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Foundation Subjects

Year 6 - Overview of the Curriculum


  Autumn Spring Summer

 Living things & their habitats - classification
irculatory systems in animals, including  

 Diet & healthy lifestyles (link to PSHE)
 Evolution & inheritance - fossils, adaptation to
 environmental changes & variation over time
 Light - travels in straight lines, how we see
 objects because of reflected light & why
 shadows are formed

 Electricity - brightness depends on voltage,
 circuits and recognition of symbols within 
 circuit diagrams

 To identify the lines and zones on a
 globe including time zones
 Study of a South/Central American country
 using Mexico as the main exemplar
 Ordinance survey maps and a 6 figure grid
 references using Lindisfarne, Northumberland
 and the local area


 Study significant turning point in history -  
 Battle of Britain. Including the effects on
 children during the 2nd World War - evacuation
 and Kinder transport

 Study of a non- European society - the Mayan
 Briefly revisiting Viking invasion using
 residential visit to Lindisfarne

 We are app planners
 Planning the creation of a mobile app
 Develop an awareness of the capabilities of
 smartphones & tablets
 We are market researchers
 Researching the app market
 Create a set of good survey questions and
 analysis of responses from a focus group &
 be able to present the research findings

 We are interface designers
 Developing an interface for an app
 Document their designs & processes followed

 Understand & apply principles of a healthy diet
 (link to science)
 Prepare & cook savoury dishes ( link to science)
 Optional research & construct  a plane from
 WW2 or air raid from shelter to suport history

 Construct a light box to support science
 curriculum on light
 STEM (science, technology, engineering &
 Project activities based around transport -
 space, F1 cars & all-terrain vehicles. Research,
 design build & evaluate

  Still life fruits to link with healthy diet
 3D work to support work on Mexico & the
 Mayan civilisation
 Use a variety of materials including
 papier-mache, clay or box modelling (Mayan

 Use sketchbooks to collect & record ideas
 using Lindisfarne residential & research
 Complete finished work using a variety of
 mediums - charcoal, pastels, pencil, pen or
 water colours

 Outdoor - Athletics & invasion games
 Indoor Gym - balance

 Outdoor - invasion games
 Indoor - dance
 Outdoor games hitting & striking. Athletics
 Indoor gym & dance (link to leavers assembly)

 Use voice & develop musical history with links
 to WW2
 Appreciate & understand a wide range of
 recorded music from a variety of traditions
 (ongoing throughout the year)

 Develop an understanding of musical history
 with a link to the Mayan culture
 Use voice & instrument (link to leavers
 assembly & summer show)

All KS2 classes will also receive a weekly one hour of French for one and a half terms
following the Wakefield ('Le Jolie Ronde') Scheme of Work