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Who's Who

The Staffing establishment for 2018/19 is as follows:
Headteacher: Mrs Groarke  
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Young  
Teaching Staff: Mrs Allen  
  Miss Brogan  
  Mr Ward  
  Mrs Phelan  
Mr Wynne

Mrs Johnson

Mr Dent

  Mrs Fitzpatrick

 Music Teacher




Office Staff:

Mrs Rodgers Office Manager
  Mrs Russell Assistant Office Manager


Teaching Support Staff: Mrs Thickett Mrs Fitzpatrick
  Mrs Hamilton Miss Hughes
  Mrs Lewis Mrs Weaver
  Mrs Pennington Mrs Sunderland
  Mrs Tinsley Mrs Wilson
  Mrs Fisher  


Midday Supervisors: Mrs Coxon Mrs Graham
  Mrs McNicholas
Mrs Porritt
Mrs Peters
Mrs Seymour
  Mrs Thompson  


School Cook: Mrs Jones  


Kitchen Staff:
Mrs Holder Mrs Timmins
Site Manager:
Mr Ducker  
Cleaning Staff: Mrs Coxon Mrs Graham

All National Curriculum subjects are taught at the level appropriate for the children's ages and, more importantly, their needs.

Classes are currently organised as follows:-
Reception Mrs Allen
Year 1 Miss Brogan
Year 2 Mr Ward
Year 3 Mrs Phelan
Year 4 Mr K Wynne
Year 5 Mrs Young/Mrs Johnson
Year 6 Mr Dent