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Admissions & Appeals

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School is an academy within St Francis CMAT, a multi academy trust within the Diocese of Hallam.  St Francis CMAT is the Admission Authority for all of the academies in the Trust, although responsibility for deciding on the admissions arrangements for the School has been delegated to the Local Academy Committee.

Applications for a place at the school (whether for a place in Reception or as an in-year transfer should be made via the City of Doncaster's Common Application Form available from

You may also complete the Additional (or Supplementary) Information Form (“SIF”) if you wish to apply and meet any of the oversubscription criteria.  This form should be returned directly to the school office before the closing date for the year.

In Year Transfers 2023-24

Please note that any applications for the 2023-24 academic year will be as an in-year transfer.  Applications should be made via the City of Doncaster admissions team at

Admissions 2024-25

Please note that the application process for 2024-25 has now closed.  Parents should be informed of placements on 16th April 2024 by the City of Doncaster.

Late applications can be made via the City of Doncaster common application form as detailed above, with supplementary applications forms to be returned directly to the school.

Admissions 2025-26

After a consultation period of eight weeks, which started on 13th December 2023, the school has now amended its Admission Policy; the new policy for 2025-26 is below, along with the updated supplementary information form.  Please note that the certificate of baptism can be submitted electronically or, in the case of a paper certificate, given to the school office, who will take a copy to be attached to the SIF.

A copy of the letter which accompanied the consultation period remains below for information.

We anticipate that the application process for the 2025-26 academic year will open in September 2024, and close on 15th January 2025, with applications after this date being considered as late applications.  Parents will be informed of placements on 16th April 2025.


Please note that the City of Doncaster Council handles all of our admission procedures, and any appeals should follow their procedure as detailed on the website above.

Induction to Reception Class

During the summer term, following notification from the LA, children and parents are invited to take part in an Induction programme prior to their September start.  This includes a Parents Open Evening and children's involvement in a morning visit to school.

The Open Evening is intended as an information session and an opportunity for parents to ask questions about arrangements for starting.

Information is also shared with parents for a staged September start whereby the children build up to a full day attendance, i.e. Week 1 - mornings only; Week 2 - morning & lunch; Week 3 - full day attendance.


When children start in reception class, they are paired with a child in the final year of primary, Year 6. This is called the 'Buddy System'.  The Buddy System has been in use for several years and has been very successful. All the children involved found it a wonderful experience.

Buddies are fun for Year 6 and Reception. Year 6 go to assembly with them and sit with them. Year 6 visit their reception buddy each break time and play games with them.  It is a great way for Year 6 to bond with reception children. The reception children also look up to their buddy, which means Year 6 have to be good role models!