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Return to School - Parent Letter 12.05.20

Information Sheet & Safety Measures - Return to School



Welcome to Reception home learning page. 


Hello my lovely little peoplelaugh

The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue.  I do hope you are all safe and well at home.  Thank you for all the lovely emails and photos they have really made me smile this week.  I have spent a lot of time this week in school preparing classrooms for our children to return.  The environments look very different, next week I will post images on here so everyone can see how the space now looks.  

Our zoom on Wednesday was so much fun.  Apologises to grown ups for the sound, yes muting would have been a good idea in hind-sight but it was so much fun listening to all the interaction from our children. 

story zoom


A thank you to grown-ups.  Once again we find ourselves with a shifting calendar and daily changing directives. I ask for your patience as we plot our way through the guidance in preparation for a safe school re-opening for our children. These are unprecedented times and as always St Peters school community has been wonderful.  Please be patient, we are following Government Guidelines as we receive them and we will endeavour to communicate information as quickly and as clearly as we possibly can.   


Stay safe.


Can I please ask grown ups to continue to use the links provided below for phonics, ReadingWise, White Rose Maths and the new Oxford Owl and bitesize phonics- webpage address in wb 25.5.2020.

This week White Rose Maths is focused on the fantastic book, The Snail and the Whale.



Please keep sending photos and messages into our Reception email and we can make a wonderful display of them when we are all back together. And of course a selection of them will go into our fabulous Class Big Book and your personal Learning Journey.  

Another zoom meeting will be scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, I will send details via email.

Keep happy!  Keep safe!  


Each week a collection of activities will be posted on Sunday for our children. The activities will include core learning objectives and suggestions for activities. Please be creative and engage our children whenever and however they are comfortable learning.

These are unique times and our children are intelligent little human beings who have sensed a shift in our daily lives. We all understand that a happy and comfortable child is a child who will be happy to learn. I do not want to create any extra tension within any family homes at the moment. That being said please remember, a cuddle up reading a story, playing board games, doing jigsaws, building a fort, baking, crafting, lego, making a camp with blankets are all ways in which our children will be able to explore their creativity and generate conversation and happy memories.

Repetition is key to early years learning.  In our normal school day the children will visit a learning objective multiple times.  Learning which is practiced, reflected upon and discussed many times will transfer from our short term memory into our long term memory.  We want all learning to become stored in our long term memory, ensuring our short term memory is empty for new learning. 



At St Peter's we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' teaching and learning program for phonics. Letters and Sounds, have launched a home learning program.  Below is a letter which will explain how to access the videos.  Reception children will need to focus on Letters and Sounds Phase 2 /3 /4.

Picture 1


A few grown-ups have made queries about interactive phonics learning.  There are numerous sites on the internet which provide a lot of interactive learning.  Phonics Play is a fun and easy to use site with lots of straight forward and repetitive games to embed using phonics to segment and blend words.  The site offers games across the Letters and Sounds phases.  Can I ask you to focus on phase 2 and 3 as that is where Reception's learning is focused. During the coronavirus home learning the site has issued a code accessing the games for free. 

Username:  march20               Password:  home



Picture 1

ReadingWise is a Literacy intervention used in schools across the UK. They are offering free subscription to schools during the Coronavirus school closures.  I have signed all reception pupils into the intervention and have received a personal pupil login for each of you.  

Grown ups all you have to do is email me at our class email and I can attach your child's ReadingWise personal username and password. Then use the link below to find the ReadingWise login page.



Picture 1

White Rose Maths have produced a fabulous home learning section for primary children. Check it out at the site below:



You can always contact me via our class email,  it is checked daily.


I would love to hear about and see some of your learning and thoughts. I will share them on our page and let everyone see what you are getting up to.


wb   1. 6. 2020


We have no birthdays to celebrate this week.


I have been sent some wonderful home learning photos to share with you.

phonics        -er       -ur

We have investigated these sounds before but they can be a little tricky because they sound so similar.

            deeper                                  fur

        boxer                                   curl

        supper                                  sur   -er   -er/ir/ur     -er     -ur   -ur    -ur           



Picture 1
Picture 2

tricky words       

      you    they     her     all    are


Make a pairs games with these tricky words and challenge your family to play. 

maths          -length,    height,    distance

Children love investigating length and if the weather allows then being outdoors is the best way to have some length, height, distance fun.

Encourage the words-

longer,  shorter,  longest,  shortest,  longer than,  shorter than,  near,  far,  closer.    -numberjacks   -numberjacks


keeping healthy,   inside and out


If we had all been at school one of our learning topics would have been looking at how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. Looking after ourselves by eating healthy foods and taking part in fun exercise.  



Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

This week I'd like to keep an exercise diary. 

How do you keep fit?  Which are your favourite ways to keep fit?  Do you exercise by yourself or do you enjoy exercising with your family?  Do you play games, do yoga or take the dog for a walk?

Your diary could be a booklet or a chart that looks like a poster. Be creative and design a diary that works for you.


This week I'd like you to plan and prepare a healthy picnic pack-up lunch.

Enjoy a picnic that is filled with delicious, healthy food. Remember to plan your food, draw pictures, write a list.  You could even make picnic invitations for your family.  

You are going to have a grown to help you so make sure they don't try and sneak something unhealthy into your pack-up!


After the picnic you could play some keep fit games.    -yoga    -yoga   -exercises


Don't forget to check out the Active Fusion website for some fabulous activities. 


Active Fusion Update


We are delighted to bring to you our Virtual Fusion Series challenge for your school pupils to compete in.


Children will compete in a series of running, jumping and throwing events which have all been adapted to be easily done at home, where they will be representing your school.

Once all scores have been sent in and added up, we will announce the overall winning school and the individual winners from each year group. 


To sign up please use the following link:




On reflection.... Christians believe that, in Jesus, the world has been reconciled to God. Through Jesus we are offered the power to forgive and make peace and to receive and offer reconcilliation. Relationships and friendships bring both joy, challenge and sadness. 

John 15:15       I call you friends.


I would like our children to reflect on their friends.  Explore the questions...

     Who are your friends?         Why are they your friends?                                        Are you anyone's friend? 


A Prayer for My Friends

Lord Jesus, Thank you for my friends,

for the games and fun that we play,

for the secrets we share,

for the laughs and giggles,

for the good times and bad.

Please help me to be a good friend to them.



Week beginning   25. 05. 2020

We have no birthdays to celebrate in Reception this week, our next birthdays are in June.


I have one home learning photo to share form this week.  Anna has been investigating odds and even numbers outdoors.

Picture 1

Following our learning of Eric Carle stories and that Very Hungry Caterpillar Mrs Allen has her food diary to share with you. You may like some of the foods, you may dislike some or you may never have tried them..

Let's see what Mrs Allen has been eating...  

Reading stories with Oxford Owl. I have been speaking to Mr Ward this week and a few parents who have been using this site to engage with books and stories to promote and practice reading. Follow the link below, you will need to sign in as a parents, which is easy and free to do, then you will have access to lots of stores to read and share. Use the age range tab 4-5 years for reception age books.

Picture 1
Picture 2

More phonics learning with BBC Bitesize. If you haven't already discovered this section of Bitesize it's well worth a look.  It will provide another set of games to practice Phase 3 Letters and Sounds.

If we had been in school this week would have been half term holiday.  For this reason St Peters will not be setting any new home learning this week.  Please continue to build on, investigate, repeat any activities you have really enjoyed. 


Please use all our previous weeks learning to continue to challenge and investigate learning.


I have been so impressed with the creativity of your home learning so please continue to email your learning to share with all our friends. 

Here are some activities Mrs Allen would be doing with her boys if they were 4 and 5 years old.


Sweet bobbing

Each person gets a paper or plastic plate piled high with cornflakes.

  • Hidden in each pile is a sweet (jelly babies are perfect).
  • Hands are tied behind their backs
  • They dive in to find the hidden treasure.

The winner is the first to emerge with the sweet between their teeth.


Week beginning,  18. 05. 2020


Birthdays! We have 3 birthdays to celebrate this week.

Mrs Allen has a huge apology because one of the birthdays was last week.frown   sorry Esmai xx

Happy Birthday to Esmai (11th),  Mia (20th) and Darcy (21st).

Home learning gallery...

phonics    oi    oa   ow


We have investigated these sounds before.

Can you remember them?   Let's have another go at reading and writing words containing these sounds.



above are some new images for you to use but we do have original learning images in week beginning,  6.04.2020 for the oa sound.  

Read and right the words adding the sound buttons as you go.   -oi   -oi   -oi   -oa    -oa    -oa   -ow    -ow    -ow   -Jack Hartman, digraphs




Tricky words...   

Time to practice some tricky words.  See how many of these words you can spot on each day of the week.  Make a list each day. Which word do you think you will spot the most?

Monday-  she

Tuesday-  are

Wednesday-  my

Thursday-  was

Friday-  you

Saturday-  her

Sunday-   all



This week we are going to investigate odd and even numbers.

What is an odd number?      What is an even number?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Picture 1

Stories written by Eric Carle.

I have been so impressed by your story creations this week.  All the photos show fantastic learning. 

I would love you to continue to love and investigate these stories.  Choose a different story and read it, watch it, act it out!  


Thinking of the Very Hungry Caterpillar...  I would like you to write a food diary similar to the story.  

On Monday Mrs Allen ate...

On Tuesday Mrs Allen ate...            

I will post my food diary during the week. 

(grown ups this is the second activity this week reinforcing days of the week)

and finally...     let's all remember our class end of the prayer. This is a prayer which unites us together.


from the beginning to the end

God will always be my friend

God knows all about me




Week beginning  11. 04. 2020

home learning gallery...

Phonics-         ure           3 letters,  1 sound


This is a tricky sound and needs lots of repetition.  I have included some nonsense words for the first time as part of our learning activities.  Nonsense words as just as they seem, words which contain a focused sound but are not real. They are nonsense, but they can be read using known sounds. Have a go, it is fun! 


  • doubling
  • halving and sharing by 2

How can you use your counting skills to accurately investigate doubling an amount of objects and then doubling a number?

If we halve an object or an amount of objects we cut it in half so each part is equal. When we find a half we have to make sure each part is equal.


Picture 1 Stories by Eric Carle

Who recognises some of the images above?  These are book front covers from stories written by the author Eric Carle.  

If we had been at school our class stories would have been some of these titles.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The Tiny Seed.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird. 

You may have some of these stories at home in your book collections. 


During this week I would love you to share Eric Carle stories with your family. Let's see if we can find a different story every day. There are lots of resources on the internet, story readings, mini videos and ideas on craft and creative activities. 

Which will be your favourite story?


Mrs Allen loves the illustrations in these stories. The bright colours and bold patterns. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1 Lego is one way to be creative!

Let's get creative and send Mrs Allen an image and she'll add them to next weeks photo gallery of our home learning. 

White Rose Maths wb. 04.05.2020 and 11.05.2020 learning activities are focused on Eric Carle stories.      -the very hungry caterpillar     -the tiny seed    - the bad tempered ladybird     -the busy spider



Who will we pray for this week? 

Let's pray for ourselves.

Dear God Our Father,

Keep me happy,

Keep me safe,

Help me care,

Help me share,

Trust me to do the right things

and show others how to stay safe.

Loving God,  Amen



Mrs Allen's bear hunt...

Making my snow.

I took an old plastic water bottle and cut the bottom off it.

Then a took an old sock and cut the ankle elastic from it. 

I pulled the sock over the open end of the bottle and attached the sock with strong tape to the bottle.


In a dish I mixed water and washing up soap. 

Gave it a stir. 

Put my sock bottle into the soap mixture and blew.  I had soap snow!

Picture 1



week beginning 04.  05.  2020

We have a birthday this week...


Picture 1

We have lots of home learning to share. 

I will be adding more on Monday when I go into school.

phonics    ear


This is a tricky sound and will need lots of repetition for it to become secure learning.


tricky words  


This week I'm asking you to search for tricky words, to be a tricky word detective.  Listen to this tricky word song and look at last weeks tricky word poster.


Now you are going to hunt for tricky words within the books you read and share with others. This is what you do...

- choose your book

-choose your tricky word/words.  (not too many though)

-make a tricky word chart

-share your story

-when you read one of your tricky words tick it on your chart

-how many tricky words did you read in the story?


This can be repeated in lots of different books, or just a few pages in a book, with lots of words.  


Here's a variation to the detective work.  Instead of choosing a tricky word from the list we can hunt for words with 1 letter in them, words with 2 letters in them, words with 3 letters in them and 4/5 etc.

Make a list and write down the words when you read one.  You'll be amazed at how many words you find and how many words you can read. 

Reading using our sounds and word learning.


Have a go at reading the sentences and matching them to an illustration.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Maths   This week we are exploring numbers between 0 and 20.

  • what do these numbers look like?
  • how are they ordered?
  • which numbers sit next to each other?
  • how do I write them correctly?
  • how are these numbers made?
  • what can I add to 10 to make other numbers?


Look closely and there's another Numberblocks to watch!


We all love numberjacks!! 



Have a go at making your own snakes and ladders games using the numbers up to 20.

Picture 1

 And finally...

Let's think about the word  hope .


Think about something you hope to do when lock-down is relaxed.

  • I hope to ....
  • I hope to see ....
  • I hope to go ...
  • I hope to have ...
  • I hope to hold ...


Make a rainbow streamer and add your hope sentences to the back of each colour.



Week Beginning  27. 04. 2020

There are no birthdays to celebrate this week but I have lots of home learning to share and celebrate.

phonics-       air

this week our sound has 3 letters...

Let's explore saying and writing the air sound.



Tricky Words.

It's time to see how many tricky words you can read and write and remember.

Look at the words and practice reading and writing them everyday. 


Monday- use chalks outside

Tuesday- use felt tips

Wednesday- use water and a paint brush outside

Thursday- use crayons and write them in a rainbow style

Friday- spell them out using bits of Lego or beads


Challenge yourself and make a sentence around each of the words.        12 words each day  --- 12 sentences over the week. 

Picture 1

Religious Education.    Good News.

Thinking about sharing our 'Good News' ask a grown up to read this with you and talk about the questions. 


Read Luke's story of Pentecost based on Acts 2:  1-4

After Jesus had gone back to his Father in heaven, his friends were sad.  They missed him.  They felt lonely and afraid without him. 

On Pentecost day, they were all together in the house.  They began to feel different.  Joy and happiness filled their hearts.  It was wonderful.  They knew that Jesus had kept his promise to send a new friend,  the Holy Spirit.


  • How did the friends of Jesus feel when he went back to his Father?
  • Have you ever felt like that?
  • What happened on Pentecost day?
  • How did the friends feel?


Have a go... make happy / sad face puppets.  Then use these puppets when you retell the story.  Use the puppets to show how Jesus' friends are feeling.

Picture 1

When we light a candle the flame of the candle is symbolic of the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent down to earth.  We can remember that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be a friend to all of us.


And finally....

How many of you can remember the story of the bear Hunt?


Picture 1

Can you recreate the bear hunt in your house or back garden?

What could you use?

How big will it be?

Are you going to make it, draw it, sing it, talk it?


I'll share my Bear Hunt next week.




Week beginning  20. 4. 2020


Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe, well and happy.

Here are a selection of photos from home that have been sent to me this week.  Our unicorn story has been written by birthday girl Anna.  Zofia please be patient yours will be there asap!


Don't forget to use the links above from phonics play, White Rose Maths and ReadingWise to practice and extend your learning.

Phonics      -ur         

Let's explore how to say, write and read 'ur' within words.  Here are a few images for you to use.   

Key words-       you       all    

When you are reading and sharing stories with your family remember to read these words correctly.  

Go on a treasure hunt when you are enjoying a book. Spot how many times you see these words,  keep a tally and see which word is printed the most.




  • exploring how addition and subtraction change a total


Remember to use terms such as: adding more,  taking away,  first there is,  then now there is,  count accurately.



If we had been in school our new RE topic would have been focusing on Good News.  How after Jesus' death we celebrate his gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  When Jesus' friends received and understood the Holy Spirit they began spreading the word of Jesus through 'good news'.

Let's explore how everyone has 'good news' to tell and share.  

Good news, can be something small, like making your own bed or it can be grander news, like celebrating someone coming home from hospital.  


What 'good news' can you share and how can you share it?

Key Worker Project.

I am sure everyone now knows about this term, 'key worker'. I know we have many grown ups at school who now can call themselves key workers.   

As we are asked to stay home and keep safe are 'key workers' still go to work to provide us with care, food,  post,  rubbish collections.  Thinking about these 'key workers' and sharing 'good news' can you make a little book, like we do in mark-making area, draw and write a sentence about our 'key workers'. You could do a different 'key worker' everyday. 

When we are back in school we could display some of these books on the display board in mark-making for everyone to look at and talk about. 

Picture 1
And finally...ask a member of your family to help you generate conversation about this image of a dustbin lorry.  You can ask questions,  describe colours,  use positional language to describe where objects are.
Picture 1


Still image for this video

Happy Easter everyone!


This week we have one birthday to celebrate. Happy birthday to ANNA who will be 5 on the 19th April.

Picture 1

Home learning photos to share...


Sienna has been creating rainbows and Arabella has been very busy reading stories to her brothers, baking and working on the laptop. 

Picture 1
Picture 2



week beginning 13. 4. 2020


As we are in Easter week I thought we could do something on an Easter theme.  Here are some images for you to look at and discuss, how have they been done and could I do that? 

Easter is a time of re-birth and new beginnings that's why a miniature Easter garden is such a lovely thing to create. My Easter garden has a stone tomb but you cold create a flower or chick Easter garden. 

And finally... ask a member of your family to help you generate conversations about these pictures. 
Picture 1
Picture 2

8th April    Learning newsflash!

Eva emailed some fabulous photos to me showing her positional language learning.  I just had to share them with you all.  Eva and her mummy have used a teddy and furniture to make learning fun.  Have a look at their photos.


Picture 1

We can explore our learning even more.  Say where your object was and where it is now. 

Let's think about Eva's teddy. 

This is what Eva said, The teddy is behind the plant.  The teddy is under the chair. 

Now let's say,  The teddy was behind the plant and is now under the chair.

Have a go, see how you get on.

Happy Birthday Faith!   5 on the 4th April.
Picture 1

Week beginning   6 . 4. 2020

I have some photos from home to share with you.

Some of our friends have been busy learning and sent photos into our class email.  

It's lovely to see how busy you have been-  creating flowers with paper and card, writing letters and numbers, making a Roman sword and rolling, pinching, shaping play-dough.

Daisy has been doing daily yoga. Well done daisy! 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Holy Week.

If we had been in school this week we would have focused our learning on the Easter Story. Each day we would have watched and listened to a special assembly describing the events of Jesus' life the week before his death. 

We would have made palm leaves and waved them as Jesus paraded through the streets on a donkey.  We would have sat with Jesus and his special friends as they had their last supper together. Jesus would have washed your feet, shared his wine and bread with you. We would have watched over Jesus as he prayed in the Garden of Gesthsemane.  We would have been sad as we watched Jesus walking and carrying his wooden cross. We would have fallen silent as Jesus was laid to rest in the stone tomb.


I ask grown ups this week to speak of the Easter Story with their children, watch Father Darren's videos on our school website as he describes The Stations of the Cross. 



Phonics     oa

Can you say the  oa  sound? 

Use the words below.  Read the words,  write the words,  cut the words up into and jigsaw them back together and finally make an

oa star.


This week I would like to focus our learning on two areas:

  • Positional language, explore and use terms such as- on top of, behind, below, to the side of, at the right of, to the left, underneath, beneath, in front of, next to...
  • Investigate numbers 11 to 20. Be able to write numbers correctly, placing numerals in the correct place and write the numerals with no reversals.  
Picture 1
Picture 2

Positional language.

I have placed some objects and described how they are positioned in relation to each other. Have a go!  You can use any objects, from a book shelf, in a toy box, in the fridge or kitchen cupboard.

Picture 1 the hat is on top of the chair
Picture 2 the glass is behind the nail varnish bottle
Picture 3 the apple is in between the other objects
Investigating numbers:  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20
Picture 1
Have a go at writing your numbers correctly, than you could write numbers like Mrs Allen and see if your family can spot the incorrect numbers. 
And finally...ask a member of your family to help you generate conversation about this image of a man fishing.  You can ask questions,  count objects,  describe colours,  use positional language to describe where images are.
Picture 1


RUEBEN is 5 on March 3Ist and JULIA is 5 on April 3rd.


Picture 1
Picture 2

Week beginning:  30. 3. 2020


phonics - er    using you grid of 'er' words and a dice. 

  •  Roll the dice and read the words. How many words can you read?
  • Remember to segment and blend your words.
  • Choose a word and build a sentence around it. 
  • Challenge - write your sentence on a strip of paper. Cut it up and ask others to put it back in the correct order. You check it by reading the whole sentence.
  • Does it sound right?  Does it make sense?

Key Word Learning.       they      are

  • let's play a game
  • write these words on pieces of paper and hide them around your house, in a mug, in a glass, under a boot
  • when someone finds a word they have to ask you to read it


I hid my word in Richard's bed and in a glass vase.  Where did you hide your words?  

Picture 1
Picture 2

A rainbow story. 

last week I talked about rainbows being made and given to people to cheer them up. Zofia's mummy emailed me to say that lots of people were putting rainbows in their windows to make others smile.  She was right, there are lots of rainbows being stuck to windows. If it's possible have a look on the internet with a grown up to see them all.

I thought it would be fun to write a short, silly story about a journey along a rainbow.  I think you will be very good at inventing your own character and remember there is always treasure at the end of the rainbow. 

Here's my story.  Yours will be fabulous I know.

Mathematics.    We are going to look at two areas of learning this week. 

  • the importance of zero
  • number bonds to 5
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our Lenten Journey..... it continues    

Jesus went into the wilderness to think about his future. He chose a place with no comforts or distractions. Can you make a small wilderness in a box at home when you are in your gardens to reflect a place for Jesus. 

Picture 1
And finally...   ask a member of your family to help you generate conversation about this picture.  You can ask questions, count objects, describe colours and patterns. 
Picture 1
Picture 1

Week beginning:  23. 3. 2020


phonics -   igh     Using the igh word grid given to you investigate how to read and write the igh words.  Make a 'snap' game using the words. How many times can you win!


Writing a sentence.    Remember to start writing from the left hand side of the page,  use a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence,  have spacing between your words  and finish with a full stop dot.  Fancy a challenge?  Write a sentence that includes some of our tricky words.  You have these words on your word key ring. 


What would you like to say about the ten green bottle picture?



Picture 1
Mathematics.   -Explore patterns. We began looking at patterns,  creating them and describing how they had been made. Continue spotting patterns in your home and garden.  What can you use to make a pattern? 
Picture 1
Picture 2

Let us make someone happy.    Walking through my village I spotted a chalk rainbow on the pavement.  These rainbows are being made to make people happy.  Lots of children are creating rainbows and displaying them through a window or giving a rainbow to a friend to cheer them up.

During this week of Lent make a rainbow to make someone happy.


Picture 1
Below are a suggestive list of links to sites which you may find interesting, useful, enjoyable. Please feel free to browse at your convenience.