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Who's Who

The Staffing establishment for 2017/18 is as follows:
Headteacher: Mrs Groarke  
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Young  
Teaching Staff: Mrs Allen  
  Miss Barnes  
  Mr Ward  
  Mrs Phelan  
Mr Wynne

Mrs Johnson

Mr Dent

  Mrs McBride

French Assistant



Office Staff:

Mrs Rodgers Office Manager
  Mrs Russell Assistant Office Manager


Teaching Support Staff: Mrs Thickett Mrs Fitzpatrick
  Mrs Hamilton Miss Hughes
  Miss Taylor Mrs Weaver
  Mrs Pennington Mrs Sunderland
  Mrs Tinsley Mrs Wilson
  Mrs  Lewis  


Midday Supervisors: Mrs Jenkins Mrs Coxon
  Mrs Hayden
Mrs Seymour
Mrs Porritt
Mrs Thompson
  Mrs Graham  


School Cook: Mrs Jones  


Kitchen Staff:
Mrs Holder Mrs Timmins
Site Manager:
Mr Ducker  
Cleaning Staff: Mrs Graham Mrs Jenkins
Mrs Coxon

All National Curriculum subjects are taught at the level appropriate for the children's ages and, more importantly, their needs.

Classes are currently organised as follows:-
Reception Mrs Allen
Year 1 Miss Barnes
Year 2 Mr Ward
Year 3 Mrs Phelan
Year 4 Mr K Wynne
Year 5 Mrs Young/Mrs Johnson
Year 6 Mr Dent