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January 2021 Lockdown.


Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all safe and well.  It is with a sad heart that I find myself once again having to teach remotely during another pandemic lockdown. 

All school information relating to this lockdown can be found on the school website News feed.


We have completed our first week of 2021 home learning. It has been a huge challenge and I can not tell you all how fantastic you have been. I feel very lucky to be working with such caring families. smiley

Please keep using Teams or our reception email address to contact me throughout the week.

Reception home learning is now on Teams.

For all  home learning please access Microsoft Teams using your child's login details.

Reception home learning wb 4.1.21

Daily home learning timetable for Reception.


6th Jan        7th  Jan         8th Jan



Approx. 10/15 mins per session, longer if child focus is good.

Phonics/reading-  phonemes  z    zz,     words-  I, no, go, an, as, in, if, it

Maths-   zero,  comparing numbers to 5

Topic work-    Geography based, Where I live.

Story session/ writing-    Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins

Physical activity- as per Government guidelines

Live check in session-  Microsoft Teams

7th/8th Jan.




Above is a timetable of sessions that are expected to be covered during a typical day of remote Lockdown learning.  I have not allocated any timings for our sessions, as I do not want to be specific and cause any more anxiety to home life and technology sharing. Please engage in the activity with your child for as long as they are interested, approx. 10mins. Learning sessions will alter in time duration and this is fine. I would be very grateful if the live check ins could be attended to give an element of structure to the day.  The structure of the day is flexible to fit around family lifestyle; sessions should be completed throughout the day to suit your circumstances.

Friday January 8th.


A huge thank you to all our wonderful families. St Peter's School is blessed to have such an understanding and caring community.


check ins will be 9am and 1pm. Fingers and toes crossed I will be able to see all of you tomorrow!  



Phonemes revise all new phonemes       y    z    zz    y phoneme    prac reading  z phoneme   zz phoneme   prac reading

Words to read and write-      I   no   go   an  as  in  if  it

Activity 1.

Choose your favourite story book and then choose a page with text on it.  Time to be a word detective. Read the text and spot any of our words. When you spot one of our key words write it down. Which word did you find most often? Where there any words that, you did not find.

Grown-ups, this short activity could be repeated with any text at any time.

Activity 2.

Build a sentence around a key word. This activity encourages conversation and problem solving. Read the word, build a sentence, say the sentence, write the sentence and improve the sentence.


I can push a pram.       

Challenge to make it more interesting.         

 I can push a new red pram.



Quantity up to 5.

Please can you watch the video and listen carefully to the words that are used.  The activities are simple today but the key learning is to be able to use the correct mathematical vocabulary when talking about the activity.

When making your own picnic, use Christmas treats, fruit, pieces of pasta! The options are endless.


Here is a word bank of our fabulous maths words;

the same as





different amount

by how many
      session 5




The drawings I have seen so far have been fabulous. Bedrooms are full with your favourite things. I would like you to think about the whole of your home today.

-I want you think about these questions.

--How many rooms do you have upstairs?

-How many rooms do you have downstairs?

-What are the rooms used for?

-How many windows does your home have?     What can you see out of your windows?

-How many doors does your home have?         Where do you go to when you walk through a door?

Choose one of the questions. Be creative with how you record your answer to a question. Will you draw a picture, write a list, make a tally chart, make a block chart, write a sentence or take a photograph.


Story session

Rosie’s Walk. Listen and watch the story.

Today grown-ups can you make a list of all the positional language within the story: under, over, through etc. Ask the children to show you the moves to match the positional language or use a toy to model the movements.     story with music    story read from a book


End of the week prayer.


Dear Father

I came to say

Thank you for your love today

Thank you for my family and all the friends you send to be

Guard me in the darkest night

and in the morning send your light.





Thursday January 7th


Microsoft Teams    9am morning and 1pm afternoon check ins.

I hope we will be able to say hello tomorrow. This will be  new experience for everyone and I'm sure that there will be teething issues. Fingers crossed it will be smooth.



Phoneme    zz

Talk about the phoneme being at the end of the word and then in the middle when an ending is added.              buzz          buzzing          buzzer


Words to read and write-    an, as, in, if, it

I would love you to make cut up words. Cut up small squares of paper and write each letter from the list of words on a piece. 10 pieces of paper each with a letter on. Challenge yourself to mix up the letters and jigsaw them back together to make the words. When you have done this mix the letters up again and challenge yourself to do it faster. See if you can beat your own time. When you are confident at spelling and reading the words ask someone in your family to jigsaw the words together. Who can jigsaw the fastest?

If you are super at this, choose a 3-letter word to jigsaw.        You could choose   c a t   d o g




Quantity up to 5.

Children continue to understand that when comparing numbers, one quantity can be more than, the same as or fewer than another quantity. Exploring quantity is a fun investigation that can be done with lots of objects found at home. Books, toys, food, shoes.


Here is an example using fingers and thumbs.

Show the children 3 fingers –ask them how many fingers? Can they hold up 3?

Can they hold up more than 3 fingers?

Is there more than one way to do this?

Can they hold up fewer than 3 fingers?

How many do they have?

The key to this investigation is using the mathematical vocabulary correctly. We use the term fewer than when we are talking about real objects.   Please do not use more than as this is used for describing non-countable quantities.

 more than     the same as     fewer than


Fancy a challenge.   Here is a tricky thinking investigation called Hidden numbers.

Show the children 2 mugs.

Explain that you have 5 coins hidden inside the mugs.

Ask the children how many coins could be in each mug.

Could this mug have 0 coins?

Could this mug have 4 coins? How do you know?        choose session 3       Five Little Monkeys           Five Current Buns



Hopefully your bedroom drawing is completed and looks beautiful. Now I would like you to think about the front of your home. What does it look like? Is it made of bricks or stone? Do you have a white front door or red? Do you have 1, 2, 3 windows? Do you have a front garden with plants?


Draw the front of your house including many of these details.  I wonder how our homes look; will they all look the same?   How might they be different?


Story session

Over the next few weeks, our story writing will be based around Rosie’s Walk. Our children listened and discussed the story on Monday. Listen and watch the story.


Talk about the journey of Rosie and Fox.  Which parts of the farm do they visit?  Write a list of these places as they appear in the story.

First Rosie went across the yard.   The children would write yard. Encourage the children to write the word as best they can by either hearing the sounds and writing down the letters that match or by copying the words from the book. 

This activity will help the children to explore the sequence of the story as well as using book language in their own sentences.   Ordinal numbers can be used to help sequence the list.

1st- yard


3rd-     story with music    story read from a book



Wednesday January 6th.



Phoneme  z.


Words to read and write-    I   no   go   is   an 

Make a pairs games on small pieces of card/paper. Write each word twice on its own piece of paper. Place cards upside down. Turn over cards trying to find a pair of words. Read words as you turn them over. Read books at home and ask your child to identify any of the above words within a text. 



Exploring zero.

Our children will already have some practical understanding of ‘nothing there’ or ‘all gone’. Here, they learn that the number name zero and the numeral 0 can be used to represent this idea.

Use popular counting back songs such as 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Encourage children to take on the role of the 5 monkeys. Ask them to predict how many monkeys will be left as each one falls off the bed. What about the last monkey? How could we show this by jotting down the numerals? Which numerals should we use?

Encourage the children to represent numbers including 0.  Show me 3 fingers, show me 5, show me 0, Show me 4 apples in the basket, show me 2, show me 0 Show me 4 claps, 1 clap, 0 claps       Five Little Monkeys           Five Current Buns



Explore your home environment. Draw a picture of your bedroom; include furniture, toys, windows, doors. Remember to draw using a writing pencil and use the correct colours, to challenge yourselves by adding labels to your drawing.


Story session

Over the next few weeks, our story writing will be based around Rosie’s Walk. Our children listened and discussed the story on Monday. Listen and watch the story. Ask the children to choose their favourite character, Rosie of Fox.  Draw a picture and write a sentence saying why they chose that character.     story with music    story read from a book



Here are some excellent learning sites which we will be using during our remote learning. 


Reading stories with Oxford Owl. Follow the link below, you will need to sign in as a parents, which is easy and free to do, then you will have access to lots of stores to read and share. Use the age range tab 4-5 years for reception age books.


More phonics learning with BBC Bitesize. If you haven't already discovered this section of Bitesize it's well worth a look.  It will provide another set of games to practice Phase 3 Letters and Sounds.



Your child has a personal Readingwise login, please use this to access their account on the link below.


White Rose Maths.

White Rose Maths have produced a fabulous home learning section for primary children. Check it out at the site below:


21st September 2020




Please note the virtual parents evening will be carried out using the Zoom app. Look out for an email from your child's class teacher in the coming days containing details of how to log in to take part.


Thank you

16th September 2020




Please see a letter to parents below inviting you to attend a virtual parents evening on Tuesday 29th September 2020.


Thank you



Welcome to Reception 2020/21

The EYFS team (Mrs Allen, Mrs Fitzpatrick and

Miss Copperwheat) are ready for another fabulous year of learning, exploration and fun. The observant will have noticed the

change in Reception staff to the photos you received in July. Mr Wells and Mrs Weaver have been deployed in to other year groups within school and Miss Copperwheat has joined our team. 


On our web page, Reception's flower, you will find curriculum information, images and comments from learning experiences in school and visits, copies of EYFS letters.

Information can also be found on our Information Board in the outdoor area underneath the canopy. 


You can contact Mrs Allen on our email at:  

Getting started...

Thank you to all children and grown ups for such a smooth start to our St Peter's year. Everyone has been so understanding and patient. By the reaction from our children during their play session visits I know we are going to have a fantastic year of fun, laughter and learning. 

The 'Reception Starters 2020' webpage in the Parents Section of our school website will remain.  This page, Reception flower, will focus on our children throughout their Reception year. 


Now we have an understanding of the likes and interests of our children we are tailoring our learning curriculum, making it as stimulating as possible.  We very much want to engage our children in learning presenting them with purposeful learning.


Due to COVID restrictions I will not be able to run after school adult sessions explaining our curriculum and Literacy, Numeracy teaching and learning. Our thinking caps are on to think of a solution for this, when we have one we'll let you know. 

Reception Teaching and Learning Overview

Learning our phonics with Letters and Sounds.

St Peter's uses the Letters and Sounds approach to help our children learn their letters enabling them to read and write.

Letters and Sounds have produced new online videos to be used at school and in the home. These short videos help children and their families to reflect on school phonics learning. 

Follow the link below, to see the available letter videos. At the moment I am unable to copy and paste a live link to the site.





School meal menus.

Our children will be stopping for school lunch from next week 

wb 14.9.20.  Our menus run in a 3 week rotation.  Below are the weekly menus and the corresponding dates. Please take time to discuss possible meal choices.  Early Years staff will accompany children to the dining hall. 

wb 14.9.20      Menu 3 / Week 3

wb 21.9.20      Menu 1 / Week 1

wb 28.9.20     Menu 2 / Week 2

wb 5.10.20     Menu 3

wb 12.10.20    Menu 1

wb 19.10.20    Menu 2