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Safety & Security

The safety of our children is of paramount importance.  School complies with all statutory expectations for the safeguarding of children including procedures for monitored access to the school building and statutory requirements for safer recruitment and employment of staff.  Our school site is very secure, including all play areas.  School can only be accessed during the day by reporting to the school office.
We fully appreciate the parking problems on Sandy Lane but cars are a hazard and parents are requested not to park in the school grounds or to enter the staff car park, loading bay, or block the area designated for school buses.  The driveway needs to be regarded as a road and kept clear for deliveries.  Parents are asked to use the school footpaths around the car park and to encourage their children to do the same.
All parents and children who enter and leave the school premises on foot must do so by the small pedestrian gate.  This applies to parents taking children to parked cars outside the main gates.
We have a second pedestrian gate in the side of the fence near to the School Office.  We have a bike shed, where bikes can be kept securely during school hours only.  Children are requested not to ride their bikes onto the school grounds.  Cycling Proficiency Courses are arranged depending on the interest of the children and availability of courses.