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Preparing for School and Transition

Preparing for school


Lots of parents want to know how to get their child ‘School ready’ below is a collaboration of ideas and activities to help. However, it is important to remember that every child is unique and may learn at a different pace. 


The most important activities to ensure a child is school ready is to promote independence, build confidence and encourage them to have an inquisitive mind, asking questions and engaging in conversations, develops their communication and language as well as their understanding of the world, which will help children be ready to learn.


The EYFS Prospectus will help you to better understand what happens in Reception and hopefully answer some of your queries.



We will be talking to pre-school and nursery settings, as we always do, to find out where your  child is in their learning. We will also be talking to you directly to find out about your child's preferences; things they particularly enjoy, find difficult etc. These conversations usually take place within the context of stay and play visits to school and a home visit in the Summer term, however if this is not possible, due to the current situation, we will think creatively to ensure that we receive all of the information that we need about your child.


The links below have some useful resources to support with transition.