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Hello and welcome to St Peter's Catholic Primary School. We hope you will find this page useful to update you about Reception class 2021-22 and all the learning that will take place.


heart Class Teacher

      Mrs Brewster


heart Teaching Assistants

      Mrs Fitzpatrick

      Mrs Thickett

      Mrs Pennington



Our learning 

enlightenedPlanting seeds 

We have enjoyed planting beans and watching them grow. We have explored how to care for them and what they need. 

enlightened Phonics 

We have been working hard to read words, write words, and write phrases and sentences containing our focus phoneme/grapheme. We have done so well. Please check out our hard work! 

enlightenedPlatinum Jubilee

We enjoyed a full day of celebrations at St Peter's to honour 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II. We enjoyed a circus skills workshop, Jubilee activities, a special picnic lunch and an afternoon of fun and games!


We have been using ten frames, indoors and outdoors to explore numbers beyond 10. We have tried to create these using a range of different objects. We know that a full ten frame = 10. We know that if we have a number greater than 10, we need to start a new ten frame e.g. 12 = 10 + 2 more.

enlightenedBuddy lunch

We enjoyed a special lunch with our parents and our Year 6 buddies. It was so much fun!

enlightened Phonics

We have been practising our phonics in the outdoor area. We are being creative when using sand to make graphemes (this is great for our fine motor skills too!). We have been exploring words beginning with each phoneme e.g. f-f-flower.

enlightened Arts and Design

We have been practising our cutting skills this term! Whilst learning about Superheroes, we designed and made our own superhero masks. What do you think? Ask us how we made them!

enlightened Communication, Language and Literacy

Our class text was 'Supertato'. In our creative area, we made our own Supertato characters using real potatoes.

enlightened Understanding the World

We have been learning about real life superheroes in our community. We explored vets and how they are superheroes for animals. We explored what vets do, and how they can help. We enjoyed role-play, dressing up and acting like a vet for the afternoon!

enlightened Maths 

We have been using Numicon and counting objects to explore numerals and amounts within 10. We have been making number bonds, finding amounts, and matching numerals to both. We have had so much fun indoors and outdoors!

enlightened Sensory

We are learning about the world around us. We have explored some animals found under water, in warm and cold climates. We have enjoyed sensory play outdoors. We have been exploring different textures using what we can 'see, hear, smell, and touch'.

enlightened Writing 

To finish our last Autumn Term writing text 'Pumpkin Soup', we made our own tasty soup. We used the instructions that we wrote to do this. 

enlightened Physical 

We have been practising our balancing, peddling and scooting skills on our bikes and scooters. We have been using vocabulary 'forwards, left, right, stop, go'. 



enlightenedAre you looking for suitable books for your child? Please explore the Recommended Reads below for Reception children.enlightened




Please note: Children do not yet need a PE kit in school. We have access to the outdoors throughout the day and children are engaged in physical activity. We do not yet have planned PE sessions, however they will take place further into the school year. You will be given plenty of notice when PE kits are required.



Should your child need to self isolate due to a positive case of Covid-19, the following educational websites are really useful to support learning from home. If you have any further questions, please email 

Useful websites to explore with your child 

Important dates


heart Friday 10th June - Rainbow Raffle Non Uniform Day 

heart Tuesday 14th June - Sports Day - 1pm

heart Friday 1st July - Stay and Play - Parents welcome from 2.45pm

heart Thursday 7th July - Sponsored Walk (pupils only)

heart Thursday 7th July - Summer Fair 

heart Wednesday 20th July - School Closes for Summer 




If you need any further information please contact Mrs Brewster via email at