molly, Sophie, Harpreet, Scarlett, Arina, Zainah,Sophie


Thursday 3:30-4:15 FOOTBALL - Mr McNicholas - FULL

Y4: Ollie, Hugo, Olivier L, Dorian, Oliver W, Colby, Tayzer, Sam, Anish, Akal

Y3: Haadi, Amaarah, Isla, Analise, Aniello, Jenson, Caiden, Harry S, Oscar H, Isaac H, Jack M


Friday 3:30-4:15 BASKETBALL - Continuing - Cat - Danum Eagles

Y2: Aoife, Harry, Archie, Luca, Isaac S, Abdul, Joseph, Isabella, Abby, Treijon

Y1: Jude, Aleena, Lucy, Tristan, Matas, Adam, Hubert, Milosz, Max, Olivier

Boccia and Kurling 23.10.19

Inter Boccia and Kurling

Today, we took 30 pupils to Don Valley to participate in a Boccia and Kurling Competition, sports which few of our children have experienced before. Following some demonstrations, they were divided into teams and competed against teams from other schools, 19 teams in total. The games were close and there was not much to choose between them. Our teams unfortunately didn't progress beyond the group stages but can be proud of their efforts. The pupils enjoyed the experience and can be commended for their good behaviour. Well done to you all.

Thank you to Mrs Pennington and Mrs Ward for your help.

Boccia and Kurling 23.10.19

Intra Boccia and Kurling

Our Y3/4 pupils had the opportunity to try their hands at boccia and Kurling in school today. Having seen examples of how to play they were split into teams that competed in a round robin competition. The winners and runners up from each group played off the quarter, semi and finals of each.

The boccia champions were Kajus and Louis.

The Kurling champion was Caiden.

It was also commented that Oscar, Cruz, and Caiden showed great sports personship.

 Thank you to Mr Wells and Mrs Hamilton who helped run the event.

Doncaster Hockey Champions!

On Thursday 17th October some of the Year 5/6 boys and girls competed in the Doncaster Schools Hockey Tournament and Hill House. They all played fantastic and worked well as a team, not losing 1 game between them. The boys finished 2nd in their group, with 2 draws and 1 win, not conceding a goal. 

The girls finished 1st in their group, winning 4 and drawing 2. They went onto the final and won 2-1 against Green Top, coming back from being 1-0 down to be crowned Doncaster Champions, a fantastic achievement! If there was a golden stick, it would have had to be given to Abbie for scoring all 12 of the goals, well done!

Well done to all who competed and a special thank you to Mrs Hopson for supporting. 


Girls team- Arianna, Ola, Elena, Leah, Ava, Abbie, Natalie, Georgie and Holly

Boys team- William, Lucas, Reece, Josh.B, Alex.H, Zach.W, George and Freddy

Key Stage 2 Intra School Football Competition

Yesterday, we had a KS2 Intra School Football Competition to finish of the half term. The competition consisted of 4 teams; Blue team, Red team, Yellow team and Green team. Each team had 8 representatives from different year groups who battled it out to become Champions!


After a lot of high intensity games it was the Blue team who prevailed as the winners, beating the Yellow team 3-2 in the final. The yellow team can feel hard done by as they could have stole it by being awarded 2 penalties late on which were both saved by Natalie who won it for her team. Below are the final standings: 


  • 1st - Blue team
  • 2nd - Yellow team
  • 3rd - Green team
  • 4th - Red team





Intra KS2 Football Competition

Y4 Basketball

Following 6 weeks of skills development and improving game play we ended our Basketball unit with a round robin tournament. Following the fixtures the Green Team were the winners. They managed 2 wins and 1 defeat in the 3 games played. Well done to the red team who made the most progress in team play across the games that they played.

Cross Country 10.10.19

Results from today are as follows:

Y3/4 Boys

Team A 13th, Team B 29th out of 31 teams.


Y3/4 Girls

Team A 12th, Team B 23rd out of 29 teams.


Y5/6 Boys

Team A 3rd, Team B 19th out of 33 teams. 


Y5/6 Girls

Team A 12th, Team B 25th out of 32 teams.


More details to follow...

Cross Country

Thursday 10th October saw 30 of our year 3, 4, 5 and 6 girls and boys compete against a number of schools from around Doncaster at the Cross Country Races. Joined by a number of parents, we headed over to the Keepmoat Stadium in high spirits and hoping that the rain would stay away!

Heavy rainfall in the previous days made the course even more challenging this year and there were plenty of puddles and muddy patches to negotiate along the way. A little bit of rain wasn’t going to put our St Peters warriors off however and they were keen to get started and show everyone just what they were made of.

First to race were the year 3 and 4 girls. Despite starting right at the back of the competitors, our girls did themselves proud and Isabella managed to overtake most of the competition to come in 4th place, with the rest of the girls following not too far behind.

Our year 3 and 4 boys were next to take up the challenge and once again did a fantastic job of pushing through the competition, despite once again having started from the back of the group.

The weather took a turn for the worst for the year 5 and 6 races and although the rain did hold off, it got very cold and windy out there on the course. First up to race were the girls, who were cheered round the final leg of the course by our year 3 and 4 pupils. Summer valiantly took joint last place in this race, having stopped along the way to help a girl from another school who was struggling. Finally, our year 5 and 6 boys took to the course while the rest of our parents and pupils supported from the side lines. Despite a few knocks and bumps along the way, our boys were soon passing the finish line having once again overtaken many of other competitors.

Once again, the children from St Peters showed great determination, strength of character, talent and support for one another. Their behaviour was second to none and they did a fantastic job of representing both themselves and the school. Well done St Peter’s Cross Country Racers!!

Thank you also to those parents who gave up their time to come and support the children, your help was invaluable.

World Championships


On Friday Years 4 and 6 had the opportunity to go to see the Women's Junior World Championship Road Race which started at the Dome. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch riders from as far as Australia race against each other to see who would be crowned as World Champion. Although we had an early start in the morning the children were enthusiastic to watch the riders. We were able to watch them as they signed on. Then we went to the side of the new cycle track to cheer the rider on. The children then enjoyed an ice-skating session and came home with a free goody bag. 


Thanks to all the helpers for coming along!

Women's Junior World Championships

Still image for this video

Y3/4 Football at Doncaster Foundation

Well done to our Y3/4 boys footballers who represented our school at a local competition run by Doncaster Foundation. Having not played competitively as a group before, the boys did really well to win the group that they were in. Having progressed to the quarter final phase they found themselves beaten in a close encounter. Thank you to the staff and parents for their ongoing support and to the boys for their efforts.



On Thursday the Year 5 and 6 boys took part in the Doncaster schools football competition at Goals. There were 32 teams that entered across all of Doncaster! It was the first time the boys played together and it was great to watch them develop and gel as a team as the tournament progressed.


We finished first in the group stages on goal difference with two convincing 5-0 wins. After progressing through to the cup in the knockout stages we played Kirk Sandall in the round of 16 and won 2-0. This took us through to the quarter finals where we played Auckley. After being 2-0 down, the boys played as a team and brought it back to 2-2. It went to penalties and we won 3-2. We then reached the semi-finals where we played a very skilled Norton side and unfortunately lost 4-2. They boys played great and look forward to their next competition. 


Team: Lucas, William, Freddy, Alex, George, Zach, Henry, Josh


Thanks to Mr McNicholas for training them and coming along. Thanks to parents for their support.


Sports September 2019-20

After school sports clubs Autumn first half term.


Monday: Hockey 3:30 - 4:30

Year 6: Holly, Alex H, George, Natalie, Abbie, Freddy, Zach W, Leah

Year 5: Reece, Myles, William, Lucas, 

Year 4: Oliver W, Dorian, Olivier L, Lauren, Akal, Anish, Cruz, Luca, Colby


Tuesday: Cheerleading 3:30 - 4:30

Year 6: Connie, Georgie

Year 5: Ariaana, Anjali, Nicoll, Aleena, Elena, Ola, Emily

Year 4: Lauren

Year 3: Molly, Isla, Sophie, Bella, Arina, Scarlett H-E, Analise, Harpreet, Ivy, Amaarah 


Thursday: Football 3:30 - 4:15

Year 6: Alex H, George, Holly, Abbie, Freddy, Zach W, Jacob N

Year 5: Ariaana, Reece, Myles, Nicoll, Aleena, Elena, Ola, Beshoy, Ava, William, Lucas, Luumuno


Friday: Basketball 3:30 - 4:15

Year 2: Aoife, Harry, Archie, Luca, Isaac.S, Abdul, Joseph, Isabella, Abby, Treijon

Year 1: Jude, Aleena, Lucy, Tristan, Matas, Milosz, Adam, Hubert, Max, Olivier

Start collecting the stickers from Aldi to help us get sport kit for school.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


South Yorkshire Cricket Finals

The finals began in shaky fashion. In game 1 we bowled lots of no-balls which contributed to a heavy defeat and though things improved in game 2 we also lost, due to 3 careless wickets in the last 2 overs. Game 3 went to the wire, winning by 4 runs, again having lost a couple of late wickets. Game 4 was even closer; this time winning by 2 runs after hitting a four off the last ball!

In our league there was one team who had won all of their games and they went to the final immediately. Two teams, St Peter’s being one, had won two and lost two and we missed out on the third place play off by virtue of scoring fewer runs.

The team worked incredibly hard, improving in each game as they were asked to and were unlucky not to have progressed further. They played with a great spirit and everyone contributed in the games they played in. 

Game 1: Mundella (268) v St Peter’s (237)

Game 2: Tinsley Meadows (225) v St Peter’s (218)

Game 3: Thornhill (250) v St Peter’s (254)

Game 4: Greenfireld (242) v St Peter’s (244)

Catholic Cup- Champions Again!


On Friday, it was the Catholic Cup football tournament at McAuley. It was a fantastic day, which was enjoyed by all! We took a Y5/6 boys and girls team, who were both the stand out teams of the tournament. In the boys league there were 10 teams, the boys won 8 games and lost 1, finishing 1st in the league with 24 points (5 points clear of second place). In the girls league, there were 9 teams, the girls won 6 games and drew 2, finishing 1st on 20 points, 7 points clear of second place and not conceding a single goal. 


This took both teams through to the semi-finals where the boys played St.Mary's and won a comfortable 2-0. The girls drew 0-0 against St.Patrick's but unfortunately got knocked out on penalties, losing 2-1. It was a great team performance by the girls, which was commented on by the McAuley staff. Also they still did not concede a goal during normal play, which is a great achievement. 

In the final of the boys competition, it was a very close encounter against St.Joseph's. During the first half of the game the boys had to do a lot of defending against a very good passing side. As the game continued, they started to create more opportunities and showed their class with a good team play, which was finished by a lovely goal by Toby. The boys got a thoroughly deserved win, with the final score at 1-0 and winning the overall tournament. 


Well done to everyone who participated, they were a credit to the school. The way in which they conducted themselves on and off the pitch was commented on by other schools as well.


Boys Team: Daniel, Josh, Olivier, Sebastian, Alex, George, Zach, Toby and Jacob.

Girls Team: Natalie, Caitlin, Molly, Erin, Iga, Feechi, Holly, Arianna and Abbie.


Well done to all pupils, staff, after school clubs, Fit 2 Play, Cat from Doncaster Danum Eagles, Doncaster Rovers, Kixx, Cre8ive Dance, Jonny Harvey, Steve McNicholas and family and friends for all of your support in once again helping us to reach the School Games GOLD standard for our commitment to PE and school sport at St Peter's. Four years running! BRILLIANT!

Y5/6 Athletics at the Keepmoat

A huge well done to those pupils who went to the Keepmoat for the Athletics event yesterday. I have been told that they supported each other in every event and tried their best. Toby did really well in the long jump, the team won their relay shuttle race and both Feechi and Brandon ran well in the 600m race.
Thank you to the staff and parents for your support. 

Year 2 and Year 4 Sports Day Events

Today Y2 and Y4 took the opportunity to complete their Sports Day Events which were cancelled last week. We completed all of the events that were scheduled and the pupils really enjoyed the afternoon's session. Look at the pictures to be posted later to see who won and the events in action.

Day 5

The last day of sports week included the sponsored walk and Summer Fair in the afternoon so some classes took the opportunity to use the morning to play some more sport.

Mr Ward took Y2 and Reception for gymnastics which included using balance beams, climbing frames and lots of concentration.

Year 4 played volleyball. Something which was totally new to some and quite a challenge for others. However, all pupils improved as the session progressed.

Year 6 played a game of traditional cricket and finished with the old favourite, quick cricket.


Can I please thank all staff who have provided activities for their classes in addition to the normal 2 sessions of PE to enhance the range of experiences that the different sports are able to give. Who knows, we might have encourage 1 or 2, hopefully more, to become involved in sport and become more active and healthy.  Could I also thank the pupils for their hard work and efforts also.

Day 4

Today saw the Reception, Year1 and Year 2 classes complete their Fusion Series activities. The activities included speed bounce, shuttle run, standing long jump and target throw. Lots of fun was had be everyone.

A selection of Y4 pupils went to the Drax Cricket Tournament and were very successful. A detailed report can be found below.

The Y4 left in school played darts. Activities included darts bingo, top score and killer darts.

Year 6 played rounders as did Y5.

Year 3 completed their cricket game. 

Y3 / 4  Cricket Tournament

St Peter’s won their group with ease beating Barnburgh A, Auckley B and Morley B with every player contributing with runs, wickets and great fielding.

In the semi-final, against Warmsworth , they were again comfortable winners which set up a final against last year’s winners, Windhill.

Fielding first in the final the team restricted the opposition well with some superb stops on the boundary but a few dropped catches were costly. The reply stuttered with quite a few careless dismissals for catches and run outs and it was these which cost the match.

In terms of runs scored we were only five runs short of Windhill but losing 8 wickets as opposed to them losing just the one meant the winning margin was 40 runs.

Each member of the squad played well and with a great deal of sportsmanship and they now go through to the South Yorkshire Finals as runners up.

Squad: Josh, William, Leo, Lucas Reece, Scarlett, Elena, Ebube, Ava and Arianna

Day 3 of Sports Week

Unfortunately, we had to cancel Sports afternoon due to the weather but that did not stop classes improvising themselves.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were excited to be introduced to Tots Rugby delivered by Stuart from Fit 2 Play. Year 5 and 6 did throwing and catching activities with Rovers, Year 6 also played table tennis. Year 4 played indoor bowls, Year 3 had a cricket match and Year 2 completed a fitness circuit.

Day 2 of Sports Week

Day 2 of Sports week has seen Active Fusion deliver the Fusion series to KS2. Events included speed bounce, standing long jump, sprint and target throw. The pupils really enjoyed the activities and are looking forward to their results. Fingers crossed.

Year 4 have also had a mini rounders competition. Team 1 wnning 5 and 1/2 to 4 and 1/2 in a close game.

There have been lots of classes practicing for sports day tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

Creative have continued with the dance work in Year 2 and Year 3.

Year 6 have also been out with a Rounders competition which follows their cricket match yesterday.

Putting Champions for the boys, Zakk and for the girls, Ola and Erin. Team winners, Josh, Lucas and William

Our New Kit Has Arrived

Anyone for golf? As sports week begins Y4 try a bit of golf.

Sports week

June 17th-21st 2019





After school




Mini kicks Rec

Indoor Y4

Indoor Y5

Outdoor Y3

Mini kicks Y1

Cricket Y4-6


Indoor Rec

Active Fusion: Fusion series Y3-4

Active Fusion: Fusion series Y5-6

Indoor Zumba Y2

Outdoor Y1


Indoor Zumba  Y3

Outdoor Y6

Zumba Y3-6


Fit2Play: Tots Rugby


Fit2Play: Tots Rugby R-Y2

Sports afternoon: Rovers to help

Sports afternoon: Rovers to help

Rovers Y1-2


Swimming Y5

Active Fusion: Fusion series  R-Y2

Selection of y4 Cricket comp@ Doncaster Town CC- day

Active Fusion: Fusion series R-Y2


Selection of y4 Cricket comp@ Doncaster Town CC- day

Indoor Y1

Outdoor Y2


Selection of y4 Cricket comp@ Doncaster Town CC- day




Selection of y4 Cricket comp@ Doncaster Town CC- day

Football Y5-6


Indoor Rec


Indoor Y6

Outdoor Y4

Sponsored Walk


Sponsored Walk

Tennis Y4-6


Winners Again 13.6.19

A huge well done to our Y5/6 Tag Rugby team who won the Bowl Competition at the Doncaster Tag Rugby Champions League Finals today. In a competition where games were won by one try or drawn, the top 5 sides were split by a couple of points and tries scored after the 8 teams had played each other once. We won 3 and lost 4. We were fifth so qualified for the Bowl competition. In the semi finals we beat Plover 4-3 and progressed to the final where we beat Kingfisher 4-3 who beat us in the league to win the bowl. Throughout the day the pupils were excellent both in team play, skills and behaviour. Thank you to Mrs Hopson for supporting us on the day.

Squad: Toby. Alex, George, Henry, Olivier, Natalie, Iga, Molly, Zach W, and Joshua.


Tag Rugby Winners

Active Fusion Delivery 6.6.19

On Thursday Active Fusion were in school to deliver Rounders skills to Y2 and Y4. The day involved throwing , catching, fielding, batting and game play. The pupils really enjoyed the activities and look forward to their next session with Active Fusion which is fitness based.

Active Fusion Delivery

Year 4 Cricket 7.6.19

Following our cricket lessons the pupils competed against each other to show off and put their skills into action. Having been split into 4 teams Team 3 were the eventual winners scoring 172 runs. 2nd were team 1 with 163 runs, team 4 were 3rd with 160 runs and team 2 were 4th with 56 runs.

Well done to Reece, Nicol, Luumuno, Ava and Aleena who made up team 3.

Cricket competition Y4

Play on the Pitch@ Doncaster Rovers FC. 21.5.19


Well what can I say? Another fantastic result from our school at a major event in Doncaster once again.

On Tuesday we took two teams to the Keepmoat for the play on the pitch tournament. Having enjoyed lots of team building events the focus was then turned to the football. The Y6 team were in a tough group and had to wait until the final game in their group was played to find out if they qualified for knockouts. They finished runners up and qualified for the round of 16. There, they beat Mt Carmel 1-0. In the quarter finals they went to penalties, St John's the opponents missing two and us scoring two which meant that we were through to the semi finals. Here we beat Norton 2-1, Jacob scoring a spectacular goal into the top corner and a speculative overhead lob  of the goal keeper fro the touchline. In the final we beat Barnburgh 1-0 with a superb free kick by Toby which went in off the underside of the bar. It can be viewed on Doncaster Foundation twitter feed by the way! It was a tremendous effort by Daniel, Josh F, Jacob, Olivier, Molly, Toby, Iga and Feechie  to come out on top from 40 other schools.

The Y5 didn't reach the same dizzy heights as Y6 but can be proud of their performance non-the-less. They played themselves into the tournament but unfortunately they couldn't progress into the knockout stages, however the football they played gives us hope of future success net year! Well done Zack, Holly, Abbie, George, Freddy, Jacob, Alex H and Henry.

Could I also thank staff, parents and carers for their help and support across the day.




Y4 Hockey Competition 3.5.19

After completing their hockey unit, Y4 competed in teams against each other to show case the skills that they had developed. Following a round robin tournament the eventual winners were the Yellow Team. They were followed by Red, Blue and Green. The winning squad consisted of Ava, Ariaana, Josh, Alena, Myles Ola and Ebube.

Well done to all of the pupils for their hard work.  

Break dance after school club. Thank you to all parents who came and watched. The pupils were fantastic once again!

Summer after school clubs

Monday Cricket 3:30-4:30

Year 6

Josh F, Olivier, Jacob, Toby, Harri, Rhys, Josh O

Year 5

Holly, Alex, Gvidas, George, Natalie, Freddy, Zach W, Abbie, Jacob

Year 4

Joel, Lucas, Reece, Arianna, William


Tuesday Zumba 3:30-4:30

Year 6

Erim M

Year 5

Connie, Georgie

Year 4

Evie, Joel, Arianna, Tiffany, Erin, Nicoll, Elena, Ola, Zuzanna, Youanna, Aleena, Anjali

Year 3

Lauren, Akal


Wednesday Rovers Football 3:30-4:15

Year 1

Malachy, Ezekiel, Isaac, Harry, Archie, Mason, Abdul, Stephen, Trejon, Joseph, Flynn, Luca

Year 2

Isaac, Arina, Jack, Gabriel, Isla, Jude, Amaarah, Bella, Jenson, Frankie, Harry, Analise, Isaak, Ivy, Aniello


Thursday Football 3:30-4:15

Year 6

Josh F, Daniel, Sebastian, Olivier, Jacob, Toby, Erin F, Molly, Caitlin, Feechi, Toochi, Josh O

Year 5

Holly, Alex, George, Zach W, Abbie


Friday Tennis 3:30-4:30 Full- If places become available then pupls will be notified by Mr Wynne.

Year 6

Josh f, Josh L, Sebastian, Olivier, Jacob, Toby, Rhys, Josh O, Erim M

Year 5

Holly, Alex, Gvidas, George, Natalie, Freddy, Zach W

Year 4

Tiffany, Nicoll, Elena, Ola, Youanna, Joel, Reece, Evie

Creative opportunities during Easter holidays

After school Clubs begin on Monday 25th February

Monday Y6-4 Orienteering 3:30-4:30

Y6: Josh L, Jessica, Josh O, Harri, Iga, Erin M, Caitlin, Olivier, Josh F

Y5: Holly, Abbie, Mariam, Alex F, Natalie, Zach W, Joleen, Jacob

Y4: Luumuno, Annabelle, Lucas, Kaelan, Dylan


Tuesday Y5-3 Break dance 3:30-4:30

Y5: Jacob, Georgie

Y4: Anjali, Nicoll, Reece, Elena, Ariaana, Annabelle, William, Ola, Zuzanna, Aleena, Kaelan

Y3: Patrick, Dorian, Oscar, Lauren, Hugo, Annie


Thursday Y3-4 Football 3:30- 4:15

Y4: Reece, William, Lucas, Josh, Kaelan, Leo

Y3: Oliver W, Luca, Olivier L, Dorian, Akal, Cruz, Hugo, Colby


Friday Y4-3 Tag Rugby 3:30-4:30

Y4: Luumuno, Nicoll, Reece, Ariaana, William, Lucas, Ola, Zuzanna, Kaelan

Y3: Oliver W, Olivier L, Dorian, Ollie, Oscar, Akal, Isabelle, Colby

Acro Gymnastics After School Club performance

Half Term Opportunities

Bollywood with Creative

Still image for this video
As part of our Y4 Curriculum enhancement we have been learning Bollywood dancing. Have a look as to what we have learned.

South Yorkshire Hockey Finals 8.2.19


A big well done to our boys hockey team that went to the South Yorkshire Finals as Doncaster Runners up, for their efforts and hard work today. Despite losing both of their group games by 1-0 margins, both in the final moments, they managed to win their play-off game 1-0 to finish 5th. When taking this in the context of all schools in South Yorkshire  they have done really well. The organisers praised our team for their high commitment, team play and excellent attitude towards the game.

Thank you to parents and staff who help with transport and support on the day.


Josh F, Lucas, Josh B, George, Toby, Alex H, Freddy, Jacob, Zack and  Olivier

After school Boccia Club Competition 1.2.19


Well done to all of the competitors in the Boccia club for their efforts in this competition.

Over the session six teams played eachother two times with 30 games being played. After the completion of the games 3 teams were tied on the same points. This led to a shoot out which was won by Team 2, Zach W and Aleena. Congratulations to you both.

Other teams were as follows:

Team 1: Josh F and Zakk, Team 2: Zack W and Aleena, Team 3: Cruz and Natalie, Team 4: Erin F and Joel, Team 5: Josh and Dorian, Team 6: Holly and Dylan

After School Boccia Club

St. Peter's are 7th best in South Yorkshire for Y5/6 Girls Football

South Yorkshire Y5/6 Girls Football

Our Y5/6 girls travelled to Barnsley on Thursday for their go at the South Yorkshire girls  football hoping to emulate the Y3/4 girls on Tuesday. Unfortunately this was not to be the case as they finished 7th. Despite this, they have shown lots of grit, determination and improvement to  have reached this stage of the competition. I would like to congratulate and thank them for their hard work and efforts before and on the day. Thank you to parents and staff that also attended.

Squad: Natalie, Feechie, Molly, Holly, Iga, Jessica, Caitlin, Erin F and Abbie. 

St Peter's are South Yorkshire Y3/4 Girls Runners Up

St. Peter's Girls come Runners Up in the South Yorkshire Football Finals.

A huge well done to our 9 girls that participated in the South Yorkshire Finals in Barnsley today. They were competing against the best sides from Barnsley, Sheffield and Rotherham and played with an excellent attitude, showing lots of determination and team play. Over the day they won 4 games, drew 1 and lost 1 against the eventual winners. Scores were as follows:

Churchfield Cudworth 1 - 2 St. Peter's

St. Peter's 4 - 0 Abbeyfield

St. Peter's 0 - 0 Townfield

Anston 0 - 4 St. Peter's

Penninstone 2 - 1 St. Peter's

St. Peter's 2 - 0 Brampton

A big thank you to the players, parents and staff for attending.

Squad: Nicoll, Erin, Ola, Ava, Elena, Ariaana, Zuzanna, Lauren and Evie.

Spring Term 2019 After School Clubs to begin the first Monday after Christmas.


Monday Sportshall Athletics 3:30-4:30

Y6: Erin F, Iga, Rhys, Sebastian, Caitlin, Joshua O, Katie

Y5: Holly, Natalie, Zach W, Leah, Alex F, Jacob

Y4: Alena, Elena, Ola, Zuzanna, Josh, Tiffany, Joel O, Ebube


Tuesday Acrogymnastics 3:30-4:30

Y5: Holly, Natalie, Georgie

Y4: Aleena, Nicoll, Ola, Zuzanna, Elena, Ariaana, Erin, Ava, Tiffany, Ebube, Annabelle

Y3: Hugo, Dorian, Lauren, Annie


Thursday Girls Football 3:30-4:15 - Shin pads required

Y6: Erin F, Iga, Feechi, Isabelle, Caitlin, Molly, Jessica, Katie

Y5: Holly, Natalie, Abbie

Y4: Aleena, Nicoll, Ola, Zuzanna, Elena, Erin, Ava,


Friday Boccia/Kurling 3:30-4:30

Y6: Erin F, Josh F, Josh O

Y5: Holly, Natalie, Zach W

Y4: Aleena, Nicoll, Dylan, Tiffany, Joel O, Ebube, Zakk

Y3: Dorian, Cruz




After school Volleyball.

The after school volleyball club concluded today with a round robin tournament. The pupils were split into 4 teams and played eachother once.

Team 1 won all 3 of their games and finished first. The team was made up from Colby, Ariaana and Ebube. Well done to all of those pupils who took up the opportunity to try a new sport.  

Thank you to Sam from Fit 2 Play for his coaching.

After School Volley Ball

Y4 Tag Rugby


Following on from our PE lessons in Tag Rugby we ended with a Round Robin Tournament.

In a closley fought contest Fountains ended up winners by 1 try having been on the same points as Kirkstall. The passages of play by the Whitby team were excellent with lots of passing and moving. Good tags were made by Ola and Josh. There was also some fantastic organising of defensive lines by Kaelan and Lucas. 

Sports Council Meeting 11.12.18


Annabelle, Josh, Ben, Luca, Josh F, Erin, Zach, Holly and Mr Wynne.

Mr Wynne welcomed everyone for attending.

Playground Leaders are to begin in January.

It is hoped that Games Makers will deliver competition during lunchtimes. Posters are to be made to make pupils aware of the competition, then there will be a collection of names so that teams and fixtures can be organised.

Girls football will continue on Friday lunch times with the Monday to Thursday lunch time given over to the boys on a trial basis. Play times will remain mixed football. A new time table will be organised.

After school clubs proposed for after the Christmas holidays are Sports hall Athletics, Creative with acro-gymnastics, Girls Football and Boccia/Kurling. Letters will go out towards the end of the week with confirmed clubs.

Tuesday Basketball with be aimed at Y5/6 boys and girls.

There is an issue with equipment being lost from the class bags. It is the responsibility of each class to look after their equipment. Mr Wynne will look to replenish equipment over the next week. If you would like any changes in equipment could you please tell your representatives who will speak to Mr Wynne.

Many thanks

Mr Wynne.

Cheerleading Competition

On Thursday 6th December 2018, key stage 2 took part in the Doncaster schools cheerleading competition at Campsmount school.  This is the first time we have participated in this event.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed this and were in great spirit throughout.  Out of the 12 schools taking part, we came third which is a fantastic result and the children should be very proud of themselves.  Well done to all of the children who took part.  Thank you to all parents for their support & to Miss Sharna for choreographing the performance.

Boccia Tournament 21.11.18

To say that it was our first experience at Boccia the Y4 pupils performed excellently in today's tournament consisting of 22 teams and over 100 pupils.

Our best team today was made up of Ola, Joel, Scarlett and Dylan who won their group and made it to the semi finals. Unfortunately they were beaten 2-0.

Of the other teams, 3 finished runners up in their groups losing out on a head to head basis. The remaining teams finished 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

Players that stood out were Scarlett, Patrick, Kaelan and Ava.

I would like to thank parents and staff for their support at the event .

Boccia 21.11.18

Y3/4 Dodge ball Competition 25.10.18

After 6 weeks of training and practice at lunch time we finished with a round robin  league. 

Team 1 won all of their games and were crowned champions.

Team 1: William, Kaelan, Elena, Colby, Oliver W, Luca.

Well done to you .


It certainly has been a busy and successful week or so at St Peter's. This time it was the turn of the Y5/6 Girls football team that won the Doncaster Girls Football Finals at Rossington. Despite finding it hard to play their usual good football they dug out 3 wins out of 4, each being 1-0 and 1 loss by the same score line. In each game they were dominant but struggled to make the score line reflect that dominance. Having finished top they were matched against Barnburgh in the semi final. The game went to extra time before being decided with a minute to go. In the Final the girls came up against Cannon Popham. The game again went into extra time but with no break through it went to penalties and then sudden death. Molly scoring what was to be the winner. It must be pointed out that the squad of players were fantastic with the support they gave each other. Thank you to staff and parents for their support.

Squad: Natalie, Holly, Feechi, Caitlin, Erin F, Abbie, Ariaana, Iga, Jessica and Molly.


After School Clubs to start first Monday after half term up to Christmas.

Monday Gymnastics: FULL

Y6: Feechi, Toochi, Connie, Rhys, Molly

Y5: Jacob N, Holly, Zach, Abbie

Y4: Leo, Aleena, Scarlett, Josh B, Lucas, Zuzanna, Ola, Nicoll, Ebube


Tuesday Cheerleading:

Y6: Feeci, Toochi, Connie, Molly, Erin M, Lilly, Katie, Caitlin


Y4: Aleena, Ariaana, Elena, Ola, Nicoll, Ebube, Tiffany, Youanna,

Y3: Sophia, Annie


Thursday Football: FULL Shin pads required.

Y4: Leo, Aleena, William, Josh B, Reece, Lucas, Zuzanna, Ola, Erin, Nicoll, Ebube, Luumuno

Y3: Cruz, Hugo, Oliver, Partrick, Colby, Jared, Lauren, Dorian, Olivier


Friday Volleyball: FULL

Y4: Luumuno, Dylan, Patrick, Scarlett, William, Josh B, Reece, Lucas, Ariaana, Ola, Nicoll, Ebube

Y3:Hugo, Oliver, Mia, Colby, Jared, Olivier


Y5/6 will be done at lunchtime due to numbers

After School Dodge ball Tournament. 19.10.18

Our after school club came to an end this afternoon with a closely fought out tournament. Having split the pupils into 5 teams they played each other once. With one game remaining two teams were on the same number of points. With 10 seconds to go there was a twist in the play and team 5 who were heading for victory hand a player eliminated leaving the door open for Team 3 to win. A big thank you to all pupils and Sam from Fit2Play for their efforts and commitment. 

Winning team: Zach W, Shawn, Alex H, Katie and Erin M.

Hockey Success 19.10.18

Once again our pupils delivered on the sporting front at Doncaster Hockey Finals for Y5/6.


The girls played in a tight group where they won 2 and drew 2 of their games. This led to a play off match for a place in the semi finals. Unfortunately they lost to a golden goal after 10m minutes of extra time to Green Top.

Squad: Natalie, Abbie, Holly, Caitlin, Iga, Erin F, Erin M, Molly, Leah and Amber.


The boys faired a little better. They stormed to 4 wins out of 4 in their group scoring 11 goals without reply. In the semi finals they beat Woodlands to reach the final. Unfortunately we were beaten by the better side in a 2-0 defeat. 

Squad: Jacob, George, Josh F, Alex H, Toby, Zach, Olivier, Lucas, Josh B and Freddy.


I would like to thank the staff and parents for their support but must say that our pupils were outstanding to compete in the way they did despite being inexperienced  at hockey.


What a fantastic achievement by our Y3/4 girls football team at the Doncaster Finals by retaining the trophy they won last year. Very rarely does a school win in consecutive years. This time they topped their group winning all 4 matches scoring a massive 22 goals and conceding 0. They advanced into the final and cruised to a 5-2 victory over West Road. All of the girls played extremely well, fairly and with a great attitude. Thank you to staff and parents for their support.

Squad: Ariaana, Nicoll, Ola, Evie, Elena, Lauren, Ava, Zuzanna and Erin


Beaten at the final whistle. 17.10.18

The boys went into the Y3/4 boys Doncaster football tournament with confidence at the Keep Moat yesterday. In a very tight group where they won 2 and drew 2 they finished runners up by a single goal. Having done enough to progress into the quarter finals they went to extra time and were beaten in the last few seconds. Despite being disappointed with the result, the boys had played with determination and spirit throughout the tournament. Well done to you all and thank you to staff and parents for their support.

Squad: Josh B, Lucas, William, Ben, Sam, Dorian, Oliver W, Jared and Ollie.

Cross Country School Standings.

The results for the teams that participated have been sent through and are as follows:

Y5/6 Boys A finished 17th out of 23 schools.

Y5/6 Boys B finished 20th out of 23 schools.

Y5/6 Girls A finished 17th out of 23 schools.

Y5/6 Girls B finished 20th out of 23 schools.

Y3/4 Boys A finished 5th out of 22 schools.

Y3/4 Boys B finished 17th out of 22 schools.

Y3/4 Girls A finished 5th out of 23 schools.

Y3/4 Girls B finished 12th out of 23 schools.

Cross Country Competition 11.10.18

Today, a number of pupils went over to the Keepmoat and athletics track to take part in the Doncaster Schools Cross Country event. The number of pupils taking part in each of the different age groups was in excess of 100 which put our achievements in perspective.


The Y3/4 Boys representatives were Josh, Dorian, Lucas, Hugo, Patrick, William, Leo and Luca.

Josh managed a 7th place, Dorian 16th, Lucas 22nd and William 39th.


The Y3/4 Girls representatives were Ebube, Ariaana, Nicoll, Aleena, Ola, Zuzanna and Anjali.

Ariaana managed 15th, Nicoll 22nd, Ola 24th and Zuzanna 25th.


The Y5/6 Boys representatives were Olivier, Toby, Jacob, Josh F, Daniel, Rhys, Harri, Josh L and Josh O.

Olivier finished 16th with the others unfortunately being outside the top fifty.


Y5/6 Girls were represented by Erin F, Erin M, Iga and Katie.

Iga managed a 40th place finish.


A big thank you to staff and parents who helped in supervising and supporting our boys and girls at the event.


Dodge ball Competition. 10.10.18

Following on from the after school club 3 teams participated in the Doncaster Dodge ball competition at the Dome. Having played in a round robin league Team C managed 1 win from their 4 games. finishing 5th, Team A managed 3 wins from 4 finishing 2nd and Team B won 4 from 4 finishing first and qualifying for the play offs. Having beaten Barnburgh they were beaten in the semi finals to end the competition in joint 3rd out of 30 teams. It must be said that all of the pupils' behaviour was excellent and so was their play. I would also like to thank the staff and parents for their support and attendance at the event.

Team A: Josh F, Iga, Caitlin, Zach W, Olivier, Jessica

Team B: Jacob, Holly, Georgie, George, Abbie, Toby

Team C: Shawn, Alex H, Erin M, Harri, Isabelle, Rhys

Dodge ball After School Club

Basketball Competition Y4

Having practiced skills and game play over the past 5 weeks we ended with an inter house competition. Throughout the event there was some excellent dribbling by William, fantastic shooting by Leo and Josh, brilliant catching by Zuzanna and good all round play by Elena and Nicoll. After winning all three of their games the yellow team, Kirkstall came out on top. Well done to you.

Intra school Cross Country Competition

A big well done to all of the 58 pupils who took part in the Cross Country event today.

The top positions were as follows

Y3/4 Girls: Scarlett, Ebube, Nicoll, Aleena

Y3/4 Boys: Josh, Dorian, Lucas, Hugo

Y5/6 Girls: Erin F, Abbie, Iga, Natalie

Y5/6 Boys: Olivier, Freddy, George, Toby


Year 5/6 Boys Football Competition

On Thursday 27th September the Year 5 and 6 boys took part in the Doncaster Schools Football tournament. It was a great team performance by all involved. The boys put up a solid performance, winning 3 games and drawing 2. Throughout the tournament they did not conceive a goal, which shows the excellent performance they put on. We finished second in the league and are through to the Doncaster Finals. Well done boys! Thank you to Mr McNicholas, Mrs Pennington and all the Parents for their support. Team- Daniel, Sebastian, Joshua, George, Alex, Zach, Jacob and Toby

Meet our School Sport Council

Sports Council Meeting 28.9.18

Present: Ben, Luca, Josh, Nicoll, Holly, Zach, Josh, Erin

Meeting opened with introductions and thank you for attending.

Tasks for next meeting:

Identify what competitions pupils would like to run during lunch time.

Identify which clubs they would like to run during lunch times.

Identify any clubs that they would like for after school clubs.

Y6 were asked to find out who in Y6 would like to be playground leaders and who would volunteer to run competitions and officiate at the fixtures.

Mr Wynne also asked representatives to find out if the pupils felt that any changes or improvements could be made during breaks.

Active Fusion – Doncaster Athletics

A big thank you to all the pupils, staff and helpers for the walk to and from the Active Fusion Doncaster Athletic finals on Thursday in the pouring rain.  Having qualified from all of the schools in Doncaster involved with Active Fusion both teams managed to secure 4th place finishes.The pupils gave their all and were praised for their good behaviour.

PE and Sports Premium Grant 2018-19

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School is expected to receive a grant of £17,770 for the 177 pupils at school.


Proposed expenditure:


Proposed Expenditure

Active Fusion


Extra-curricular activities




Doncaster Foundation


Sports week




Creative Dance




After school Activities for Autumn Half Term 2018

We have tried to accommodate as many pupils as we could. Unfortunately some pupils will have missed out due to demand but there will still be many opportunities during lunchtime for pupils to participate in a variety of activities.

Hockey Mondays 3:30-4:30

Shin pads required.


Josh F, Jacob, Iga, Alex, Toby, Olivier, Rhys, Katie, Josh O


Holly, Matthew, Natalie, George, Freddy, Zach W, Jacob, Abbie, Leah


Josh, Joel, Kaelan, Lucas

Cheer leadingTuesday 3:30-4:30

PE kit required.


Connie, Caitlin, Katie, Lilly, Feechie, Toochi, Molly


Erin, Tiffany, Nicoll, Anjali, Ebube, Kaelan, Ola, Youanna


Sophia, Oscar, Annie

Football Thursday 3:30-4:30

Shin pads required.


Josh F, Elijah, Daniel, Erin F, Jacob, Iga, Toby, Olivier, Katie, Josh L


Holly, George, Zach W, Jacob, Abbie, Alex


Dodgeball Friday 3:30-4:30

Due to the huge response of over 60 pupils Dodgeball will be delivered after school to Y5 and Y6.


Rhys, Olivier, Toby, Josh F, Brandon, Elijah, Daniel, Shawn, Jacob, Iga, Erin M, Katie, Josh O, Harri, Josh L, Caitlin, Isabelle, Molly, Jessica, Sebastian


Alex, Gvidas, Holly, Alex F, Matthew, George, Zach W, Jacob, Abbie, Seth, Georgie


Mr Wynne will deliver sessions for Y3 and Y4 during lunchtimes in school


Kaelan, Ebube, Elena, Ava, Reece, Ola, Tiffany, Dylan, Josh B, Aleena, Nicoll, Ariaana, Lucas, Joel, Annabelle, Anjali, Scarlett, Leo


Dorian, Jared, Oliver W, Luca, Hugo, Belle, Ollie, Olivier L, Patrick, Ben, Isabelle, Mia, Alfie, Colby, Jackson



Summer Camps Mini Kicks

For pupils who applied for the mini kicks days you have all been allocated a place. Josh will contact you in the first week to confirm and discuss any questions that you might have.

Many thanks for your support.

We are GOLD again.

Well done to everyone for your commitment to PE and school sport. We have once again achieved gold award from the Sainsbury's School Games an award that we have been given for the last three years. It is with pupils, staff, parents, club links and associations with Active Fusion, Fit 2 Play and Creative Dance working together that we have been able to do this. Congratulations to you all. 

Cheerleading Summer2018

Still image for this video

Cheerleading Summer 2018

GIRLS GET ACTIVE. Join our leaders Connie and Katie to develop your fitness and well being by getting invloved in various activities.


Girls McAuley Football Winners and Boys semi-finalists.

A huge well done to our Girls football team who were crowned Champions this afternoon.

After winning through the league stages with 5 wins and 4 draws without conceding a goal, they won their semi in dramatic style, by scoring the winner in the last second of the game. That set up a final against St Francis, a team who we had drawn against earlier. Having dominated for a while 2 goals were scored by St Peter's in quick succession to bring the trophy home. Throughout the day I was impressed by everyone's attitude towards each other as the squad progressed. The achievement was heightened by them not conceding any goals through the whole competition. They were dominant all games with the goalkeeper only having to make saves in the final.

Squad: Abby, Caithlin, Ruby, Helen, Aliabah, Georgie, Erin F, Iga, Holly and Abbie


The boys on the other hand were involved in a very close league with 4 teams being split by 2points at the end. They managed 5 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats to progress to the semi finals. There they were very unlucky to find them selves conceding in the last minute which ended their competition. The squad played really well and were unfortunate to loose the games that they did by the odd goal.

Squad: Daniel, Josh F, Jacob, Toby, Elijah, Tom, Ben, Sebastian, Josh N and Shay.


Could I thank parents and staff for their support at the event and with transport arrangements.


Both girls and boys were a credit to the school with their excellent behaviour.


McAuley Cup 2018

Cricket Tournament

Well done to our cricket team who won 2 and lost 2 of their games today at Bentley. Having won the first game, things looked positive but 2 close defeats meant that they would not complete in the final rounds. Despite this they showed resilience to get another win from their last game. The players tried their best and were a credit to the school with their excellent behaviour. Thank you for your efforts and to the staff who attended the event.

Squad: Tom, Connor, Ben, Erdene, Harri, Olivier, James, Sebastian, Elijah and Daniel

Cricket Tournament

Doncaster Tag Rugby Finals

Our Tag Rugby squad attended the Finals at Hill House last Friday. The standard at the competition was outstanding in terms of skill and attitude. In our group we won 1 and lost 3, all games being really close. In the 4th play off game we managed to secure a victory to finish 7th overall out of 11 teams. I must congratulate the players for adapting quickly to raise their standard  so that they were able to compete with the other teams. Helen was voted as our player of the tournament by her team mates.They were a credit to the school and to their parents. Thank you to staff and helpers  that made the day possible.


Tom, Ben, Caithlin, Iga, Ruby, Helen, Jacob, Toby, Rhys, Olivier, Josh F and Connor. 

Doncaster Tag Rugby Finals

Y4 Kurling - What a different and interesting sport!

Sports Day - Winners - Fountains - Blue

A big thank you to every pupil who participated in the sports day today. I hope that you enjoyed it , judging from the smiles and cheering you all did! It was very pleasing to see a range of winners across the events showing off the particular skills needed for each of them. The pupils efforts and good sporting attitudes towards each other was great to see. I would like to thank the Y6 helpers, staff and Rovers for their help in the smooth running of the events. Many thanks also to the parents and friends for their attendance and support. 

Y4 Zumba and Netball

Zumba was an experience that I will not forget and neither will the pupils. It was fantastic to get Creative and Miss Shelley in to demonstrate and take use through the routines. The pupils handled them with expertise, the staff not as well. It was all good fun and it was pleasing to see that everyone got involved and got a sweat on. Well done to all.



What a close tournament we had on Tuesday afternoon. After a couple of tight opening fixtures the goals started raining down and individuals excelled in both defence and attack. The final table had Blues on top. Well done to all of you.

Sports Week. Zumba and Basketball.

Fit 2 Play Rounders Champions

Well done to our Y6 Rounders team who won the Fit 2 Play Tournament last night. In a highly competitive groups of games they managed to win all three of their games. Our Y5 team finished 4th. Throughout the tournament the tactics and skills shown by our pupils got better and better. They were a credit to the school. Thank you to staff and parents who supported the pupils.

Y6 Squad: Connor, Erdene, Tom, Ben, Darcey, Georgie, Caithlin and Alibah

Y5 Squad: James, Harri, Josh O, Toocho, Isabelle, Erim M, Jacob, Josh F, Feechi


Y4 Class Rounders

Well done to the Blue team who beat their class mates by half a rounder to win the class tournament. It was clear that the skills of bowling, striking and fielding have improved over the sessions. Well done to you all.

Blue team: Holly, Freddy, Gvidas, Emily, Abbie, Mariam and Zach M.


Sports Week

Proposed Sports Week Activities June 11th- 15th 2018


9:05-10:05 Active Fusion (Hall) Curling


10:05-11:05 Active Fusion (Hall) Boccia


1:05-2:05 Zumba (Hall)


2:15-3:15 Zumba (Hall)



9:15-12 Active Bikers



9:10-3:00 Active Fusion (Hall)

Fusion Competitions

9:10-9.55 10:00-                  10:45

Y6              Y5

9:15-12 Active Bikers


9:10-3:00 Active Fusion (Hall)

Fusion Competitions






9:10-3:00 Active Fusion (Hall)

Fusion Competitions






9:10-3:00 Active Fusion (Hall)

Fusion Competitions






Sports Day 1:15pm Start



9:15-10:15 Active Fusion (Hall) Curling


10:30-11:30 Active Fusion (Hall) Boccia


1:05-1:35 Zumba (Hall)


1:35-2:15 Zumba (Hall) Y1

1:05-2:05 Smoothie making (class)



2:15-3:15 Zumba (Hall)



2:15-3:15 Smoothie making (class)



Assault course/Circuit Training

Whole School sessions split across the day.

9:05-       9:55 9:55        10:45

Y6          Y5

Assault course/Circuit Training

Whole School sessions split across the day.



Assault course/Circuit Training

Whole School sessions split across the day.

1:10-      1:45 1:45       -2:15

Y3            Y2

Assault course/Circuit Training

Whole School sessions split across the day.

2:15-        2:40 2:40        -3:10

Rec           Y1


Active Girls Leaders

Natalie, Connie and Katie attended a course today aimed at increasing the amount of girls participating in physical activity in school and the wider community. Following lots of discussions and activities they came to the conclusion that they can make an impact on this and will work closely with Mr Wynne and the girls in school to provide an even wider range of activities which the girls will feel that they can participate in. They will be conducting surveys, present their findings and make a difference. Boys need not worry as they will also be given the same opportunity to have their say on what activities they might want to see next year also.

Tag Rugby 24.5.18

Our Tag ruby team had their first outing in 2 years today and despite having some Y6 pupils missing due to their residential I have been informed that the pupils who went produce some excellent performances and positive comments have been given to me about them. They managed to secure a third place finish out of a league of 6 teams. Training will continue after the holidays to fine tune their skills. Thank you to staff and parents for their continued support.

Squad: Jacob, George, Rhys, Zach W, Toby, Gvidas, Josh F, Iga, Natalie and Erin F.

Play on the Pitch


As part of our commitment to provide a variety of opportunities to our pupils we took up the invite from Club Doncaster to participate in the Play on the Pitch festival this year. From a tour of the Rovers ground, to team leading activities,  mini superstars challenges and competitive  football our Y5 squad did the school and themselves proud. In our mini league we won 3 games and lost one, finishing runners up and progressing into the knockout stages last 16. Unfortunately we were beaten 1-0 but from over 40 schools competing we can be pleased with our efforts. Thank you to staff and supporters who attended and parents who picked up from the venue.

Squad: Erin F, Iga, Josh F, Jacob, Daniel, Toby, Sebastian and Elijah. 


Summer 2 after school sports. Starts 4th June

Monday: Cycling FULL

Y6 Jack S

Y5 Toby, Josh F

Y4 Holly, Alex H, Matthew, Henry

Y3 Emily W, Annabelle, Kaelan, Ariaana


Tuesday: Cheerleading FULL

Y6 Isabelle, Elle, Caithlin, Jessica Z

Y5 Erin M, Molly, Shawn, Iga, Connie, Indiana, Caitlin, Toochi, Feechi, Katie

Y4 Jasmine, Emily

Y3 Elena, Nicol, Annabelle, Tiffany, Erin, Zuzanna, Ola, Youanna, Aleena


Wednesday: Athletics FULL

Y5 Elijah, Toby, Molly, Daniel W, Iga, Connie, Jacob, Rhys, Sebastian, Harri,

Y4 Abbie, George, Holly, Natalie, Alex H, Matthew, Alex F, Jacob, Georgie, Gvidas

Y3 Lucas, Josh B, Nicol, Reece, Luumuno, Ola, Youanna, Ariaana


Thursday: Football FULL STARTS 14th JUNE

Y6 Georgie, Tom, Caithlin, Darcey F

Y5 Toby, Daniel W, Josh F, Jacob, Olivier, Erin F, Sebastian, Elijah

Y4 Abbie, George, Holly, Alex H


Friday: Cricket FULL

Y6 Georgie, Tom, Caithlin, Erdene, Enaya, Helen, Connor Mc

Y5 Toby, Daniel W, Jacob, Rhys, Olivier, Harri, Elijah

Y4 Abbie, George, Freddy, Holly, Natalie, Alex H, Matthew, Jacob, Georgie, Gvidas

Sports Council Meeting 18.5.18

Present: Holly, Josh F, Jacob N, Iga, Mr Wynne, Lucas and Arianna.

Item 1: Sports week.

Timetable was shared with pupils to go back to classes. Zumba was clarified and it was identified that each class would have at least 3/4 activities.

It was also suggested that individual classes could play their own tournaments within the week.

Fixtures, teams and scores would be kept and given to Mr Wynne.

Ideas for tournaments included Football, hockey, basketball, Tag Rugby, Netball, Rounders, Cricket and football rounders. Mr Wynne suggested that there was table tennis equipment available should anyone want to use it.

Fixtures would follow as

R v Y B v G

R v B Y v G

R v G B v Y

Item 2: Sports day.

It was put forward if any different races were to be put in place. No suggestions at present but would ask classes for opinions.

Item 3: Dinner time activities.

Representatives were happy with the current provision with Basketball on Tuesday and football days for each class. It was suggested to ask classes if any changes or suggestions could be made.

Item 4: After school activities:

Are we happy with the range of provision? The general consensus was that there are lots of different clubs available. Representatives to see if any alterations need to be made for next year provision.

Item 5: Activity area and bag.

Representatives said that equipment was missing but had not asked for it to be replaced. They were happy with that provision but were asked to find out the thoughts of their class.

Runners up

Runners up!

Well done to our girls football team who once again went to a competition and came away unbeaten. Despite the rain and wind they managed to come runners up, winning 4 games and drawing 2. Thank you to staff and family members for their continued support.


Erin F, Iga, Molly, Natalie, Holly, Abbie, Elena, Ariaana, Nicol


Cheerleading From this Term

Still image for this video
Having seen the pupils perform earlier in the year I was amazed at the progress and complexity shown during their recent rehearsals. Well done to you all and to Miss Sharna for all her hard work and efforts.

After School Clubs Begin First Week After Easter

Monday - Cycling - FULL

Y6: Erin M, Caitlin

Y5: Jacob, Harri, Olivier

Y4: George, Freddy, Jasmine

Y3:Nicoll, Lucas, Youanna, Josh B


Tuesday - Street Dance - Full

Y5:Erin F, Harri, Feechi, Toochi, Shaun, Connie, Jessica, Indiana

Y4: Mariam, Connie

Y3: Annabelle, Ola, Nicoll, Elena, Aleena, Erin R, Youanna,

Y2: Oliver W, Lauren F, Ollie, Sophia, Hugo


Wednesday - Tag Rugby

Y4: Alex F, Zach W, Georgie, Mariam, Gvidas, Natalie, Jacob, Holly

Y3: Ola, Lucas, Youanna, Kaelan


Thursday - Football

Y6: Georgie, Alaibah, Caitlin, Tom

Y5: Sebastian, Daniel W, Jacob, Josh F, Elijah, Olivier, Toby, Brandon


Friday - Boxercise - FULL

Y6: Erdene, Nada, Darcy, Helen, Caitlin,

Y5: Iga, Jacob, Josh F, Erin F, Harri, Elijah, Shaun, Olivier, Connie,

Y4: Mariam, Connie, George, Leah,

Y3: Summer, Lucas, Youanna, Dylan


The next Doncaster Rovers after school club starts on Wednesday 28th February. Pupils who have brought letters in have a place. They are as follows:


Year 5

Elijah, Jacob, Daniel, Sebastian, Josh F, Erin F, Olivier, Toby


Year 4

George, Zach W, Mariam, Georgie, Abbie, Natalie, Henry, Holly, Jacob N, Alex H, Gvidas, Brandon


Remember your shin pads and suitable footwear for inside and outside!

The Following Clubs start Week Commencing 19th February

Monday- Seated Volleyball 

Y6- Helen, Georgie, Caitlin

Y4- Natalie, Zach.W, Abbie, Holly

Y3- Anjali, Youanna, Nicoll, Kaelan, Scarlett, Leo


Tuesday- Cheerleading (FULL)

Y5- Feechi, Indianna, Jessica, Erin.M, Erin.F, Toochi

Y4- Emily, Connie, Mariam, Holly

Y3- Annabelle, Anjali, Aleena, Ava, Erin, Nicoll, Elena, Ola, Arianna, Zuzzanna

Y2- Alfie, Mia


Friday- Boxercise (FULL)

Y6- Alaibah, Darcey, Enaya, Tom, Connor, Georgie, Helen, Caitlin, Erdene, Josh

Y5- Toby, Josh.F, Sebastian, Daniel, Shawn, Erin.F

Y4- Georgie, Natalie, Mariam, Holly, Jacob.N, Alex.H

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics- FINALS
On Wednesday 7th February, our athletics squad travelled to Dearne Valley Leisure Centre, having qualified for the Doncaster finals. All the children were in high spirits and eager to compete. They displayed some excellent sprinting and well-developed techniques in the field events. Our squad were ‘resilient' and they competed admirably to the end. They should be proud of their superb efforts and the team spirit was fantastic.


Sportshall Athletics 17.1.18

Congratulations to our Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics team who took part in an area final tonight. Their efforts were rewarded in a runners up spot and qualification to the Doncaster Finals later in the year. They contested sprints, hurdles, relays, javelin, standing jump and speed bounce to name a few. Thank you to the teachers who supervised and the parents for prompt pick ups after the event.

Molly, Orlaith, Jessica Z, Georgie, Helen, Ruby, Caitlin
Shay, Jacob, Toby, Olivier, Elijah, Tom, Harri, Josh F, Erdene, JoshN


Well done to our Y3/4 Girls football team who were crowned South Yorkshire Champions this afternoon.

Having endured all weathers they managed to gain 6 wins and a draw, scoring a total of 16 goals without reply. All players worked as a team in every area of the field supporting and encouraging each other. They were a credit to the school. Thank you to staff, family and friends for their support. Scores were as follows:

St. Peter's 3-0 Owston

St. Peter's 1-0 Shawlands

St. Peter's 2-0 Balby Central

St. Peter's 0-0 Peniston

St. Peter's 3-0 Northfield

St. Peter's 4-0 Greasborough

St. Peter's 3-0 Barnburgh


Squad: Natalie, Annabelle, Holly, Ariaana, Abbie, Elena, Evie and Nicoll.

Starting this Wednesday 17th January

Doncaster Rovers After School Football Club Y2 and Y3

Places so far

Y2: Akal, Sophia, Colby, Ben, Hugo, Oliver, Dorian, Kajus, Ollie, Cruz


Y3: Kaelan, James, William, Erin R, Nicoll, Lucas, Josh

8.1.18 Just a quick reminder...

Spring 1 After School Sports Activities Pupils who are in the clubs so far....

Netball Monday - FULL

Y6: Helen, Tom, Georgie, Isobel, Nada, Caitlin, Erdene

Y5: Shawn, Oilvier A, Iga, Jessica N

Y4: Natalie, Zach W, Jasmine, Holly, Mariam

Y3: William, JoshB, Scarlett, Ariaana, Nicol, Leo

Street Dance Tuesday - FULL

Y6: Caitlin

Y5:Feechi, Toochi, Molly, Iga, Jessica N, Erin F, Sebastian, Isabelle, Indiana, Erin M

Y4: Zach W

Y3: Kaelan, Dylan, Elena, Erin, Ava, Nicoll, Ola, Tiffany,Summer, Annabelle

Tag Rugby Friday

Y6: Ruby, Helen, Tom, Georgie, Caitlin, Erdene, Josh N, Ben,

Y5: Shawn, Olivier A, Iga, Harri Josh F, Rhys H-W

Y4: Natalie, Zach W, Gvidas,Jacob,

Y3: William,Dylan, Myles



Check out the Sports Premium page as well. There might be some more pictures and information!


Well, it has come to the end of our after school sports and activities for this half term. A big thank you to all those who have delivered the activities to our pupils, Mr McNicholas for the football, Mr Orrel from Fit 2 Play for the sports hall athletics, Miss Sharma from Cre8tive Dance, Kat from Danum Eagles for the basketball and Jonny from Fit 2 Play for the Gymnastics. I know that the pupils have enjoyed the sessions from watching them participate each week. It has been nice to see a range of pupils accessing and trying the variety of opportunities that we provide for them, pushing themselves into the unknown at times and achieving what they thought was not possible. Thank you pupils for all your efforts, excellent behaviour and attitudes to each session. I would also like to thank parents and carers for their prompt picks after each session.

12.12.17 To start the first Monday back after Christmas.

Spring 1 After School Sports Activities Pupils who are in the clubs so far....

Netball Monday - FULL

Y6: Helen, Tom, Georgie, Isobel, Nada, Caitlin, Erdene

Y5: Shawn, Oilvier A, Iga, Jessica N

Y4: Natalie, Zach W, Jasmine, Holly, Mariam

Y3: William, JoshB, Scarlett, Ariaana, Nicol, Leo

Street Dance Tuesday - FULL

Y6: Caitlin

Y5:Feechi, Toochi, Molly, Iga, Jessica N, Erin F, Sebastian, Isabelle, Indiana, Erin M

Y4: Zach W

Y3: Kaelan, Dylan, Elena, Erin, Ava, Nicoll, Ola, Tiffany,Summer, Annabelle

Tag Rugby Friday

Y6: Ruby, Helen, Tom, Georgie, Caitlin, Erdene, Josh N, Ben

Y5: Shawn, Olivier A, Iga, Harri, Josh F, Rhys H-W

Y4: Natalie, Zach W, Gvidas,Jacob,

Y3: William


Still image for this video

12.12.17 Street Dance Display

Still image for this video
Well done to our street dance crew who performed a fantastic routine to parents this evening. With the support of Miss Sharma and Cre8ive Dance I know that the parents would have been thrilled with their performance, I know that I was! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next half term. If you want to be part of this then sign up for the sessions.

Y5/6 Boys Football

Our Y5/6 boys travelled to Rossington for a football tournament on Wednesday evening. Having posted 3 wins from 3 games with 1-0, 1-0 and a 3-0 victory  we progressed into the knockout rounds. Unfortunately we couldn't continue the momentum that we had built up previously and were beaten 1-0. I would like to say that the boys played some good football , showing some outstanding skills and will improve through the experience from today.

Squad: Sebastian, Jacob, Josh, Toby, Shay, Ben, Daniel and Tom.

Thank you also to the parents and staff for your support.


Letters for After School Clubs for next half term have been sent out. Activities are as follows:

Monday: 3:30-4:30 Indoor Athletics Y4/5/6

Tuesday: 3:30-4:30 Street Dance Y4/5/6

               3:30-4:15 Football Y4/5/6

Friday: 3:30-4:30 Gymnastics Y2/3/4


Cheerleading Finale.

What a fantastic display from our Cheerleading pupils today. I am sure that the adults that came to watch were so proud of the standard that the pupils performed at. Well done to you all.

19.10.17 Handball

Well done to our handball team that finished a creditable 7th out of 9 teams in a recent competition at Rossington All Saints. Despite the poor weather there was a vast improvement in their team work and tactics across the games. They won 1 and lost 3 of their group games and won the play off game 6-0. The squad consisted of Tom, Helen, Olivier, Jacob, George, Toby, Jessica N, Iga, Zack W and Natalie. Thank you to the staff who attended the event.


Football Competition

It was a great pleasure to take the children to the year 3 and 4 Doncaster school’s competition and watch their progress. Both the boys and girl’s teams played exceptionally well and showed great teamwork as well as some fancy footwork. The boys reached the quarter finals having come second in their group winning 2 matches, drawing 1 and losing 1 but were unfortunately eliminated on penalties. The girls however made it all the way to the finals with some excellent team performances which included 8- 0 and 7-0 wins. The girls won every match and let no goals in at all even in the final which means that St Peter’s year 3 and 4 girls are Doncaster Champions. Well done to Abbie, Holly, Nicol, Ariaana, Evie, Natalie, Annabel, and Elena as well as George, Freddy, Henry, Josh, Alex, Myles, Lucas and Zak for their fabulous performances. We are immensely proud of you!

5.10.17 Cross Country

Well done to the pupils from Y3/4/5/6/ who went to the Doncaster Games Cross Country Finals at Balby Carr. The event was attended by 400 youngsters from across Doncaster. The results were as follows:
Boys A - 5th Boys B - 15th Girls A - 7th Girls B - 11th
Boys A - 17th Boys B - 21st Girls A - 22nd Girls B - 14th
Thank you to all staff and parents who were involved in organising and attending the event.


KS1 Multiskills

Last week our Y2 Pupils went to the Multiskills Change For life Event held at the Doncaster Dome. In a morning full of activities the pupils enjoyed their experiences and increased their interest in the different ways to exercise and keep healthy. Many thanks to staff and parents for their help in organising and attending the event.



Cross Country Trials

Well done to all those pupils, 59 in total  who participated in the cross country trials over the last couple of days. 

The top 8 girls from Y5/6 were: Georgie, Ruby, Helen, Jessica, Iga, Molly, Amber and Feechi 

The top 8 boys from Y5/6 were :Connor, Olivier, Tom, Toby, Jacob, Rhys, Josh F and Josh N 

The top  8 girls from Y3/4 were: Natalie, Abbie, Holly, Sienna, Elena, Evie, Georgie and Zuzanna 

The top 8 boys from Y3/4 were: George, Alex F, Freddy, Zach W, Lucas, Jacob N, Josh and Alex H


Welcome back.

PE and Sport Activities for this half term are as follows:

Monday 3:30-4:30 Y5/6 Hockey with Fit 2 Play

Tuesday lunchtime Y2/3/4 Basketball with Doncaster Danum Eagles

Tuesday 3:30-4:30  Y2/3/4 Cheer leading with Creative Dance

Friday 3:30-4:30 Y4/5/6 Handball with Fit 2 Play 

Sports Newsletters



SCHOOL GAMES WEBSITE Please visit regularly to check the sporting events that have taken place in our school. (Postcode is DN4 5EP) Some children have written blogs about their event too!


Autumn Term 2015 
Seated Volleyball - Wednesday 26th November
Our Year 4 children were given the opportunity to play some seated volleyball last Wednesday.  Following a morning skills session they then played some competitive games.  Although this was the first time of playing the game they were able to adapt and enjoyed the day’s activities.  Thank you for your hard work and efforts and to the staff who supported on the day.
School Sports Council
We have recently elected a Sports Council from KS2 classes.  Their task will be to monitor the pupils’ reactions to the various aspects of PE and sport which we provide.  This includes curriculum and after school activities.  It also gives the children a voice as to any changes they might like to see in after school or lunchtime provision.
South Yorkshire Football Finals – Friday 20th November
The Boys are 5th best in South Yorkshire!!!
What an achievement! Our Y5/6 boys footballers recorded 2 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses on their way to finish 5th in the whole of South Yorkshire, 5th out of 120 teams!!
It was a slow start to the competition for the boys who started with 4 straight defeats. However, in each of those games the boys were arguably the better side and should have got something for their efforts. Despite this they managed to pull together and deservedly won the next 2 and drew the last game.
Squad: Ben, Greg, Myles, Rowan, Seth, James, Pablo, Toby and Jack H. The school is proud of all your hard work. Well Done!
Thank you also to all parents for transporting to and from the venue and staff for your support!
South Yorkshire Football Finals
The Girls are 4th best in South Yorkshire!!
What an achievement, what a team!  Our Y5/6 girl’s footballers recorded 5 draws, 1 win and 1 loss on their way to finishing 4th in the whole of South Yorkshire, 4th out of 120 teams!!!
From tackles made, goals scored and saves made, their commitment to the team was outstanding.  In each game the girls showed their ability to play individually as well as a team.
Sintia pulled off some amazing saves, Ella Mae and Olivia H were solid in defence, Eliza showed individual skill and Courtney, Aoife, Olivia J, Shantai and Sienna worked hard to defend and attack the opposition whenever they could. 
The school is proud of all your hard work.  Well Done!
Thank you also to all parents for transporting to and from the venue and staff for your support!
Y3/4 Lunchtime Football Competition
The competition was won by Team United. 
Squad: Tom M, Connor M, Helen, Ruby, Rufaro and Daniel W
Indoor Athletics
Our Y5/6 children competed in the McAuley Pyramid Indoor Athletics Competition and finished a creditable 3rd in a highly competitive competition.  The events included various track and field disciplines.
Well done to all our children and the staff who supervised on the day!
Sainsburys Active Mark Success
We have received our Bronze Award from Sainsburys Active Mark this week which is proudly displayed in out entrance hall!
To achieve this we had to demonstrate that our school provides a range of physical activities for our children.  This ranged from Lunchtime Clubs, Playground Games Makers, Mini Leaders, both in school and out of school competitions, school to club links, after school clubs, a variety of sporting activities delivered through the PE Curriculum, and a competitive sports day. 
We have achieved this through children’s enthusiasm for Physical Education and the support and delivery from staff.  Many thanks to you all!
Y3/4 Boys Football – Lakeside School, Thursday 4th November
Y3/4 boy’s footballers were again in action this week.  In a local competition they played 4 games, winning 2 and drawing 2.  Well done to you all and the staff for supervising.
Squad: Ben, Tom, Josh N, Jacob, Josh F, Laurance, Olivier, Elijah, Daniel W and Sebastian.
Y5/6 Martial Arts
Our Martial Arts School to Club link 'East West Martial Arts' will be visiting Y5/6 over the next few weeks to teach self control, discipline and an anti bullying programme through Martial Arts.  This will be taught during their PE lessons.
Lunchtime Activites - November to December
Currently we are running:
Y3/4 Basketball in association with ‘Danum Eagles’
Y2 and Y1 Playground Games Makers, delivered by Year 6
Y3/4 Football Competition
After school Activities - November to December
Currently we are running:
Y5/6 Indoor Athletics
Y4/5/6 Netball
Multiskills for Years 2 and 3 have now finished.  James and Lewis want to pass on their thanks to the children for their excellent efforts and behaviour.
The after school clubs now move to Years 4, 5 and 6.  Mondays being Y5/6 indoor athletics and Fridays being Y4/5/6 netball.  The clubs run from 3.30 – 4.30pm.  Children with places have been given a slip informing them of this.
Lunchtime basketball now moves to Years 3 and 4.  Catherine from Danum Eagles wishes to thank the Y5/6 for their participation.
Last Thursday our Reception class competed in a virtual multiskills competition delivered by Active Fusion.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were well supported by staff and our playground Games Makers.
Yesterday our Y5/6 boy’s hockey team went to compete in the Doncaster Schools Hockey Tournament at the Hockey Club.  In a highly competitive league they managed 2 wins and 3 draws.  Despite not conceding a goal they missed out on a semi-final spot on goal difference.
Thank you for your efforts and the staff who helped to get the children to and from the event.
Squad: Ben, James, Sitali, Haris, Hasan, Joe S, Antoni, Mikey and Danny
Year 5/6 Football
Congratulation to our Y5/6 Girls and Boys Football teams who both won through to the South Yorkshire Finals last Thursday, 14th October!!
The Girls are Doncaster Champions having won all of their fixtures each being 1–0. Once again a fantastic team performance was the difference between themselves and the other teams.
Squad: Eliza, Courtney, Sienna, Olivia H, Olivia J, Sintia, Aoife, Shantai and Ella-Mae.
The Boys were unlucky, finishing runners up by one goal in a tight contest.  They won 2 games and lost 1.  The football played was of outstanding quality.
Squad: James, Jack, Rowan, Seth, Ben, Greg, Pablo, Myles and Toby.
Many thanks to parents and staff for your support.
Doncaster Y5/6 Area 1 Winners:
Well done to our Y5/6 boy’s football team who won through to the Doncaster Finals this week.  In a closely fought league we came out clearly on goal difference.  Our record was 3 wins and 1 draw which included an 8-0 win.  They played very well as a team producing some excellent football!
Thank you to all parents for helping with transport.
Squad:  Jack, James, Pablo, Myles, Toby, Ben, Rowan, Seth and Greg
Y3/4 Boys Football
Our Y3/4 boy’s footballers went to the Doncaster Area Football Tournament on Tuesday, 29th September.  They played very well and finished a close runner up in their league, but unfortunately didn’t qualify for the Finals Night.
Thank you for staff supervision and parents for their help with transport.
Squad: Daniel W, Jacob, Joshua, Elijah, Laurance, Sebastian, Tom, Ben, Daniel O, Joshua.
Their record was 2 wins, 2 draw and 1 loss.
McAuley Pyramid Cross Country
For the first time St. Peter’s competed in the ‘McAuley Pyramid Cross Country Event’.  In total seven schools were in attendance.
Orlaith won the individual race for the Y3/4 girls and Toby came second in the Y5/6 boys.
It was pleasing to see the boys Y5/6 team come third in their event.
All of the children fully enjoyed the experience.  Well done to all pupils and the staff who helped to supervise the children.
Y5/6 Girls Football Tournament
Congratulations to the Y5/6 Girls Football Team once again.  This week they travelled to Balby Carr for a football competition.  They played extremely well as a team and fully deserved to win the league and progress to the Finals’ Night on Thursday, 15th October.
Their record of 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss was 2 wins better than any other team.
Squad:  Eliza, Shanti, Olivia, Aoife, Courtney, Ella-Mae and Sienna.
Thank you to parents for helping with lifts to and from the event.
Nest week sees our Y3/4 Boys Football Team travel to their competition.  We hope they play just as well.
Lunchtime Activites
Currently we are running:
Y5/6 Basketball in association with ‘Danum Eagles’
Y2 and Y1 Playground Games Makers, delivered by Year 6
Y5/6 Girls Football
Y3/4/5/6 Cross Country Running
Y3/4 Boys Football
After school Activities
Currently we are running:
Y2 Multiskills and Y3 Multiskills – both sessions run by ‘Fit2Play’.
Intra School Competition
Our Cross Country Races took place in the middle of September.  The winners were as follows:
Y3/4 Boys - Tom
Y3/4 Girls – Orlaith
Y5/6 Boys – Ben
Y5/6 Girls – Sintia
It is now onwards to the team competition next Friday.  Results to follow