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Foundation Subjects

Year 3 - Overview of the Curriculum



  Autumn Spring Summer
 Animals including humans - skeletons and
 Light - reflection, shadows, light patterns

 Forces, magnets and springs

 Rocks, soils and fossils
 UK mapping skills and settlements
 Weather and climate zones  
 Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron
   Roman Empire
 Its impact to Britain

Design & Technology
 Model of Iron Age round house, natural
 Cooking/nutrition - varied diet, link to science

 Design a vehicle frame, axles/motors/elastic
 bands/forces, link to science
 Cooking/nutrition - seasonality of ingredients,
 link to science
 We are Presenters  We are Opinion Holsters  We are Programmers
 Stone Age cave paintings, look at images and
 create own clay tiles in the same style

 Hot and cold colours, link to geography - large
 scale collages, colour mixing
 Mosaics, link to history
 Recall sound, exploring and describing sound
 Animal magic

 Improvise and explore music, playing musical
 The class orchestra, link to geography

 P.E.  Dance
 Games - invasion
 Games - attacking and defending

 Games - striking and fielding, athletics

All KS2 classes will also receive a weekly one hour of French for one and a half terms
following the Wakefield ('La Jolie Ronde') Scheme of Work