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Welcome to the PTA section of our website.

The Friends of St. Peter's is a group of parents who work hard to raise funds for school. So far this academic year we have organised many events including a movie night, pumpkin carving competition, advent raffle, mobile lottery and a Christmas Fair!


We have provided the funds for the school to have smart new seating outside and a new PA and IT system in the hall so that assemblies and presentations can be seen and heard by all. Last year we were successful in securing funding from the Lottery Awards for All to refurbish the library. This was opened in October 2019 by the Mayor of Doncaster.  Our next mission is to raise funds to provide equipment for the KS2 playground and for IT equipment.


We are always keen to welcome new members so please leave a contact telephone number or preferably your email address at the school admin office.


Hope to see you soon!


Advent Raffle December 2021



Advent Raffle Day 1 Winner - Belle Y6

Advent Raffle Day 2 Winner - Logan Y3

Advent Raffle Day 3 Winner - Aoife Y4

Advent Raffle Day 4 Winner - Henry's Gran Y3

Advent Raffle Day 5 Winner - Leo Y1

Advent Raffle Day 6 Winner - Alice Y4

Advent Raffle Day 7 Winner - Belle Y6

Advent Raffle Day 8 Winner - Darcy Y2

Advent Raffle Day 9 Winner - Lucy Y3

Advent Raffle Day 10 Winner - Mrs. Tinsley

Advent Raffle Day 11 Winner - Mia Y3

Advent Raffle Day 12 Winner - Lauren Y6