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Home Learning Parent Update


Dear Parents,


Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the remote learning survey this week. Your suggestions, positive comments and feedback have been most helpful. I also appreciate the extra time it added to your already busy days and am grateful for the manner in which you always respond. If you have not already done so the survey remains open until Monday.


We are in week 4 of the current lockdown and it has been tough. I know from the survey results, phone calls and discussions with parents how hard this period of time has been. As one parent remarked on the survey, when we thought this was for a 6-week period to half term we thought we could cope but the thought of this going on until Easter, as has been suggested in the press, feels overwhelming.


Our mental health is under siege; the dark nights, the weather, the added pressure of having to facilitate home learning, the anxiety about the impact emotionally and educationally on our children- all are adding to the stress every one of us feels. The constant uncertainty has taken its toll upon us, so it is essential that we all support each other and get through these next trying weeks together.


As a mum myself I too worry about the education of my son, the impact of not seeing his friends in person and trying to juggle the expectations of my job with my role as a parent. This is the same for many of the staff working in school, just as it is for you as parents.


My reason for writing this is to say most of all …. well done! Whatever your personal circumstances are you are doing the best that you can and your children are safe and cared for and loved. That is the most important thing at the moment.


In their guidance for remote learning, the government have asked schools to set a minimum of 3-4 hours work for primary school pupils per day. The amount of work set each day is to reflect this guidance. We know that our expectations are high and that there appears to be a large volume of work. All we ask is that you do your best with the materials we have provided. If you cannot support your child to complete all the work set each day because you are juggling working from home with supporting home learning, we understand that! In the same way, if you are able to complete all the work daily that is great too. Please do not let school work put you under any more pressure and be mindful of your own and your child’s mental health and emotional well-being.


In the same way, thank you for your understanding as we as a staff come to terms with a completely new way of working. As we grow in our confidence with using our remote learning platform we are able to develop our provision more. Like you, we are learning to cope and adapt to new circumstances and are doing the best we can in the circumstances we find ourselves in.


Please remember that whilst we may be closed physically to the majority of pupils, we are still here to support all our families emotionally and academically.


You are doing an amazing job! Thank you for helping us to keep everyone in our community safe and working in partnership with us.


Yours faithfully,


Mrs. Groarke