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School Meals

A balanced, two-course meal is cooked on the premises every day. At the beginning of the week, a menu is displayed in school.

KS2 children only

Dinner money should be paid by Sunday evening for the forthcoming week, or the first school day back after a holiday or period of sickness.  Payments must be paid in advance, via Arbor, either for the whole week or for the coming half term. The current cost of a school meal is £2.55, £12.75 per week. (Updated April 2021)


Universal Free School Meals

From September 2014, as part of a new government initiative, all KS1 children (4-7 yrs) will be entitled to a free school meal.
Trip school packed lunch - sandwiches (either ham, cheese, tuna or egg) biscuit, cake, fruit & a bottle of water.

Free School Meals
On line application forms are available on the Doncaster Council website ( or by calling into the Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster.

It would be appreciated if children did not swap from dinner to packed lunches at short notice, as our cook has to order the food a few weeks in advance. The school office requires 2 weeks notice if your child wishes to change their meal arrangements.

Supervisors are employed to look after children during the lunch break.

Special Dietary Requirements
Any child requiring a special diet, whether for religious or medical reasons, will be accommodated once the necessary information has been received from a Doctor/Dietician in writing to the cook.

Since July 2007 we have been accredited with the Healthy schools award. Sweets are not allowed in school.


Healthy School Awards

In July 2007, St Peter's school was awarded 'Healthy School Status'. This covers a range of school provisions assessed against national standards including Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Standards of Care. We are proud to recognise the contribution by all members of the school community - children, parents, and staff, towards receipt of the award.



Active Mark Award

In September 2007, the school was accredited with the national Active Mark Award for Physical Education. In particular this recognised the school's provision of 2 hours quality Physical Activity for all pupils including the promotion of constructive play at break time through the Play Ground Leader Scheme. This provision was further recognised by Ofsted during the school 2010 P.E. subject inspection.



Gold Active Mark Award

The Gold Active Mark has been achieved by delivering a range of activities and competition throughout school.



The Change4Life website provides handy hints and tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle so we encourage you to sign up on





Packed Lunches

School does not have a preference whether children have a school meal or packed lunch. This will depend on individual parent's knowledge of their children. The key concern is that all the children have a healthy, well balanced meal.
Parents whose children have a packed lunch are asked to support the school's promotion of healthy eating by providing lunches with appropriate nutritional value .e.g. sandwich, cold meat, cheese, salad, fresh fruit etc. Children should not bring sweets, crisps or sugary drinks to school as part of their packed lunch. Glass bottles are prohibited too.
Flasks with hot food are not permitted for reasons of health and safety.


Smoke Free Zone

From 1st July 2007 St Peter's school (along with all Doncaster Council sites) is a smoke free zone. This means that smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted on any areas of the school premises including the yard and car park.

In the past it hasn't been a problem as parents have been supportive of school requests. However, this notice is given as a formal statement of School and Council Policy.


School Milk and Fruit

From 1st April 2013 Cool Milk has taken over the provision of milk in school.  Milk is provided free of charge to all children aged 'under 5', and also any Key Stage 1 (Reception, Years 1 and 2) pupils in receipt of free school meals.  Parents of all other children in Key Stage 1 may pay for their children to have a daily drink of milk at a charge of £11.40 per term. Details concerning the registration are available from the Cook Milk website




All Reception and Key Stage 1 children are given a free piece of fruit or vegetable each day as part of the national Healthy Schools Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to eat at morning break.