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Pupil Premium

St Peter's boasts a high level of teaching support in all classes. This is used for the benefit of all children as well as to provide support for identified pupils. All additional funding received from the Pupil Premium is used for this purpose. 
Allocations & Spending since the introduction of the Pupil Premium have been as follows:-
Year                      Allocation                              Spending
2011/12                  £14,152                                 £29,792
2012/13                  £22,200                                £38,602
2013/14                  £32,242                                £41,502
2014/15                  £41,600                                £42,314
2015/16                  £44,880                                £44,980
This level of support for identified children continues to be a key provision by the school. Recent inspections, as well as the school's own self evaluation, recognises this provision and the progress made by vulnerable groups as a strength of the school.
Impact of Spending 2014/15 (July 2015)
Children making expected progress (2+ levels KS1 - KS2)
                 Reading      Writing      Maths  
School          100%         100%            67%
National        88%           92%            86%