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Foundation Subjects

Year 4 - Overview of the Curriculum



  Autumn Spring Summer

 Britain's settlements by Angelo
 Saxons and Vikings
   Local history study - Castles
 (Conisbrough Castle)

 European mapping skills
 (France key region focus)
 European mapping skills
 (France key region focus)
 Endangered habitats - Rainforests

 Observational sketching
 Anglo Saxon and Viking art
 Observational sketching
 Mountain landscapes
 Observational sketching
 Medieval artists - Donatello Giotto

 Singing (ongoing skill)
 Exploring ryhthmic patterns
 Singing (ongoing skill)
 Exploring arrangements
 Exploring descriptive sounds
 Singing (ongoing skill)
 Medieval castle music - exploring
 Design &

 Food tech - prepare/cook high fibre
 diet recipes
   Design siege weapons - Trebuchet

 Research - Anglo Saxons/Viking
 Software developers - developing a
 simple educational game
 Research Mountains
 We are co-authors - producing a
 Wiki game
 Research Castles/Rainforests
 Produce digital music

 Living things and their habitats
 Animals including humans
 States of matter

 Hockey/netball/ basketball multi-

All KS2 classes will receive a weekly one hour lesson of French for one and a half terms
following the Wakefield ('Le Jolie Ronde') Scheme of Work