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Year 4 2018/19


Bollywood dance delivered with Creative Dance.

Home Learning for our Topic this Term. How can small actions eventually change the world?

Poetry Work based on The Journey of a River

Our mosaic is on display in Doncaster Museum. Please go and see it.
Picture 1

Reading poetry The River-An Epic Journey to the Sea by Hanako Clulows 7.1.19

Reading poetry The River-An Epic Journey to the Sea by Hanako Clulows 7.1.19 1
Reading poetry The River-An Epic Journey to the Sea by Hanako Clulows 7.1.19 2
Reading poetry The River-An Epic Journey to the Sea by Hanako Clulows 7.1.19 3
Reading poetry The River-An Epic Journey to the Sea by Hanako Clulows 7.1.19 4

Home Learning Menu

Spring Term

How can small changes affect the world?

You are expected to choose an activity from the list to complete and hand in. It is hoped that over the Spring term that you will have completed all of the activities suggested.

Make a model showing the journey of a river.

Make a poster highlighting the importance of conservation.

Produce an information leaflet or booklet about a river of your choice.

Draw, label and write facts about a selection of animals found in a river.

Draw, label and write facts about a selection of plants found in a river.

Draw, label and write facts about a selection of animals that live on a river bank.

Draw, label and write facts about a selection of plants that grow on the river bank.

Make a collage, draw or paint a river bank setting.

Make a poster about Global Warming.

Find the meanings of these words: Global Warming, Conservation, Deforestation, Pollution, Ecology, Habitat, Vertebrate, Invertebrate and Nature Reserve.

Dylan made Roman bread and brought it in to try as part of a Roman meal.

Christmas Party and visit by Father Christmas

Our completed mosaic in Y4

Comments about our Liturgy. 30.11.18


I liked it that we were all together and that we each had a part. AK


My favourite part was listening to the Bible. AM


I liked the topic because it shows that we belong to God. JO


I thought it was amazing. ZC


The liturgy was good because it was well presented and it was shown in God's way. JB

Photos from our Liturgy today on Belonging. 30.11.18

More examples of Home Learning Tasks on Romans 29.11.18

Boccia Tournament 21.11.18

To say that it was our first experience at Boccia the Y4 pupils performed excellently in today's tournament consisting of 22 teams and over 100 pupils.

Our best team today was made up of Ola, Joel, Scarlett and Dylan who won their group and made it to the semi finals. Unfortunately they were beaten 2-0.

Of the other teams, 3 finished runners up in their groups losing out  on a head to head basis. The remaining teams finished 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

Players that stood out were Scarlett, Patrick, Kaelan and Ava.

I would like to thank parents and staff for their support at the event .


Boccia Tournament 21.11.18

Author visit- Stephen Pass

Today, Stephen Pass, author of Madge the Mermaid visited our school to inspire our young writers. He told us about his job previous to becoming an author as a journalist and then described how his change to children's story writing began. Stephen explained how he wrote the book and the time it took to develop his ideas through drafting and editing at various stages. We listened to him read parts of the book and took turns to read some ourselves. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Thank you Stephen.

Madge the Mermaid author Stephen Pass visited our school today. 19.11.18

Anti Bullying Week

More home learning tasks.

Street Dance Performance to Year2

A few examples of home learning. Gladiators, rich and poor, a menu for a feast, mosaics, Roman ships and unusual facts.

The beginnings of our mosaics.

Y4 Liturgy-Friends

Year 4 delivered a small liturgy on Friday afternoon to the class to round off their work about friends. It consisted of work covered about our family and God's family. Pupils gave information about Solomon, Ruth and told the story of Joseph and his coat. Pupils read out prayers and listened to the song of Abraham.  

Y4 Liturgy-Family

Basketball Competition

Having practiced skills and game play over the past 5 weeks we ended with an inter house competition. Throughout the event there was some excellent dribbling by William, fantastic shooting by Leo and Josh, brilliant catching by Zuzanna and good all round play by Elena and Nicoll. After winning all three of their games the yellow team, Kirkstall came out on top. Well done to you.


Diversity Week

As part of our diversity week Y4 experienced Chinese Calligraphy. After looking at the history, tools and techniques used in Chinese Calligraphy the pupils set about writing the numbers 1-10 and 2,345.

Museum visit to explore the Romans.

Y4 had a fantastic day at Doncaster Museum today and discovered lots of new things about history and the Romans. The morning was spent exploring archaeology and its importance in learning about the past. Pupils looked at artefacts and discussed what they were and what uses they might have had. The afternoon was spent looking at the Roman invasion of Britain and the settlement that the Romans built in Doncaster. Pupils dressed as different Roman people from soldiers to rich and poor people and children. There was even a male and female Celt costume to see.  Activities included designing a mosaic, identifying the uses of artefacts, planning for a meal and playing a Roman board game. I must say that the behaviour and participation by all pupils was excellent. Thank you

Identifying features of diaries, representing numbers in different ways and being scientists by making observations.

Year 4 Representatives.

School council: Evie and Ola

Sports Council: Nicoll and Josh

Chaplaincy team: William and Tristan

Librarians: Annabelle and Zuzanna


We have been working hard in RE tracing back our family to make a family tree. In Maths we have worked together to solve problems and in PE we have begun our Street Dance.

Welcome to Year 4

Out discover topic this term is 'What Makes a Good Story' with a focus on the Romans.


PE days are:

Tuesday indoor

Friday outdoor


Homework will be given as a menu and will focus around our topic.


Pupils will be given the Spellings expected for Year 4 and will be tested regularly throughout the year.


There will also be regular times tables tests on all times tables to 12x12.


It is expected that pupils will read a range of books at home, not just the ones provided by school. Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Long Term Plan of Learning for this year.


Guerilla Topic / Question

Literacy Text ideas (TBC)

Literacy Genre (TBC)

Maths Mastery (TBC)

Reading teaching (TBC)

Reading area



Autumn 1


What makes a Great Story?




Visit Museum

Roman Myths

Escape from Pompeii-Christina Bullit

The Roman Record-Paul Dowsell

Roman Diary-Richard Platt

To inform


Recount events in Pompeii as a diary


Newspaper report




Number-Place Value


Number-Addition and subtraction


Measurement-length and perimeter


How to train your dragon-Cressida Cowell


Krindlekrax-Philip Ridley


The Firework-maker’s daughter-Philip Pullman


Gangasta Granny-David Walliams


Reciprocal Reading skills.

Predicting, clarifying, inferring, retrieval and summarising activities.


There will also be reading out loud to an audience and modelling by teacher.

Roman temple









Domestic Church-Family





Autumn 2


A drop around the world-Barbara Shaw


To entertain


Description of mythical creatures and God’s


Narrative writing a myth



Number-Multiplication and division


States of matter.



Advent/ Christmas-Loving

Spring 1


How can small actions eventually change the world?




Possible visit Potteric Carr

DMBC litter pick around Lakeside.

River story-Meredith Hooper

The River: An epic journey to the sea-Patricia Hegarty


To persuade







Number-Multiplication and division





Mountain and River






Animals including humans

Local Church-Community




Spring 2

River song with the banana slug string band-Steve Van Zanot

To entertain


Poem-journey of a water droplet


Narrative writing





Living things and their habitat



Summer 1


Is it better to stand out or fit in?




Visit Cast to look at costumes and theatre.

Shakespeare play- Midsummer Night’s Dream


To inform

Biography about Shakespeare






Shakespeare Theatre







Summer 2

Shakespeare play-

Romeo and Juliet



To entertain

Play script




Geometry-Properties of shape


Geometry-Position and direction


Reconciliation-Inter relating