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Sports Premium Spending for St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School 2021-22


Summary Information


St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School

Academic year


Total SP Budget


Date of most recent SP review

Feb 2022

Total number of pupils


Sports premium lead

Mr K Wynne

Date of next internal SP review

July 2022

Barriers to future attainment

In School Barriers (issues to be addressed in school)


Pupils not taking part in sporting activity/exercise out of school – low motivation for taking part in sports


Having limited access to competitive sporting activities


Pupils require a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day


Staff must undertake quality CPD to deliver effective provision both indoors and outdoors

External Barriers


Doncaster has high levels of childhood obesity and poor engagement of children in exercise. Consider work with the school nursing team to address this issue


Desired Outcomes


Desired outcomes and cost to implement


Success Criteria


  • The sports premium leader will effectively manage extra-curricular activities linking to sport and health
  • Purchase of new sporting equipment to ensure that provision is of the highest quality) and which enables ALL pupils to succeed in PE.
  • Year 1- 6 access high quality provision from external providers through lunchtime and after school provision
  • Year Rec- 6 access high quality PE sessions from external providers
  •  CPD for teachers
  • Y6 residential outdoor water sports activities


£ 2,120

£ 1,200

£ 5,448

£ 1,000

  • Substantial sporting activity on offer to pupils as part of the after school provision in school.
  • High uptake of sports clubs for all pupil.
  • Pupils engage in alternative sports to gain interest in active, healthy activities.
  • PE provision is always at least ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.
  • • High quality and memorable experience for Y6 leavers to support their mental health as they end their primary education


  • Transport secured for competitive sporting events in summer term



  • Participation for KS2 cohorts in a wide range of competitive events in the spring and summer term


  • Purchase of new outdoor gym equipment for KS2 playground
  • Purchase of new thermoplastic playground markings for both playgrounds



  • Pupil’s mental health and well-being is paramount.
  • Pupils engage in physical activity to gain interest in active, healthy activities
  • Pupils develop imaginative, social and collaborative skills


  • Sports premium leader to organise external CPD  for individual and whole school staff
  • PE scheme of work purchased that supports CPD
  • Staff have access to team teaching opportunities with recognised external specialists to deliver PE


  • Release time  for staff ensures that provision is of a high quality
  • Working alongside external professionals develops staff confidence and subject knowledge

Total spend


Carried forward

£ 7,480

Underspend of  £16,478 due to COVID-19 pandemic was  transferred to 2021-22 giving the total of £34,248


Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety

Please complete all of the below:

What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?

 N.B. Even though your children may swim in another year please report on their attainment on leaving primary school


What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]?





What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations?




Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?




PE and Sports Premium Grant 2019-2020

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School received  a grant of £17,770 plus a carry forward from 2018/2019 of £2,248, making a total of £20,018 for the 177 pupils at school.





Active Fusion


Johnny Harvey Coaching


Doncaster Danum Eagles

£  780

Doncaster Foundation


Sports week




Creative Dance



Total Spend


Carried Forward to 2020/2021£ 7,276

Autumn  After School Sports


In the Autumn term we have enjoyed a number of different after school sports clubs. These have included:

  • gymnastics
  • hockey
  • cheerleading
  • volleyball
  • dodgeball
  • football

PE and Sports Premium Grant 2017-18

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School received a grant of £17,770 for the 177 pupils eligible from the Jan 2017 census.

Proposed expenditure:


Proposed Expenditure

Active Fusion


Extra-curricular activities




Doncaster Foundation


Sports week




Float to carry into October 18



Further details of what provision was provided for the money spent:

Active Fusion provided: Exclusive member benefits, professional development for staff and pupils and access to local and national competitions and festivals that benefitted F2-Y6.

Extra-curricular activities: Up to 30 activities accessed by Y2-Y6 pupils over the year with on average 20 pupils attending each activity. Development of links with outside agencies, clubs and associations.

Mini-Kicks: In class PE support in F2-Y1 with multi skills activities

Doncaster Foundation: In class PE support with Y2-Y3 with football and rugby.

Sports week: Arrangement of activities not usually delivered in school, boccia, curling, active bikers, Zumba and Little Warriors circuit training or assault course.

Transport: This is intended to allow pupils to access wider competition opportunities against pupils at a local and regional level.

Float: Enquiries into providing a hard surface around the perimeter of the school field to provide opportunities during inclement weather for daily mile


The variety of activities offered, has increased participation with many pupils who have not been engaged previously, being so this year. Overall the average number of pupils attending each activity has been 20. Increased attainment has been seen with success at local and a regional level in sports hall athletics and girls football in particular. Impact report from Active Fusion to be included at the end of the academic year. It is anticipated that we will achieve Gold Mark with Sainsbury’s School Sports mark, continuing the previous bronze and more recently the two gold awards.


Out of 30 pupils 25 achieved the standard required.

Can swim competently for 25m.

Can use a range of strokes.

Can perform self-rescue.

School Sports Council


Mr Wynne meets regularly with the school sports council to discuss and plan how school make the best provision for pupils. 

Minutes of the meetings are available.

2017-18 Round Up


Over the course of the academic year St. Peter's enjoyed lots of success as part of our committment to sport. 


Fit 2 Play Rounders Champions

Well done to our Y6 Rounders team who won the Fit 2 Play Tournament last night. In a highly competitive groups of games they managed to win all three of their games. Our Y5 team finished 4th. Throughout the tournament the tactics and skills shown by our pupils got better and better. They were a credit to the school. Thank you to staff and parents who supported the pupils.

Y6 Squad: Connor, Erdene, Tom, Ben, Darcey, Georgie, Caithlin and Alibah

Y5 Squad: James, Harri, Josh O, Toochi, Isabelle, Erim M, Jacob, Josh F, Feechi


Y4 Class Rounders

Well done to the Blue team who beat their class mates by half a rounder to win the class tournament. It was clear that the skills of bowling, striking and fielding have improved over the sessions. Well done to you all.

Blue team: Holly, Freddy, Gvidas, Emily, Abbie, Mariam and Zach M.

Active Girls Leaders

Natalie, Connie and Katie attended a course today aimed at increasing the amount of girls participating in physical activity in school and the wider community. Following lots of discussions and activities they came to the conclusion that they can make an impact on this and will work closely with Mr Wynne and the girls in school to provide an even wider range of activities which the girls will feel that they can participate in. They will be conducting surveys, present their findings and make a difference. Boys need not worry as they will also be given the same opportunity to have their say on what activities they might want to see next year also.


Tag Rugby 24.5.18

Our Tag ruby team had their first outing in 2 years today and despite having some Y6 pupils missing due to their residential I have been informed that the pupils who went produce some excellent performances and positive comments have been given to me about them. They managed to secure a third place finish out of a league of 6 teams. Training will continue after the holidays to fine tune their skills. Thank you to staff and parents for their continued support.

Squad: Jacob, George, Rhys, Zach W, Toby, Gvidas, Josh F, Iga, Natalie and Erin F.


As part of our commitment to provide a variety of opportunities to our pupils we took up the invite from Club Doncaster to participate in the Play on the Pitch festival this year. From a tour of the Rovers ground, to team leading activities,  mini superstars challenges and competitive  football our Y5 squad did the school and themselves proud. In our mini league we won 3 games and lost one, finishing runners up and progressing into the knockout stages last 16. Unfortunately we were beaten 1-0 but from over 40 schools competing we can be pleased with our efforts. Thank you to staff and supporters who attended and parents who picked up from the venue.

Squad: Erin F, Iga, Josh F, Jacob, Daniel, Toby, Sebastian and Elijah

Y5/6 Boys Football

Our Y5/6 boys travelled to Rossington for a football tournament on Wednesday evening. Having posted 3 wins from 3 games with 1-0, 1-0 and a 3-0 victory  we progressed into the knockout rounds. Unfortunately we couldn't continue the momentum that we had built up previously and were beaten 1-0. I would like to say that the boys played some good football , showing some outstanding skills and will improve through the experience from today.

Squad: Sebastian, Jacob, Josh, Toby, Shay, Ben, Daniel and Tom.

Thank you also to the parents and staff for your support.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Football Competition

It was a great pleasure to take the children to the year 3 and 4 Doncaster school’s competition and watch their progress. Both the boys and girl’s teams played exceptionally well and showed great teamwork as well as some fancy footwork. The boys reached the quarter finals having come second in their group winning 2 matches, drawing 1 and losing 1 but were unfortunately eliminated on penalties. The girls however made it all the way to the finals with some excellent team performances which included 8- 0 and 7-0 wins. The girls won every match and let no goals in at all even in the final which means that St Peter’s year 3 and 4 girls are Doncaster Champions. Well done to Abbie, Holly, Nicol, Ariaana, Evie, Natalie, Annabel, and Elena as well as George, Freddy, Henry, Josh, Alex, Myles, Lucas and Zak for their fabulous performances. We are immensely proud of you!





KS1 Multiskills

Last week our Y2 Pupils went to the Multiskills Change For life Event held at the Doncaster Dome. In a morning full of activities the pupils enjoyed their experiences and increased their interest in the different ways to exercise and keep healthy. Many thanks to staff and parents for their help in organising and attending the event. 

Cheerleading practice. Y2/3/4



Cross Country Trials

Well done to all those pupils, 59 in total  who participated in the cross country trials over the last couple of days. 

The top 8 girls from Y5/6 were: Georgie, Ruby, Helen, Jessica, Iga, Molly, Amber and Feechi 

The top 8 boys from Y5/6 were :Connor, Olivier, Tom, Toby, Jacob, Rhys, Josh F and Josh N 

The top  8 girls from Y3/4 were: Natalie, Abbie, Holly, Sienna, Elena, Evie, Georgie and Zuzanna 

The top 8 boys from Y3/4 were: George, Alex F, Freddy, Zach W, Lucas, Jacob N, Josh and Alex H

Sports Week Activities. The Boot Camp.

Catholic Cup Teams

Gold Mark Achieved Again.