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Information from the Local Authority regarding critical workers and school allocation of places.

In order to ensure a fair and transparent system, schools and academies across Doncaster have worked with the Local Authority to develop and agree a key criteria process to help prioritise which children will be able to access face-to-face provision over the coming weeks.


With schools and academies needing to ensure that they have the staffing capacity to deliver both remote and face-to-face learning simultaneously, while also ensuring that schools are as safe as possible, it has been necessary to cap the numbers of children learning on school premises. This unfortunately means that not everybody who has requested to receive face-to-face provision has been invited to do so.


Our first priority is children considered vulnerable. After that, those families where both parents (or single parents) are critical workers have been given initial priority, this is to ensure that the only children receiving their learning in school are those who have nobody at home who can safely support them.


Where it has been possible schools have worked hard to offer spaces to all those who have applied and are eligible, where capacity and resource has made this not possible the checklist has been used to decide how to offer places. 


If you wish to discuss individual circumstances then please contact us directly.